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ASBA Has a Busy Summer

Mark Brogan, CTCB

ASBA Chairman

For many of us, we’re busy completing projects and getting ready for a slight “breather” after a very busy summer season.

We’ve had a busy summer season within ASBA as well. The Board and Awards Committee met in Baltimore in July. The Board reviewed the member survey conducted earlier this year and made some strategic decisions that will keep the Association moving in the right direction.

One change we have made pertains to the delivery of this quarterly newsletter – while we will continue to offer Newsline in electronic format for our members, we will resume mailing a hard copy to each member as well.

We have also initiated a media project to help market the certified builder program to the end-user communities. We have enlisted the resources of a Public Relations firm to develop three separate videos (one for each of our certified builder programs), to promote the value of working with a certified builder. The audience for the videos will be facility owners, club managers, athletic directors – anyone who may be involved in the decision-making process when hiring a builder. Each of the videos will discuss ASBA and the members we represent. If you are not already certified through one of our programs for tennis courts, tracks or sports fields, you may want to consider this opportunity to take advantage of this marketing resource.

Members of the tennis division have been working with a group of staff and volunteers within USTA on a Line Colors Working Group. The Working Group is trying to establish recommended guidelines for colors used in blended lines on youth tennis courts. Several of our builders had reported that their customers are looking for guidelines and recommendations on which colors to use on their courts. Unfortunately, nothing currently exists. ASBA approached USTA about this and we agreed that this would be a service to the industry. ASBA has contacted its acrylic manufacturer members to survey them for samples of colors using percentages of light/dark paints. Once developed, the guidelines will be posted on both the ASBA and USTA websites and will serve as a resource for facilities as they contemplate adding blended lines.

In the Spring issue of Newsline, I announced the publication of the new Tennis Courts: Construction and Maintenance manual. At this time, I am pleased to announce the publication of the new Running Tracks: Construction and Maintenance manual. Many thanks to the hard-working volunteers who spear-headed this revision.

Our next Technical Meeting will be held November 30 - December 3 in Orlando, Florida. Florida is always a good draw for ASBA and we are expecting another record-setting turnout this year, as the educational and networking opportunities continue to expand within this meeting. Don’t miss the opportunity that you’ve been looking for all year to ask those questions; talk to those suppliers; and gain that extra piece of information or contact that helps you on your next project. You will gain something from the TM that helps you to grow or improve your business.

See you in Orlando!  

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