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USTA National Campus Continues to Impress

The USTA National Campus in Lake Nona continues to build upon its success. In fact, it will be the host site of the NCAA Division I Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championships in 2019 and 2021, as well as the NCAA Division III Men’s and Women’s Tennis Championships in 2022.

ASBA member and facility designer David LaSota, who was involved with the project, recently wrote an article for Tennis Industry Magazine discussing the interest the National Campus has received. Not unexpectedly, municipalities, clubs, facility owners, colleges and others have asked him for some guidance on trends in amenities and accessories, using the Lake Nona facility as an example. LaSota notes the following five factors that elevate Lake Nona (and can work in the favor of other venues as well):

  1. Viewscape: When players aren’t competing, they’re watching the game. Spectators enjoy having a view beyond just one court, however. The ability to see action on neighboring courts is key. The takeaway for other facilities is this: review your site to see if there are areas that can be improved to heighten visibility.

  2. 36/60-Foot Tennis: The new family zone in USTA’s facility has eight 36-foot courts and eight 60-foot courts. Venues that make sure there are playing spaces for children and others who use limited space will reap the rewards.

  3. Shade: The Florida sun can be brutal, so USTA added shaded areas for players to rest between or after games, or to simply relax beforehand. Clubs, parks and others that make sure players have a protected area to sit will see that it encourages athletes to stick around.

  4. Live-Streaming: The USTA National Campus is able to stream its games online and around the world. LaSota points out that much of today’s equipment is more affordable than in previous years and can be obtained and installed easily, for an added benefit to players.

  5. Water Stations/Power Recharge Stations: Athletes are always in need of two things – water and a place to plug in their phones. The National Campus offers refill stations for water bottles (thus reducing plastic bottle waste) and cell phone charging docks. Clubs and other venues that offer these amenities will see players able to stay longer at the courtside after and between games, rather than rushing off.

Admittedly, not every club has the amenities Lake Nona enjoys – but by following the trends, builders can help their clients offer an expanded range of services, and make the facility a pleasure to use.

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