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ASBA, as the national trade association for those involved in the design, construction and manufacture and supply of materials to the sports facility industry, is delighted to supply information to various media outlets. Please assist us by filling out the following form so that we are able to help you:

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Helpful Hints:

ASBA provides a number of informative publications (including its Construction Guidelines, its Construction and Maintenance Manual series and more). Many of these may be helpful to you in locating specific information. For information on ordering these publications, click here.

ASBA also provides a press room with links to articles written by ASBA; some of the information you are seeking may be available in one or more of these articles. For information, click here.

Note: All articles were written by ASBA and published in the magazines and other outlets shown, and may not be reproduced without permission. For information regarding reprinting any articles either whole or in part, or on reproducing any photos found on this site or in articles, click here.

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