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October 2009

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From the Chair
George Todd, Jr., CTCB
It's that time of the year again ... time to start thinking about the ASBA Technical Meeting.
2009 Technical Meeting @ Hyatt Regency Savannah
Get Ready for Savannah!

If you're industry-savvy, you want to spend your downtime laying a solid foundation with successful strategies and new technologies that you can use when you're at your busiest.


Featured Articles

ASBA Offers...Field Builder Certification Program
ASBA is pleased to announce the inception of its new Field Builder Certification Program.  The program, which was developed to help raise professional standards and improve the practice of athletic field construction, will offer its first exam at ASBA's Technical Meeting, to be held in Savannah, Georgia December 5-7, 2009.

Bruce Haroldson Joins ASBA Board of Directors
ASBA welcomes the newest Director to its Board, Bruce Haroldson, of Connor Sports Flooring.  Haroldson was appointed to the ASBA Board as a Supplier representative in July.  Haroldson will serve the unexpired term of Supplier representative Robert Dougherty, who left his position earlier this summer.

We welcome Bruce to the Board of Directors!

Make Plans to Attend WINTER MEETING in CANCUN
The Winter Meeting, the Association's most concentrated session to work on projects, publications and priorities, will be held February 19-22, 2010 at the Westin Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico. Read more...

ASBA and TIA Partnering on Survey
Cost of Doing Business – Compare, Contrast and Optimize Your Business. Read more...

New Track and Indoor Books Available TODAY
As of September, the 7th edition of Running Tracks: A Construction and Maintenance Manual and the first edition of Indoor Sports Surfaces: An Installation and Maintenance Manual have been finalized and are officially "on the streets." Read more...

May We "Quote" You?
One of ASBA's most important programs is its technical articles, which are written for trade magazines in various segments of the industry, including design, tennis, track, indoor and fields facilities.   Read more...

Articles to be submitted to NEWSLINE should address topics that are of interest to the general membership.. Read more...


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From the Chair

It's that time of the year again ... time to start thinking about the ASBA Technical Meeting.  The Technical Meeting is where we gather each December to compare notes with other builders to find out how business is for our peers and competitors around the country; to determine whether there are new trends developing in the marketplace; and to look for new ideas that might help us when we get home.

By now you should have received information about exhibiting at, and/or participating, in the upcoming TM in Savannah, Georgia.  Detailed schedule and registration information is also available on the ASBA website.  Based on preliminary interest, we have high expectations for participation at this year's meeting.  Don't delay in making your plans to attend!

For those of you in parts of the country where this will be "off season" – take advantage of the down time by bringing members of your crew or management team who might be able to benefit from the sessions being offered at the TM.  Since programming is set up in concurrent sessions – you can't attend all of them yourself.  Bring someone with whom you can compare notes following the meeting to fully benefit from your experience.

We will be providing an update on the Strategic Planning retreat that was conducted this past summer with the Board of Directors.  Your Board worked with a facilitator to look introspectively at the Association and how we're serving the industry.  There are plans underway to consider offering new services and reviewing current benefits to keep up with what is happening in the marketplace.  You'll hear more about this in Savannah.
The 7th edition of Running Tracks:  A Construction and Maintenance Manual and the first edition of Indoor Sports Surfaces:  An Installation and Maintenance Manual have been finalized and are officially "on the streets."  Preliminary orders have been filled.  If you have not ordered your copy, please contact ASBA headquarters.
I am pleased to announce that the Field Builders Certification Advisory Committee has completed its work on the new Field Builders Certification Program.  Many thanks to the volunteers who have devoted many hours to this project.  With the co-sponsorship of the Synthetic Turf Council (STC) and the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA), we have developed three versions of the program.  Candidates can choose to become Certified Field Builders (CFB); Certified Field Builder-Natural Turf (CFB-N); or Certified Field Builder-Synthetic Turf (CFB-S).  Materials are available and the first exam is scheduled to be offered at the Technical Meeting on December 5.  I am confident that the CFB program will be just as successful and well-received as the CTCB and CTB programs that have been in place for many years.

This will be my last meeting as your Chairman, as I pass the baton to my eager successor, Sam Fisher.  It has been a privilege serving you during what has been a period of transition for the Association's management team.  I have had the support of a very active and dedicated Board of Directors and an engaged membership willing to "step up" when called upon.  ASBA is an organization with heart.  I have learned first-hand during the past few years that the old adage about "getting out of the organization what you put into it" is alive and well.  I have gained far more from the relationships I've built through my service to ASBA, than the hours I've put into the organization.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Savannah at the Technical Meeting.

Safe travels!

George Todd, Jr., CTCB

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Get Ready for Savannah! 2009 Technical Meeting @ Hyatt Regency Savannah, December 5-7, 2009

If you're industry-savvy, you want to spend your downtime laying a solid foundation with successful strategies and new technologies that you can use when you're at your busiest.  That means, of course, that  you'll want to be in Savannah, GA for the ASBA Technical Meeting.  This year's meeting, to be held December 5-7 at the Hyatt Regency Savannah in Savannah, GA, has all the tools you need to succeed for the coming year.


The Program Committee has developed a list of topics of interest to all facets of the industry.  Programs will address the new technologies, trends and developments that everyone wants to know about.

The Program Committee has developed a list of topics of interest to all facets of the industry.  Programs will address the new technologies, trends and developments that everyone wants to know about.  At the same time, there will be an emphasis on problem-solving and brainstorming on those issues that all industry members face. And with the variety of the sessions available, there's sure to be something useful to everyone.  Here's a cross-section:

 Tennis Topics
  Cross-Over Business Opportunities/Alternative Sports Construction (Rick Burke, NGI Sports, A Div. of River City Athletics, Chattanooga, TN)
       In today's market, diversification is the key to success.  Learn how to make the most of your business by thinking outside the box (or the court, or the track ... )
  Court Lighting(Tracy Lynch, Lee Tennis Court Products, Charlottesville, VA, David Fried, Visionaire Lighting, Rancho Dominguez, CA
        With more players working longer hours, it's essential that courts be ready for early morning or night time play.  Learn about the lighting technologies and techniques that can help keep energy costs down while allowing courts to function at full capacity.

Track Topics
 Track/Turf General Construction Practices – Working with the Two (James Catella, Clark Companies, Delhi, NY and Hector Puentes, Texas Sports Builders, Inc., Burleton, TX)  
        A great track and a great field don't have to be mutually exclusive projects.  Learn how you can incorporate the two with the best results possible.
  Meet Management Design (a multi-part presentation, by Duffy Mahoney, USA Track & Field, Indianapolis, IN)
        Facility design can be essential to efficient, safe meets.  Learn what helps meet administrators put on the best event possible.

Field Topics
 Irrigating Synthetic Turf Fields(Richard Yates, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company, LLC, Kansas City, MO)
        Advice, tips and ideas on the best techniques and practices for keeping artificial turf in tip-top playing shape.
  Alternative Bases for Synthetic Fields (Jay Beals, Beals Alliance, Inc., Sacramento, CA)
        Not all fields are - or should be - built the same way.  Learn about which foundations work better in specific situations.
  Painting Synthetic Turf: Means, Methods and Materials (Jeff Fisher, Fisher Tracks, Inc., Boone, IA)
        What are the best ways of marking synthetic turf fields?  Get new ideas and contribute some of your own.

Indoor Topics
  Specifying Indoor Sports Flooring from the Architect's Perspective (Dick Krehbiel,Roth Partnership, Cincinnati, OH)
        The flooring of an indoor facility can mean the difference between success and failure.  Get the right information for the best possible result.
  LEED and the New Environment (William Thornton, Fieldturf Tarkett, Peachtree City, GA)
        There's been a lot of talk about Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the Green Building Rating System developed by the U.S. Green Building Council.  Learn what it means to you in an increasingly eco-conscious marketplace.

General Topics
  Media and Marketing (Peter Francesconi, Ace  Publishing Group, Woodbury, CT and Mary Helen Sprecher, ASBA Technical Writer)
        Keep your company's name in front of the audience you want to reach by using new and innovative (and tried and true) methods.
  How to Make Facilities Greener(Alex Levitsky, Global Sports and Tennis Consulting, Fair Haven, NJ, and Steve Pappas, Papico Construction, Palm City, FL).
        Making athletic facilities eco-friendly means looking at all aspects of design and construction.  Learn the new techniques and the 'evergreen' ones for helping any facility improve its energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint.

THE TRADE SHOW: Products and Services to Boost Your Business
    The ability to learn about the newest products and services in the industry has also been one of the Technical Meeting’s most valuable components and it returns again with the Trade Show in the Exhibit Hall.  The Exhibit Hall is used as the site for receptions and breaks, allowing for maximum contact with the people you need to meet the most.
    Have you signed up for exhibit space?  Time's a-wasting and all the good spots will be filled.  Take a moment to register your company - then start reaping the rewards.

    What else makes this meeting valuable?  You get the chance to recognize the industry’s finest construction each year with the presentation of the ASBA awards for construction excellence.  You get the chance to meet new members and those attending the Technical Meeting for the first time.  You get the chance to catch up with suppliers, contractors, professionals and others whom you might know only through phone or e-mail conversations.  Best of all, you get the chance to spend quality time with those people – to challenge them on the tennis court or golf course and to enjoy their company between sessions and after hours.

    ASBA knows that one of the best resources for members is ... other members.  Therefore, meetings are set up with receptions, luncheons and breaks to allow attendees to relax, talk and enjoy some downtime in a casual atmosphere.  Don't miss your chance to spend time with some of the best people in the industry, to learn from others and to make new contacts.  Bring plenty of business cards - you'll use them!   

Members will receive information about the 2009 Technical Meeting automatically.  Others should keep checking the website,, for more information, or can call Cynthia at ASBA at 866.501.ASBA to be added to the mailing list.

    Savannah, Georgia is the home of Southern hospitality and sizzling nightlife.  It has amazing architecture, spooky cemeteries and rich history — along with global sophistication, fitness opportunities galore, incredible shopping and fabulous Low Country cuisine.
    What's there to do?  Try taking dolphin cruises and carriage rides, touring historic homes and hitting the links for golf that defies description.  Want to shop?  Start pounding the cobblestones of River Street, try Ellis Square or go antiquing on Broughton and Bull streets.  Patrons of the arts can find museums and galleries, and history buffs can explore forts and more to their hearts’ content.

The host hotel for the meeting, the Hyatt Regency Savannah, is a luxury facility with great views, fabulous amenities and a perfect location.
  The Hyatt features a 24-hour fitness facility with fitness concierge, heated indoor pool, e-concierge, coffee shop and more. It’s convenient to the riverboat and trolleys that take visitors around the area and has its own water taxi and boat dock.  Special ASBA room rates are effective now. Make sure to mark December 5-7 in your calendar:  it’s the most important appointment you’ll make and the one you’ll never regret keeping.

(Two optional events, priced separately)
    The Golf Tournament is an ASBA tradition.  You won't want to miss this chance to tee off against colleagues, co-workers and competitors for an afternoon of golf at the The Savannah Quarters Country Club.  In addition to the bragging rights at stake, there are prizes for winning foursomes, as well as Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin.  Sign up today and start practicing your swing.
    The Tennis Tournament is well-known as a battle to the finish.  It's a great event that incorporates friendly competition, good-natured heckling and the chance to work out with old and new friends.  Pack your racquet, your shoes and your game face.  Fabulous prizes and a year's worth of bragging rights are at stake.


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Note: ASBA welcomes articles on industry topics from its members, and from others in the industry. Please contact the ASBA if you are interested in writing or submitting an article.


ASBA Offers...Field Builder Certification Program

ASBA is pleased to announce the inception of its new Field Builder Certification Program.  The program, which was developed to help raise professional standards and improve the practice of athletic field construction, will offer its first exam at ASBA's Technical Meeting, to be held in Savannah, Georgia December 5-7, 2009.

Individuals interested in the new Field Builder Certification program may choose several levels of certification.  The Certified Field Builder (CFB) designation demonstrates a core knowledge of field construction as well as expertise in both natural turf and synthetic turf.  Alternatively, builders who wish to pursue certification in only one type of turf may choose to take the exam to become a Certified Field Builder-Natural (CFB-N) or Certified Field Builder-Synthetic (CFB-S).  Of the three exams, the CFB requires a more comprehensive knowledge.  All certifications would be renewable every three years.

The Field Builder Certification Program also marks the first time the ASBA has collaborated with two other industry organizations on a certification program, the Synthetic Turf Council (STC), and the Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA).  Members of those organizations are eligible to take any of the three new exams at the ASBA member rate, which is substantially lower.

"The Field Builder Certification Program represents a huge step forward for the industry," said ASBA's Field Builder Certification Committee Chairman, Dan Wright (Sports Turf Company, Whitesburg, GA).  "It will help promote quality construction and, just as importantly, will allow the public to identify builders who have taken their knowledge to the next level."

"We are very pleased that a comprehensive certification is being offered, that it addresses different segments of the industry and that it works in partnership with two other major players in the athletic turf market," added ASBA's Fields Division President, John Schedler, CTB (FieldTurf Tarkett,

ASBA worked with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP), a professional testing company, to ensure that proper test development procedures were followed in the development of the exam.  The exam is based on role delineation studies – surveys of builders that define the scope of practice and the knowledge and skills required to function competently as a sports field builder.  The examination is designed to test a sample of content from the full range of knowledge to the complete inventory of skills required of sports field builders.

Certification is already offered by ASBA for tennis court builders (who are eligible to earn the Certified Tennis Court Builder, or CTCB, designation) and for builders of running tracks (who are eligible to earn the designation of Certified Track Builder, or CTB).  In both cases, individuals must meet eligibility requirements and successfully complete a comprehensive examination.  In order to maintain their designation, they must recertify every three years.

The CFB exam will be offered for the first time on Saturday, December 5 in conjunction with the ASBA's Technical Meeting (scheduled for December 5-7 at the Hyatt Regency Savannah in Savannah, Georgia).  Those interested in learning more about the certification exam or the meeting may contact the organization by phone at 866.501.ASBA, 410.730.9595, by fax at 410.730.8833 or electronically at  or

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Make Plans to Attend WINTER MEETING in CANCUN

The Winter Meeting, the Association's most concentrated session to work on projects, publications and priorities, will be held February 19-22, 2010 at the Westin Resort & Spa in Cancun, Mexico.

MAKE IT YOUR OWN!  Is there a specific topic that you have an interest in, relative to your business?  Is there an ASBA guideline that you would like to see changed?  These working sessions are the place to get it done.  Contact your respective Division Chairman to express interest in atopic or contact ASBA staff.  We want these sessions to be valuable for everyone.

More information, including discounted hotel rates, a program of events and registration information, will be available soon.  In the meantime, block out Feburary 19-22 on next year's calendar and start counting the days.  ASBA members will receive information on this meeting automatically; those who are not members can be added to the list by calling 866.501.ASBA (2722) or by going to

Don't wait until the last minute to renew that passport!  The process can sometimes take several weeks (or more).

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ASBA and TIA Partnering on Survey

Cost of Doing Business – Compare, Contrast and Optimize Your Business 

The Cost of Doing Business Study for tennis court contractors is designed to provide you with data, analysis and guidance that will help you t

(1) improve your profitability;
(2) increase your efficiency;
(3) set realistic budget targets;
(4) identify benchmarks; and
(5) improve your business practices.

"This comprehensive study will enable you to compare yourself to other court contractors across the country, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and recognize potential improvement opportunities," said Jolyn DeBoer of the TIA.

The study will be conducted by Sports Marketing Surveys which is working in conjunction with ASBA and the Tennis Industry Association.  Sports Marketing Surveys is a professional research firm headquartered in Jupiter, Florida which specializes in sports, fitness and exercise-related research.

Completed surveys will be treated in strictest confidence and the report will be produced using data on an aggregated level.

In order for this study to be accurate and helpful, we need your input.  In the next few weeks, Fred Stringfellow will be sending out an electronic link to a survey with questions about your business for the 2009 calendar year.  The major topics to be covered will include:  revenue, cost of goods sold, expenses, net profit/loss, business expenses % split, wages, equipment, capital expenditure plans, number /type of employees, wage structure and the number of new courts/resurfaced courts.

We’re asking you to carefully consider taking the time to complete the survey.  With more of you completing the survey, the more representative it will be of what’s important to US-based tennis court contractors and, ultimately, the more useful the report will be.

All respondents will receive a summary report of the aggregated results.

Providing we get a satisfactory response rate, the topline results will be released at the December Technical Meeting in Savannah and all respondents will receive a final report based on the aggregated data by year end.

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New Track and Indoor Books Available TODAY


As of September, the 7th edition of Running Tracks: A Construction and Maintenance Manual and the first edition of Indoor Sports Surfaces: An Installation and Maintenance Manual have been finalized and are officially "on the streets."

Go to or contact Cynthia Jordan at ASBA headquarters to order your copies today. Both manuals are available as "custom orders" if you would like to personalize with your company information. Inquire about custom orders when you contact ASBA.

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May We "Quote" You?

One of ASBA's most important programs is its technical articles, which are written for trade magazines in various segments of the industry, including design, tennis, track, indoor and fields facilities.  We are always looking for our members to comment on and be quoted in these articles.  This is an excellent chance to help raise ASBA's profile and, in an ancillary capacity, to increase visibility for your company.  If you would like to be quoted in these articles, please send an e-mail to Mary Helen Sprecher at

Please indicate your area(s) of expertise:  Tennis, Track, Indoor, Fields, Design, etc., so that we do not bother you with excess e-mail.  Note: You can appear on several lists if you have several areas of interest.
If you have previously sent Mary Helen an e-mail asking to be added to her e-mail list, please confirm now that you would like to remain on the list.  In addition, if your e-mail has changed and you have not been receiving questions, please contact her with your current e-mail address.

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Articles to be submitted to NEWSLINE should address topics that are of interest to the general membership. (Certainly, we realize that not all topics are relevant to everyone, so perhaps this might be of interest just to those who make post-tensioned concrete courts, or asphalt tennis courts in park and rec facilities, or latex tracks, or multi-purpose artificial turf fields, etc.)

They might concern, for example, ideas for solutions to common problems, new trends in construction or repair, problems being reported by consumers and how contractors are addressing them (or things they're trying in general in order to fix those problems).

Sometimes, a contractor has developed a checklist for customers to use when examining their courts, tracks or fields on a periodic or seasonal basis; sometimes, a contractor wants to discuss an issue that seems to be troubling facilities in a specific geographical area, and to suggest some possible fixes, but to invite other builders to chime into the discussion, and so on.  Sometimes, the writer wants to discuss the proper technique for installing equipment or supplies, and certainly, that is an important topic as well.

We ask members to try to steer clear of recommending brand-name products, and to use generic terms whenever possible.  Length isn't always an issue because our NEWSLINE is an online publication - but we do ask that the writer try to be as concise as possible, since it keeps the reader interested.  It is not required that you submit illustrations (photos, diagrams, etc.) with your article, but certainly, if you want to, ASBA's readers find them very helpful.  (When submitting photos, please make sure they are as high a resolution as possible, since they show up much more clearly that way).

Whenever possible, articles should be submitted electronically, in a Word format.  Please include your phone number and an email address (and let us know how to get in touch with you) in case we have any questions or need clarification on any points.

Certified Builders can obtain points by submitting articles for publication.  Please review the Recertification Handbook for detailed information on recertification points.

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MemberlineEditor’s Note: Information contained in Memberline is submitted by members and is published without verification. Its publication does not constitute an endorsement.


DecoTurf Surface Chosen for the 2009 Pilot Pen, 2009 Rogers Masters and Olympus US Open Series in Cincinnati
As the Olympus US Open Series continued its summer march to the year’s final Grand Slam event, many of the world’s top players were gathered at the Pilot Pen Tennis Tournament in New Haven, CT.  Taking place August 21st through 29th at the Connecticut Tennis Center, the Pilot Pen has once again chosen DecoTurf as its cushioned tennis surface.

Located on the grounds of Yale University, the Connecticut Tennis Center hosted New England’s only major professional tennis tournament for the 20th time in 2009.  In 2008, more than 80,000 spectators came to visit the US Open’s final tune-up and tournament organizers expect enthusiastic crowds once again.

“DecoTurf is proud to continue our relationship with the Pilot Pen and we congratulate Yale University and the City of New Haven on their 20th year as hosts, " said Tom Magner, DecoTurf's Eastern Regional Manager.  “As a New England-based company, we recognize the importance of having a top-tier tennis event that is as prestigious and well-run as the Pilot Pen has been.”

DecoTurf has been the Surface of the US Open for thirty-two years.  DecoTurf's multi-layer cushioned tennis surface has been selected for use at the world's most prestigious events, including the two most-recent Olympic Games, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and seven different Olympus US Open Series tournaments.  DecoTurf is also the Official All-Weather Surface of the Professional Tennis Registry.

DecoTurf Surface Chosen for the 2009 Rogers Masters      
Tennis Canada has once again chosen DecoTurf as the surface of the 2009 Rogers Cup, continuing a partnership that began twenty-two years ago.  This top-tier ATP Masters Series event was held in Montreal from August 10th through August 16th.

The Rogers Cup, which alternates annually between Montreal’s Uniprix Stadium and Toronto’s Rexall Centre, is recognized as one of the world’s best-run tournaments and has long been a favorite stop of the tour’s top players, including top-ranked Raphael Nadal, Roger Federer and Canadian favorite, Daniel Nestor.  In addition to being part of the ATP Masters Series, it also serves an integral part of the Olympus US Open Series.

Tennis Surface Selected for the Olympus US Open Series in Cincinnati
The Western & Southern Financial Group Masters, one of the oldest and most prestigious events in the world of tennis, has once again chosen DecoTurf’s cushioned tennis surface.  This elite ATP Masters 1000 event, one of the strongest and most important tournaments on the ATP Tour, was played at the Lindner Family Tennis Center August 17th – 23rd.  The Lindner Family Tennis Center is the only venue in tennis, outside of the the four Grand Slam tournaments, which utilizes more than two permanent stadiums and this tournament is one of only nine that award 1000 points as part of the Masters Series.

ECORE International
Introduces Everlast Performance

ECORE International, manufacturer of Everlast Sports Surfacing, announces the introduction of its premier laminated sports flooring product, Everlast Performance.  Everlast Performance features a proprietary factory-bonded composition where the wear layer is made from vibrant EPDM rubber and the underlayment is nearly 100% recycled SBR rubber.  All components are manufactured in the United States at ECORE’s Lancaster production facility.  The bond of these resilient layers delivers high performance and superior durability at an attractive price.

“We are excited about the opportunities that this new lamination technology has opened up for us and we are proud to be a propelling force in architectural and fitness product development,” states Troy Kelley, Everlast Business Unit Manager, ECORE International.  “Everlast Performance, with its high recycled content and extreme durability, is a product that will distinguish fitness facilities as leaders in supporting both personal and environmental health.”

The Everlast Performance collection features six standard colors, with a portfolio of up to thirty-three total color options and is available in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm thicknesses.  The 12mm option is spike resistant for high wear areas such as competitive tracks.  The top layer’s saturated color concentration allows for reduced wear visibility and lane color variation.  Everlast Performance has also been tested for excellent force reduction and superior ball rebound.  Recommended Everlast Performance installations include indoor jogging tracks, tennis courts, gymnasium surfaces, aerobic center floors and more.

The multi-layer components of Everlast Performance have a very high recycled content.  With nearly 100% recycled rubber underlayment and a recycled rubber wear layer, Everlast Performance can contribute up to eight points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).  It also meets the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) criteria, is FloorScore certified for indoor air quality and supports the ASTM E2129-05 Sustainability Assessment.

For more information on Everlast Performance visit:

Enhances Sycamore Stadium with an LED Display

With the season under way, Sycamore High School football fans are enjoying the newest addition to Sycamore Stadium - a 20mm LED video display, measuring in at almost 15’ tall by 22’ wide.

This visually dynamic LED display brings fans instant video replays, player stats, community messaging and virtual scoreboard technology.  “The scoreboard technology allows for tracking game progress and its digital capability will enhance our fans’ overall experience,” said Jim Stoll, Athletic Director at Sycamore High School.  The LED display produced by LSI Industries is replacing a traditional fixed digit scoreboard with a time clock.  While this new LED display is a major departure from the old scoreboard, LSI’s pixel block design utilized in this display only draws 62.5 watts.

The new display was purchased by Eventz for Charity, Inc. (EFC), a nonprofit organization that emphasizes supporting the local community.  EFC then contracted with ReachUSA, a Blue Ash, Ohio advertising company, to sell and produce the graphics and video for the state-of-the-art LED display.  This will create a “long-term revenue stream that will allow Sycamore to continue funding programs for the districts sports,” said Bob Slattery, CEO of Reach USA.

LSI Industries Inc. is an Image Solutions company, dedicated to advancing solid-state LED technology in lighting and graphics applications.  LSI combines integrated technology, design and manufacturing to supply high quality, environmentally friendly lighting fixtures and graphics elements for commercial, retail and specialty niche market applications.  LSI is a US manufacturer with marketing/sales efforts throughout the world, with concentration currently on North American, South American, Australian, New Zealand, Asian and European markets.

Building upon its success with its Crossover® LED lighting fixtures and SmartVision® solid-state LED video boards, LSI is committed to producing affordable, high performance, energy efficient lighting and graphic products for indoor and outdoor use.  LSI has a vast offering of innovative solutions for virtually any lighting or graphics application.  Further, they can provide design support, engineering, installation and project management for custom graphic rollout programs for today’s retail environment. 

LSI’s major markets are the commercial/industrial lighting, petroleum/convenience store, multi-site retail (including automobile dealerships, restaurants and national retail accounts), sports and entertainment markets.  LSI employs approximately 1400 people in facilities located in Ohio, New York, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Montreal, Canada.

Zanesville H.S. Upgrades to LSI’s SmartVision Display

While watching a game at the Ohio State Buckeyes Stadium, OSU alumni and member of the “Friends of Sulsberger Stadium,” Mark Watson said the OSU screen “looked the best it’s ever been.”  Mr. Watson then started the ball rolling with NBC affiliate Whiz Media Group to see if they could help Zanesville H.S. obtain a similar screen.

LSI had upgraded the Ohio State Stadium screen with new processors and the latest version of LSI’s proprietary software that drives the LED.  This caused the screen to look more vivid and brighter which caught the eye of Mr. Watson.  After receiving the quote to replace the existing scoreboard with the LSI SmartVision LED video display and virtual scoreboard, a deal was struck with Whiz Media Group, who bought the LED display and gave it to the school.

Zanesville’s new screen is a 20 mm pixel pitch and measures 22’ wide by 12 _’ tall. This outdoor screen utilizes a new more energy efficient pixel block design measuring in at 16 x 24 pixels and drawing only 62.5 watts.  This efficiency has been achieved due to advances in the manufacturing process and LED driving technology.

Since the new LSI SmartVision LED display will be used as a virtual scoreboard and advertising display, LSI’s Impact Software is used to manage both of those tasks.

In addition to the LED video display, LSI's Lexington fixtures were added to light the walkway to the stadium.  LSI Doral Small floodlights are mounted to the Lexington poles to highlight the recognition wall.

Team REIL Inc.
Announces Exclusive Partnership with the Big Ten® Conference

The Big Ten® Conference has named Team REIL Inc. as the sole recommended supplier of sports field and recreation equipment to the eleven universities of the conference.

Partnering with the Big Ten® Conference, Team REIL Inc. will serve as the point-of-contact for Athletic Directors and Facilities Managers of the conference’s 270 teams seeking to install or update sports fields, recreational areas, tracks and indoor/outdoor sports venues.

Team REIL Inc. shares the Big Ten’s strong tradition of service and comprehensive practices.  Athletic Directors from all Big Ten® locations now have one reliable source for all athletic facilities needs.  Team REIL Inc. will meet any needs whether they are great or small, from building a new athletic field or bleacher system, ordering maintenance supplies and basketball goal replacement items.  Team REIL’s ‘one stop shop’ website ( allows the Big Ten® Athletic Directors and their staffs to research products and compare product specifications, while the Team REIL Inc. design group stands ready to assist in larger design/build projects from start to finish.

Team REIL Inc. Products and Services
Team REIL Inc. is proud to represent these leading manufacturers:

  • Sprinturf – Single and dual-blend synthetic turf for baseball, football, lacrosse, rugby and soccer fields.
  • Miracle – Athletic field benches and playground equipment.
  • Gared Sports – Indoor-outdoor basketball systems and accessories.
  • All-Star Bleachers – Indoor-outdoor bleachers and stadium seating.
  • EZ Dock – Floating docks for rowing teams.
  • Penco – Lockers for all sports.
  • Rain Drop – Spray misters to cool athletic fields.
  • Superior Shade – Custom shade and weather structures including canopies, awnings and shade sails.
  • Ahrens – Picnic tables and benches.
  • KenCoat – Customizable benches and trash can receptacles featuring team logos.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.'s
New Cold Weather Synthetic Turf Adhesive

NORDOT® Adhesive #34P is a new high green strength one-part curing urethane that extends the synthetic turf installation season on both sides of Winter.  Its excellent cold weather installation properties will permit more practical installations as Fall turns to Winter and again, as Winter turns to Spring.

The faster green strength (grab) development of the new NORDOT® Adhesive #34P helps offset the normal slow down and cure of all adhesives as the temperature drops.  It also helps avoid installation problems such as "seam curl" and "wind lift" due to stiffer turf when cold.

In addition to excellent cold weather installation properties, NORDOT® Adhesive #34P works well when warmer weather arrives.

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New Members

The following companies have joined the ASBA or renewed their membership since the last newsletter. Please add their names to the appropriate section of your membership directory.

Precision Construction & Contracting (Builder)
P.O. Box 320
Lone Jack, MO 64070
Ethan Stanfill, Project Manager


Sport Court Midwest (Builder)
1070 Entry Drive
Bensenville, IL 60106
Pat Walker, President/Owner

Quality Sealcoating and Sport Surfaces, LLC (Builder)
171 Hidden Springs Lane
Penhook, VA 24137
Jonathan Meador, President

Team REIL, Inc. (Builder)
17421 Marengo Road
Union, IL 60180
Tim Cederlund, VP

Signature Sports Flooring (Provisional)
50 E. 42nd Street, 14th Floor
New York, NY 10017
Seth Gordon, Director of Business Development

Wai Yip Engineering Co. (Builder)
Flat B3, Block B, 8/F
Tonic Industrial Centre
19 Lam Hing Street, Hong Kong
Eliah Chan, Manager


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December 3-5, 2009
Athletic Business Conference, Orlando, Florida.  For more information,

December 5-7, 2009
ASBA Technical Meeting, Hyatt Regency Savannah, Savannah, Georgia.  For information 866.501.ASBA (2722) or

January 12-16, 2010
Sports Turf Managers Association Conference, Orlando, Florida.  For more information

February 19-22, 2010

ASBA Winter Meeting, Westin Resort & Spa, Cancun, Mexico. For information 866-501-ASBA (2722) or

December 5-7, 2010
ASBA Technical Meeting, Marriott Sawgrass, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  For information 866.501.ASBA (2722) or

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High Schools without Football Teams? Without Homecoming, Marching Bands and Cheerleaders?

Hey, the recession is affecting more than the cost of books.  According to a recent article in USA Today, public high schools across the nation are experiencing some painful cost cuts, particularly right now as fall sports season gets underway.

"From Hawaii to Rhode Island, school systems are trimming compensation for coaches, eliminating transportation, adding or increasing athletic fees for students, holding fundraising drives, cutting back on night games to save electricity costs and dropping some sports and related events altogether," the article noted.

Some athletes, upon learning their chosen sports wouldn't be offered (cross-country or track and field, for example), have begun training for local 5Ks, 10Ks and marathons.  Other athletes have joined club teams or transferred to other school systems where their sports are still being offered.

Athletic directors in different states were quoted on the heartbreaking decisions they were making regarding which sports to cut and which to keep.  Others noted that they could keep some athletic programs afloat if they cut items like team buses (in favor of carpooling) and had volunteer coaches and referees.  Fund raising has become a staple in many states and many sports schedules have been shortened or altered.

The domino effect is also worrisome to schools.  While the top-tier athletes will probably be recruited by private schools and even offered athletic scholarships, it is the average student athletes (the majority of enrollees, after all) who will no longer have a constructive outlet for their energy.

"We're going to have all those idle hands," a former cross country coach in Michigan is quoted as saying.

Until the economy turns around, it is possible that the shortfall may benefit rec leagues, local youth sports programs and other groups that have offered activities like basketball, soccer, cheerleading, baseball, softball and more, which used to lose players who hit high school age and wanted to play for their school teams.

It may also mean, for example, that recreation and parks programs start seeing an upswing in teen tennis participation, or that local juniors programs pick up new players.  (Unfortunately, many municipal programs are facing the same cost crunches that their local schools are, so the need for recreation may be even more pronounced as time goes on.)

Will the lack of funding allocated to sports programs trickle down to the sports facility industry, in terms of fewer facilities being built or renovated?  It's possible; however, a hopeful trend is being seen:  In many districts, parents, students and coaches are more willing than ever to work at the fund raising drives that will keep their sports alive.  They also appear to be researching the availability of grants that would allow them to access higher-ticket items, like physical work on facilities.

They're motivated, too, since the problems aren't over yet.  More than sports will need funding or schools will go without.  Proms, student government, school newspapers, honor societies and other programs are all on the chopping block.

Read the full article at:

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