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Got Your Certification? Help Keep it up by Writing Technical Articles for Newsline

ASBA offers its Certified Builders two options for keeping their designation current. The first is the option to take the exam again. The second, however, includes an opportunity to benefit the industry itself: recertification by acquiring continuing education points. This includes writing technical articles for Newsline.

Note: Writing Newsline articles is only one method individuals can get points; other methods are described in the Recertification Handbook; Certified Builders are urged to refer to this for complete information.

ASBA is always interested in articles for Newsline, and welcomes the contribution of articles from its membership. For an article to be considered as eligible for recertification points, however, please keep the following in mind:

  • Articles should address technical subjects designed to educate or stimulate discussion among builders. Therefore, articles must be technical, rather than elementary information. Newsline’s focus is educating those in the industry, rather than athletes or facility owners/managers.

  • Articles for Newsline should must include specific content that mirrors the content of the certification examination. (For example, an article might discuss specific construction details of a tennis court base, but the article should not go into details about keeping the surface of the court free of debris, since a builder already knows this).

  • If considering a topic for a Newsline article, it might help to ask, “Would this make a good Technical Meeting session?” If it would, then it is likely to be a valid suggestion for a Newsline article.

  • Articles for Newsline should be original material. If using any previously published articles or material for reference, please make sure to note this in the article.

  • Please avoid using brand names; use generic terms instead.

  • We recognize that your time as a Certified Builder is valuable, so it may be advisable to contact Association Headquarters prior to writing the article, just to make certain the topic is applicable for recertification points. That way, any ‘tweaks’ to the topic can be made in advance.

We look forward to your articles for the Newsline! Please address any questions concerning recertification to Cynthia Sanchez at

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