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Join ASBA in New Orleans for Technical Meeting

Two years have passed since I received the gavel from Dan Wright and your nomination as Chairman of ASBA. It has been an extremely rewarding experience to have worked and served with so many close friends - people whom I respect and learn from every time we’re together. The organization continues to grow. Membership now stands at nearly 450 companies and we continue to see double-digit growth each December at our Technical Meeting. We have added a March Regional meeting to our program (next year’s will be held in Kansas City, March 7-8), and countless other new initiatives. DETAILS


2017 Technical Meeting: Your Passport to Success

While “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” might have been a favorite among comedy movies, anyone in business knows that plenty of hard work, effort and sweat equity goes into success. The sports facility construction industry is no exception to this rule.

The good news is this: you can get a great start on the road to success by attending the ASBA Technical Meeting. The meeting, which will be held December 1-5, 2017, in New Orleans, Louisiana, has everything you need to make progress toward your goals.

2018 Winter Meeting in the Wine Country

Ready for a change of pace? The 2018 ASBA Winter Meeting offers industry members the chance for a great late winter getaway – with no passport required. That’s right: our Winter Meeting will be held in Napa Valley, California, home to some of the country’s best wines. And as of February 23-25, it’ll also be home to some of the best sports facility designers, contractors, suppliers and more.

Meritage Resort and Spa, the site of great Tuscan views and award-winning ambience, will serve as host for this meeting, which gives attendees the chance to put in some concentrated time on ASBA project, publications and committees.

Want to discuss position papers? You can. Want to get a jump on the 2018 Technical Meeting by suggesting sessions and activities? The Meritage is the place. And of course, if you want to unwind and gear up for the season that is just ahead – and to make some great friends while you’re at it, the Winter Meeting is the place to be.

ASBA’s tennis outing is held here too, giving members yet another way to challenge themselves (and one another). Want to just relax after sessions are done and to lounge poolside and soak up the sun? You can do that too.

ASBA will publish more information on this meeting as the date approaches. In the meantime, be sure you’ve put it on your calendar and checked with friends who will be going as well.

ASBA's Keynote Speaker Garrison Wynn

How often can you say you learned more than you imagined – even though you laughed more than you thought you could? Even if you’ve never said that, you’re about to get your chance with this year’s Technical Meeting keynote speaker, Garrison Wynn.

Wynn, leader of Wynn Solutions, is about to help you find that rung on the ladder you might have been missing. Wynn’s address, entitled, “The REAL Truth about Success What the Top 1 Percent Do Differently and Why They Won’t Tell You,” is guaranteed to bring a morning of learning and walking out with a completely different perspective on leadership and what it means to be a winner.

And did we mention how funny he is? Come prepared to enjoy this discussion, as it’s bound to be a rollicking, fun journey through personal accounts, enjoyable anecdotes and a lot of motivation to back it up.

We know you’ll leave the room after the keynote address wishing you had more time to spend – and we’re ready to grant your wish. Not very much later in the day, Wynn will present a breakout session, entitled, “Essential Strategic Leadership: Making Employee Engagement Actually Happen.” Need an encore? You can find one in Wynn’s next presentation that same day, “Getting Great Results: Turning Talent into Performance.”

Garrison Wynn’s keynote address, as well as the breakout sessions, are sponsored by: Stockmeier Urethanes USA, Inc.


ASBA Quick Pulse Survey Results

ASBA recently conducted quick pulse surveys of our builders, by division, on the current season year-to-date. Watch your mailboxes so that you can continue to participate in this quick and easy data collection and sharing exercise.  

Click here for the results of the fields survey

Click here for the results of the tennis court survey

Click here for the results of the track survey

ASBA's Certificate of Distinction Program: Are You Aware of It?

ASBA currently offers two Certificates of Distinction, one for Design Professionals and one for Supplier Companies.

Both differ from certification in that they do not require members to pass a test, nor are they a credential that is awarded. However, they do recognize commitment and dedication to the Association and the industry.

The Design Professional Certificate of Distinction program provides professionals a distinction by illustrating the individual’s commitment and dedication to the tennis, track, fields and indoor facility construction industry through involvement with ASBA and related organizations and the completion of built projects.

The Supplier Certificate of Distinction program is designed to recognize those ASBA Supplier Division Member Companies that contribute to and share in the betterment of the ASBA. ASBA Supplier Division Member Companies that meet and/or exceed the participation goals and requirements will receive this recognition, which must be renewed on an annual basis and ASBA Supplier Division Member Companies must meet the minimum total qualifying point requirement every year to maintain their recognition.

To learn more about each Certificate of Distinction program, go to ASBA’s website,

ASBA Awards Certificate of Distinction

The following ASBA member received a professional certificate of distinction.

Craig Honkomp, PE, PS, LEED AP
Sportworks Field Design
6305 Centre Park Drive
West Chester, OH 45069


Coming Soon: A New Fields Manual

One of ASBA’s biggest-selling publications, Sports Fields: A Construction & Maintenance Manual, is in the works! The committee has been hard at work on the book, and it’s in the final stages of development.

Look for the new publication to have information on:

  • An update on the synthetic fields controversy

  • Information on alternative infills

  • Information on hybrid turf

  • Updates on testing methods, construction techniques and more.

The publication, also used as the textbook for those taking the Certified Field Builder (CFB) exam, will be available in both electronic form and hard copy, meaning you will be able to access the information any way you want.

Copies of the publication will be available at the 2017 Technical Meeting in New Orleans.

Reminder: ASBA's First-Ever Pickleball Manual is Now Available

ASBA’s new book, Pickleball Courts: A Construction & Maintenance Manual, is available now. This publication, written jointly by ASBA and the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA), is the first-ever technical publication for this emerging sport. It has been selling well – an indicator of the growing market for information on pickleball.
This book is also available in electronic form. Order yours today!

ASBA's Position Papers: We Need YOUR Expertise!

You have the expertise. You have the knowledge. But if you’re not quite ready to sit down and write a full article, ASBA still has a place for you. The Association publishes a series of Position Papers, which are one-page technical documents on subjects of interest to those in the industry. And right now, we’re seeking people to help us write them.

ASBA’s current library of Position Papers can be found on the website,, on the page for each division. They can be downloaded and printed out free of charge. They can be an invaluable source of information to members as well as to others in the industry.

To access the Position Papers for the Tennis, Track, Indoor or Fields divisions, click on the colored tabs under the words, “Build It Right.” Tabs are set up for each division. When that page opens, “Position Papers” should be the second option down.

Position papers address topics including (but not limited to):

Tennis: Birdbaths, Asphalt Stripping, Regulating Pace, Pinholes, Rust Spots

Track: Asphalt Acceptance, Equal Quadrant vs. Non-Equal Quadrant Tracks, Raised Curb vs. Flush Curb, Runways in D Areas, Water on Tracks

Fields: Qualifying/Pre-Qualifying Sports Field Contractors

Courts & Recreation: Concrete Compounds and Sealants, Jobsite Conditions, Static and Rolling Loads, Surface Tolerances and Testing

While ASBA has a great inventory so far, we’re currently in need of new material, particularly as pertains to new technologies for the industry. Have an idea for a Position Paper and want to write one? Get in touch with the appropriate Division President and offer your suggestions.

A few guidelines:

  • Position papers should be limited to a one-page discussion of the topic

  • Position Papers should not include brand names or proprietary systems

  • Position Papers should address an issue other industry members are familiar with

  • Position Papers should be the writer’s original material (rather than borrowing from a previously published article or presentation).

  • Position Papers can be counted toward Certification points, since they include technical writing.

ASBA welcomes your interest in its Position Papers. Read some of them today and get started in writing some of your own. All ideas and inquiries are welcome!

Certification: Make It Something You Do This Year

If you promised yourself that this was the year you’d pursue your CTCB, CFB or CTB certification, it’s time to start putting those wheels in motion.

All the information on certification is available on ASBA’s website, under the tab for “Certification” at the top of ASBA’s home page, Note that you must fill out all forms in advance in order to sit for the test. The deadline for application is 30 days prior to each test.

The next time the exam will be given is as follows:

December 2, 2017
ASBA Technical Meeting
New Orleans, LA

January 20, 2018
Sports Turf Managers Association Conference
Fort Worth, TX
Conference Dates: January 16-19, 2018

February 23, 2018
ASBA Winter Meeting
Meritage Resort and Spa
Napa, California.
Meeting Dates: February 23-25, 2018

March 7, 2018
ASBA Regional Meeting
Intercontinental Kansas City at the Plaza
Kansas City, MO

March 14, 2018
Synthetic Turf Council Meeting
Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort & Spa
Rancho Mirage, CA

December 1, 2018
ASBA Technical Meeting
Fairmont Scottsdale Plaza
Scottsdale, AZ

By appointment at ASBA Headquarters in Maryland.

Click here to download ASBA's Certified Builder Exam flyer.


GPR Technology Gives a Deeper Look at Problems Below
Use Ground Penetrating Radar to Identify Below-Ground Issues Before You Dig In

by Steve Bush, CSFM, Agronmist and Owner of Bush Sports Turf

You wouldn’t want your doctor to initiate extensive surgery without first doing a thorough X-ray or MRI of the area to be operated on, right? He could be in the wrong area, overlook additional problems, and also do extensive damage in the process. The same problems can arise if you begin work on a sports field without first understanding what’s truly below its surface.

That is why Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology is such a valuable tool for the sports builder to understand and take advantage of. Before you dig into a field, or project you can have an accurate map of what is below the surface. In a perfect world, irrigation systems drainage lines, root zones, utilities and other subsurface factors would all be exactly as mapped or intended. However, as we all know this is seldom the case. Either as built drawings are inaccurate, got lost, or do not exist at all.



The latest news from ASBA members. DETAILS

ASBA Welcomes New Members

ASBA welcomes nine members that joined the association since we published our last newsletter. DETAILS

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