American Sports Builders Association ASBA is the centralized source for information on tennis courts, running tracks, fields, and indoor sports facilities.

American Sports Builders Association ASBA is the centralized source for information on tennis courts, running tracks, fields, and indoor sports facilities.
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Relevant Technical Articles on Track Construction (Authored by ASBA)

Athletic Track and Field Cross Country Coaches Association
Track & Field Academy , May, 2018

Track & Field Maintenance: Invest in the Facility and Get Great Payback
Athletic Management Supplement, April 2018

Is Your Track Open to the Public? Some Tips for Better Results
Athletic Management Supplement, November 2017

Is Your School Track Open to the Public? Some Tips for Better Results
Here are the suggestions from designers and builders of running tracks around the country.
Athletic Management Supplement, November 2017

What's On Your Bookshelf?
All kinds of questions find their way to you – but you just might not know the answers. Let the American Sports Builders Association help you out with some of its resources.
Athletic Management Supplement, November 2017

Track & Field Facility Maintenance: From the Outside In
The best way to have a facility that stays in good shape is to create a checklist.
Athletic Management supplement by ASBA, April 2017

ASBA's Certification Program
Athletic Management, April 2017

Staying on Track: Track Maintenance for Field Managers
Sportsfield Management, March 2017

Scoreboard Considerations
Sportsfield Management, January 2017

Seating Options for Athletic Fields,
Sportsfield Management, December 2016

Certification: Your Guide to Hiring a Specialty Contractor
Athletic Management, November 2016

Track Certification An Explanation
Athletic Management, November 2016

Prioritizing Track Preparations
Sportsfield Management, September 2016

Prioritizing Track Preparations
Getting your track ready for the season
Sportsfield Management, September 2016

The importance of Correct Track Markings
Why it is essential to have a track certified and marked correctly
Sportsfield Management, May 2016

Getting on Track for a Successful Running Season
How to prep your track for track and field season
Athletic Management Magazine, December 2015

Track Renovations on the Horizon?
Considerations in selecting a contractor and defining the scope of work
Sportsfield Management, December 2015

Certification: Your Guide to Hiring a Sports Facility Contractor
Is it important to hire a certified builder? You bet. Here�s why.
Athletic Management Magazine, December 2015

Learning to be Preventative
Fall maintenance for fields and tracks
Sportsfield Management, October 2015

In the Long Run: Adding a Track to Your Facility
Want to add a track? Here�s where to start
Sportsfield Management, May 2015

A Community Comes Together
Even by the standards of do-it-yourself projects, the Woodward-Granger High School track facility is a standout.
Athletic Management Magazine, January 2015

On Track with Trends
There is so much to think about when constructing a new athletic facility, and it all starts with knowing the latest trends.
Athletic Management Magazine January 2015

All-Access Pass
There's a difference between a facility that's accessible, and one that is welcoming--not just to athletes with mobility limitations, but to spectators as well.
Athletic Management Magazine, January 2015

ASBA's Award-Winning Track, Field and Track & Field Facilities
RunBlogRun, December 2014

On the Right Track: Maintenance for Your Track & Field Facility
Athletic Management supplement by ASBA, November 2014: Page 12

Track Maintenance: Page 12
Take the time to do it right
Athletic Management/Special ASBA Insert, June 2014

ASBA Certification: Page 14
Overview of ASBA's builder certification program and facility-specific builder certification exams: Certified Tennis Court Builder (CTCB), Certified Track Builder (CTB) and Certified Field Builder (CFB, CFB-S, CFB-N)
Athletic Management/Special ASBA Insert, June 2014

On the Right Track
Adding a track to a field facility can exponentially increase the facility's value to the school and the community. Here's how to balance the needs of all users.
Sportsfield Management, July 2013

Financing and Constructing a New Field
Planning for success when starting a new field (or track and field) project
SportsTurf Magazine, December 2012

Shade Structures: Staying out of the Sun
The public knows to guard against harmful sun exposure, but the options to do so may be confusing. Here are some suggestions.
Camp Business, July 2012

Facility Management: Incorporating Tracks
How to select the correct surface for your facility
Sports Field Management, May 2012

Get a Game Plan
A coach wouldn't send players out onto the field without a game plan, so why would the maintenance team start the system without a roadmap of how to tend the grounds?
Park & Rec Business, May 2012

Laying the Groundwork
Get your camp's sports facilities ready for the coming year.
Camp Business, May 2012

Growing Interest in Lacrosse: It's Coming Soon to a Field Near You
Lacrosse fields may be designated or multi-purpose, but you'll want them to work their best to keep pace with this popular sport.
SportsTurf, May 2012

Overuse and Neglect
Golf cart paths aren't as showy as your greens, club house or other aspects of your facility, but they can make your players' experience great (or not so much). Here are some design and maintenance tips.
Landscape Architect Business, April 2012
Park and Rec Business, March 2012

Proactive Maintenance
Shedding some light on the maintenance of your camp's sports facility lighting.
Camp Business, March 2012

A Community Comes Together
Putting together a competition-level facility on a limited budget isn't easy. Learn how one school did it.
Athletic Management, February 2012

Light Up the Night
Energy-efficient ideas for extending the playing day in your sports facilities.
Landscape Architect Business, December 2011

Running your event well from start to finish
Understanding how track and field meets and other running events are put together lead to the success of your competitive event.
Sports Destination Management, May/June 2011

Incorporating Tracks: Options and Maintenance
A field encircled by a track takes some extra design and upkeep considerations. Learn about them here.
Sportsfield Management, May 2011

Rolling Out A Good Cycling Event
Want to make your next cycling event, whether it's a recreational touring ride, or a competitive race, an outstanding success? Find the right venue using information from the experts.
Sports Destination Management, March/April 2011

Synthetic Turf for All Seasons
Synopsis: Synthetic turf is sometimes touted as 'maintenance-free.' The bad news is it isn't maintenance-free. The good news is that by following a schedule and remaining vigilant, you can make sure your athletes have a trouble-free experience.
Sportsfield Management, January 2013

ASBA Indoor Track of the Year Award Winner (pages 18-19) and Outdoor Track of the Year Award Winner (pages 28-29)
American Track & Field, Winter 2010/2011

Construction Digital
(An overview of the sports facility construction industry and the vital role ASBA and its members have played through the years)
Association Profile: American Sports Builders Association, December 2010
(page 45 of digital issue)

New Track Certification Documents are now Available
ASBA developed new track certification documents; this is a preview as to how they work and in what circumstances they are appropriate
American Track and Field, Winter 2010

Keeping up with the Seasons
Steps park managers can take now to help facilities get through the change of seasons.
Park & Rec Business, Landscape Architect Business, November 2012

Wheelchair Athletics
Creating a Level Playing Field for all Athletes
Sports Turf, August 2010

How to pick the perfect facility for your bicycling event
Sports Destination Management, July/August 2010

Shape Up
Managers of community associations, condos and apartments need to know what to do to keep their basketball courts and walking trails safe and usable. Here are some top tips from the pros.
Common Ground, July/August 2010

Crossing the Finish Line with the Right Venue
Selecting a facility to host track and field events means having a knowledge of the sport. Here's what you need to know to emerge a winner at your event.
Sports Destination Management, May/June 2010

No-Fault Construction: Look beneath the surface when choosing a sports facility contractor
A tennis court isn't a parking lot. A running track isn't a sidewalk. An athletic field isn't just a patch of grass. It takes know-how and expertise, as well as industry experience, to build one. Picking a contractor should be handled with care. here's what to look for.
Athletic Business Magazine, April 2010

Track Construction: Track Touch-Ups
Seasonal maintenance of your track needs to be kept on a schedule for best results. Here's what to do and when to do it.
American Track and Field, May 2009

What you need to know about modern running tracks
These aren't your father's tracks. Today?s track surfaces may look alike but they can vary greatly in terms of construction, surfacing, drainage, etc. Ultimately, factors such as site, budget and intended use influenced the selection decision. Here is an overview of the essentials, including the components of a track, how they come together, and the best strategies for maintaining the facility as a whole.
Sports Turf Magazine, May 2009

ASBA's Track and Field Award Winners
The winners of the annual award program show excellence in design, construction and use.
American Track & Field, Spring 2010

Good Field Drainage Starts with Construction
Drainage might not be the sexiest topic in the world, but it's one of the most essential, and the first thing you should be considering with regard to a turf field. Discussion of various systems, their pros and cons.
Sports Turf Magazine, December 2009

2009 ATF U.S. Athletics Calendar, ASBA Award Winners
Here's a look at all the award-winning track and field facilities, plus a comprehensive list of the track and field related meetings, meets and gatherings to be held in the coming year.
American Track & Field, February 2009

Bellarmine College Preparatory Athletic Field
Meet one of the ASBA's outstanding sports field facilities, and see why this multi-tasking field that exceeds all expectations is the perfect fit for a school that grooms its students to be a part of the larger world.
American Track & Field Magazine, December 2008

Track Facilities Resource Guide 2008
Design. Construction. Maintenance. Field Events. Repairs. Here's everything you need to know about track and field in one place. It's the first-ever one-stop-shop for all your needs.
American Track and Field, November 2008

Winter: Time to Repair and Rejuvenate Your Track
The runners aren't running. What can you do to keep the track in shape?
American Track and Field Magazine, May 2008

Working with Design Professionals
When do you call in a professional and why? Here's what a design professional can help you accomplish while the ideas are still on the drawing board.
American Track & Field Magazine, Winter 2008

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