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Exploring New Frontiers

Dan Wright, CFB

ASBA Chairman

Two years have passed since I accepted the gavel from Mark Brogan and your nomination as Chairman of ASBA. It has been an extremely fulfilling experience and one of the highlights of my career. It’s truly gratifying to be part of such a dynamic organization, at the center of such a growing and promising industry.


Two years ago I outlined the goals for my Chairmanship of ASBA, which included the continued growth of ASBA’s membership and the number of certified builders. I am pleased to report that our membership numbers are up 5% during that time; and the number of certified builders is up 14%. Programs and efforts are in place that should help both of these numbers to continue to climb.

It’s been exciting to see ASBA explore some new frontiers in the technical arena. This past Spring we unveiled an ASBA Asphalt Guideline, which we developed in cooperation with a task force, a consultant, and an industry trade association partner. This guideline is available through the ASBA website and will be presented and discussed at our upcoming TM in Scottsdale. We are currently beginning work on an ASBA Concrete Guideline through a similar process. We will keep our members up-to-date on the progress and hope to have something ready to roll out early in 2016.

By now you should have received your membership dues renewal notices for the coming year (ASBA’s membership year begins October 1st). Please renew your membership and continue to support the efforts that ASBA is making on our behalf – with programs to increase awareness among consumers and industry partners, and education and training to enhance the pipeline for talent for our companies to hire.
In December, I will have the honor of presiding over the Technical Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona where we will be celebrating ASBA’s 50th anniversary. There are a number of very special events planned throughout the weekend of our meeting. I hope that ALL of you are planning to join us for this very special celebration, December 4-8. Please help me in welcoming Pete Smith as the incoming Chairman of ASBA for the coming two years!
See you in Scottsdale!

Dan Wright, CFB

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