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Your Chance to Advertise in the New Track Construction Manual… Don’t Miss Out!

The 10th edition of Running Tracks: A Construction and Maintenance Manual, will be available this fall! The new edition of the book – one of ASBA’s most popular – includes updates from major governing bodies, as well as new diagrams and photos.

Ad space is currently available for multiple premium positions in this book. Why should you advertise? Simple: You can’t afford NOT to make this investment. After all, the Track Manual is a long-time staple on the bookshelves of ASBA’s design professionals, builders and suppliers, as well as plenty of end users: coaches, athletic directors and consultants. It is an everyday reference for those both in the field and in the home office.

The manual has long been known as an invaluable resource to anyone planning, building or even considering a track facility. It’s a must-have for the informed industry member or for the interested consumer. Purchasers over the years have also included specifiers,

schools, colleges, current and prospective owners. Its information is easy to use and easy to reference and includes details you can’t find anywhere else.

The book will be available both in a hard copy and in a downloadable pdf format, meaning even more people will be able to see your ad on a regular basis. Plus, you can pick where your ad will appear. Chapters included in the book are as follows:

  • Getting Started

  • Marking a Track: Calculations

  • Planning and Design Layout and Painting Considerations

  • Verification

  • The Construction Process

  • Care and Maintenance

  • Choosing a Surface

  • Indoor Tracks (A new chapter this year!)

  • Field Events and Equipment,

  • Appendices

The book is updated every three years and is sold not only by the American Sports Builders Association but also by Amazon.

The book is expected to be available in the fall so don’t miss your chance to reserve ad space while it’s still available. Contact Cynthia Sanchez at to get the information.

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