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Surfaces at the Olympics

The U.S. (and the world at large) remains divided on sport surfaces. Don't look for the debate about natural grass vs. artificial turf sports fields to slow down any time soon, either. In fact, the venues for the 2012 summer Olympic Games in London will include both natural grass and artificial turf, according to a representative from the London 2012 bureau, who responded to questions from ASBA.

Tennis, the rep notes, will be played on the natural grass courts of Wimbledon. Soccer (or as the rest of the world knows it, football) "will be played on normal outdoor grass during the Olympics. However, until the 1970s, hockey was always played on grass, but top-level matches now take place on pitches made of synthetic turf, which allows the ball to roll more smoothly."

And don't forget, with new sports (including rugby and golf) being added, we can expect to see even more debate about what constitutes proper surfacing, and what medals would have gone to whom, had those surfaces been different.


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