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ASBA's Keynote Speaker, Michael Hoffman: You Won't Want to Miss the Message!

If you’ve been to the Technical Meeting, you know the quality and excitement our keynote speaker brings to the event. This year will be no different. Join us as we welcome Michael Hoffman, CSP, who will help us get motivated and stay invigorated. Here are a few tidbits to whet your appetite:

In his keynote speech, “Being #1 On Purpose,” we’ll come to learn that Michael understands what we face each day. Between dealing with clients with unrealistic expectations, a construction season that is weather-dependent, a dual-language labor force and those other assorted challenges, it’s hard to stay focused. So what to do in all that craziness to still be successful? Michael will help us uncover the secrets that create and sustain our success in the one area that business will always be built on: people. We’ll learn what to do, what to say and how to truly influence others.

Want some more motivation? Come to Michael’s breakout session on “Positively Outrageous Service” (or POS, for short.) Learn how to set yourself apart from the pack and build not just a quality product but an outstanding service experience that stays with the customer. Being able to provide quality service is the one skill-set that can ruin an opportunity – or fling the doors wide open to long relationships and major referrals.

The second part of this breakout, “Igniting Positively Outrageous Service,” builds on the lessons Michael just imparted. How do you, as the head of an organization, help the people around you influence the customer experience? What is the best way to ignite that culture, impart those skills and hold the team accountable for creating POS? In round two of the POS approach to creating an amazing customer experience, Michael will dive into the tactics and skills necessary to have true influence in creating a culture where everyone owns the POS.

Sound good? Here’s the catch: You have to be there to hear it. Register for the Technical Meeting NOW by going to and make it happen!

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