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Breaking news for ASBA members: Updates to ADA

The year 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Accordingly, the U.S. Department of Justice has issued final regulations revising Title II and III, including the ADA Standards for Accessible Design. The full text of the new 2010 Standards is available for review at ASBA members are encouraged to download the standards (and the appendices for them), since specific facilities are mentioned, including:

  • Handicap- and wheelchair-accessible seating at sports facilities
  • Companion seating next to and near accessible seating
  • Rest rooms in public facilities (including sports facilities)
  • Accessible routes to connect facilities, boundaries and areas on sites including sports facilities (specific mention is made of "courts and playing fields, whether indoor or out," and further specifies that "in court sports the accessible route must directly connect both sides of the court.")
  • Elevators and lifts for wheelchairs in sports facilities, parking, etc.
  • Accessible routes to tiered dining areas in sports facilities
  • Accessible routes to press boxes
  • Creating space for wheelchairs and for other mobility assisting devices in locker rooms
  • Accessible routes to, and placement of, exercise machines and equipment
  • Ensuring accessibility of golf facilities, including teeing grounds, putting greens and weather shelters via accessible routes; other information concerning golf courses is slope requirements for specific locations
  • Accessible routes to mini-golf holes and facilities (including slope requirements)
  • Accessibility of play areas (surfaces are required to comply with ASTM and specific components must be usable by mobility-impaired children)

Note: Other facilities mentioned include swimming and wading pools, saunas, steam rooms and more; all information on aspects of the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, as well as other decisions concerning ADA, is available on the website. Click on "What's new to" or on the links for "Revised ADA Regulations Implementing Title II and Title III."


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