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Track Construction Position Papers

Raised Curb or Painted Inside Line
A common misconception is that the use of a raised curb and a painted inside line are interchangeable.
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The Effects of Weather on Polyurethane Sports Surface Installation
The effects of differing weathering conditions on the installation of Polyurethane Sports Surface Systems is often not understood or is misunderstood.
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Equal Quadrant vs. Non-Equal Quadrant
In the past, many tracks were built in the equal quadrant design; today, it is not the preferred design.
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Base for Pole Vault Standards
There are two acceptable options for the slopes and elevations of the bases for the uprights.
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Runways in D Areas
Runways in D areas need to follow the rule for slope of the appropriate governing body, while allowing for drainage.
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Water on Tracks
Excess water on a track at times is normal, but tracks should be designed, constructed and maintained to minimize water on or in the track.
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Health and Safety Guidance for Installation of Outdoor Polyurethane Running Track Surfaces
A guidance document from the American Chemistry Council's Center for the Polyurethanes Industry.
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