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APT and Laykold Proudly Introduce Laykold Masters Gel

The evolution of sports equipment over the last 30 years has been remarkable. Tennis rackets have become lighter, with far less vibration transfer to the forearm and elbow. Even tennis racket string holes have been adjusted for increased racket speed and power. Athletic apparel is utilizing lighter weight, moisture wicking fabrics, some of which even provide UV protection. Modern materials are being used to construct balls with more consistent bounce and improved aerodynamics. Athletic footwear is not only sport specific but is now training specific. There have been countless sports equipment and training aid improvements for decades. These developments have improved athletic performance and assisted athletes in performing at their very best for longer periods of time.

Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) has been working hard to bring modern chemistry and innovation to the tennis surface.

Advanced Polymer Technology (APT) is a global manufacturer of polyurethane-based materials, acrylic coatings, and synthetic turf. From Olympic stadiums to your own backyard, APT provides people around the world with safe, reliable, high performance athletic surfaces and protective coatings. Research and development is undertaken by our team of chemists working with sports professionals to establish the specific characteristics required to assist athletes in performing at their very best. Each day we put our full commitment, expertise, and passion into providing sports facilities and athletes with the perfect surface.

APT’s Chemist and Laykold Product Manager, Wes Baum, describes APT as a true chemical company and global sport surfaces specialist, with significant advantages compared to other tennis surface providers. Wes adds, “We manufacture many of the product components internally rather than purchasing raw materials ‘off the shelf’. This gives us far greater control over the physical properties of our Laykold and Laykold Masters tennis court surfacing systems.”

Additionally, APT has held ISO-9001 Quality Management Certification since 1999 and is ISO-14001 Environmentally Compliant, another advantage when compared to the competition.

APT is using its chemical expertise to develop modern tennis surfaces and is helping the game of tennis catch up with the rest of the sports world. APT and Laykold Masters proudly introduce the Laykold Masters Gel system. Laykold Masters Gel is a revolutionary, technologically advanced, performance enhancing tennis court system that is manufactured using 60% renewable resources. Laykold Masters Gel is all-weather, seamless surface that provides 17% plus force reduction. Laykold Masters Gel surfaces provide a variety of benefits to tennis players and athletes of all ages, sizes, and ability. The chemistry is complex but the process is simple.

Force Reduction = Energy Return

For athletes to remain healthy while achieving peak performance, their bodies need three key factors from a surface. Laykold Masters Gel provides a high level of impact protection (17% +) from the repetitive rigors of training and competition. Secondly, Laykold Masters Gel is area elastic which is far superior to point elastic systems. Area elastic surfaces minimize the depth of “foot depression” which protects an athletes knees and ankles from injury during high velocity, lateral changes of direction. The third and most impressive characteristic of the Laykold Masters Gel system is its ENERGY RETURNING property. In simple terms, the Laykold Masters Gel system doesn’t just absorb the force an athlete produces during competition, it also returns that energy to the athlete, reducing fatigue. That is how the Laykold Masters Gel system is helping athletes throughout the world shatter records instead of their bodies!

True Fence to Fence Cushioning

Laykold Masters Gel offers consistent, reliable footing with true fence to fence cushioning, a charcteristic that had since been unheard of in the cushioned tennis and sport court market. Whether you are playing at the net or playing at the baseline, you can be sure that both ball speed and foothold will remain the same.

What good is cushioning if it only lasts one season?

Under the old cushion technology, sport courts lose cushioning as they age and will be down to a 0% force reduction, basically a hard court, roughly three years after installation. Laykold Masters Gel ground-breaking technology puts an end to that! Laykold Masters Gel cushion courts will retain 95% - 98% of their flexibility after 10 years!

Please visit for more information.

Professional Grade Products Meet Pro-Level Service

ACRYTECH is off to a great and exciting 2017! Starting the year as the official surface of the Memphis Open, ACRYTECH has secured its spot in the industry as a professional grade product.

“This year we've launched new colors, two products, and we’re very excited about our new online ordering system to simplify that process. Many of our customers have already started using the system along with our color chart selector, which only adds to the great service we are known for” says Caldwell Robinson, president of ACRYTECH coatings.

Visit the ACRYTECH website or by phone 888.294.0428 for nationwide distribution of sports coatings.

AstroTurf Brings It All Under One Roof

AstroTurf, a worldwide leader in artificial turf headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, has announced an ambitious plan to streamline all of its manufacturing operations into a single facility. It’s a multi-phased endeavor that involves the relocation of existing equipment and the purchase of new manufacturing technology, as well as the functional alignment of previously scattered personnel groups.

AstroTurf’s Board approved the proposal on January 3rd, with completion of the project slated for the end of June. Already well underway, the plan represents a major capital investment of several million dollars aimed at operational improvement for the global sports surfacing company.

“This move will bring all of the operations required to produce synthetic turf under one roof,” said AstroTurf CEO Heard Smith. “We’re going to significantly reduce transportation costs and waste while improving the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing processes.”

AstroTurf’s new facility, located on Callahan Road in Dalton, measures approximately 375,000 square feet, or roughly the size of seven football fields. It will house the consolidated operations of separate facilities currently located in the Synthetic Turf Resources building in Dalton and the Turfstore and Polytex plants in Calhoun. Additionally a new coater, several new creels, a new industrial computer, and a new communications system have all been purchased for the building.

When fully operational, the new manufacturing center on Callahan Road will handle masterbatch, extrusion, twisting, tufting, and coating - essentially the entire step-by-step process for manufacturing artificial turf. The facility will also include additional space for storing raw materials and finished product.

The Operations Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Research & Development departments will all have offices in the new facility. AstroTurf will retain its corporate headquarters on Abutment Road where Marketing, Sales, and corporate officers continue to conduct business.

Hinding Tennis and The Tennis Channel Film Documentary in Cuba

Hinding Tennis, LLC, who recently completed The National Tennis Center in Cuba and was the first U.S. company in 57 years to do a brick-and-mortar project, recently had Ken Solomon and the Tennis Channel do a documentary on their historic project.

Stan Smith, Martina Navratilova and Jim Courier were all on site for the ribbon cutting of the 10 new premier courts In Havana, Cuba.

It was a historic day and something we were extremely proud to be part of," noted owner, Tom Hinding. "Our crew spent 31 days in Cuba and completed this job on time and on budget. our main supplier, California Sports Surfaces, Andover, MA, was extremely helpful in dealing with customs and scheduling, which made the job that much easier."

In addition to the their historic project, Hinding has also announced Meghan Clinton as their new director of finance and operations. Please reach out to her at Jeff Dunn has been hired as construction manager and is overseeing there eight daily crews. Contact Jeff at

Highlands Ranch Celebrates 20 Years of Creating Family Fun

Highlands Ranch, CO-based Sport Court of the Rockies is celebrating 20 years of creating outdoor family fun through sports recreation.

Through building and installing custom, outdoor multi-sport surfaces for hundreds of residential home owners in Colorado, Sport Court of the Rockies since 1998 has maintained an unwavering focus on providing a lifestyle that endures in all weather and through the life-cycle of families who make outdoor living, recreation and fitness a priority.

“Sport Court of the Rockies customers ask us to help their families to spend time together so they can stay happy and healthy”, said Sport Court of the Rockies owner, Colorado State University alumnus, Colorado native and Highlands Ranch resident Randy Resley. “Living in Colorado means enjoying the beautiful, all-seasons climate. A custom-built, multi-sport Sport Court surface allows families to play year-round by transitioning from basketball, tennis and volleyball in the spring, summer and fall to icing over the court for a smooth, winter hockey rink.”

The growth of Sport Court of the Rockies over 20-years ties into national health trends that make a custom, multi-sport surface a great way to keep families active. Current nationwide health guidelines recommend 60 minutes of physical activity, yet only one in three U.S. children are active every day and children on average spend 7.5 hours in front of screen daily.

20 Fit Family Fun Facts

In celebration of 20 years in business, Sport Court of the Rockies has developed 20 Fit Family Fun Facts at such as: Safe Zone! Families can create a safe space at home with a Sport Court game court, and your backyard becomes the “cool place” to be in the neighborhood, and Stand Up! According to the American Medical Association (AMA) people who sit most of the day have increased their risk of cardiovascular issues by 125 percent, something that was once only seen in smokers. Families who are active on a Sport Court game court avoid the negative impact of excess sitting.

Sportsfield Transforms MLS Stadium for NFL's Chargers

In January, NFL’s San Diego Chargers announced the decision to move to Los Angeles, but there was one hitch: they didn’t have a stadium to call home. To accommodate the displaced football team, L.A.’s Galaxy Major League Soccer club invited the Chargers to utilize their state-the-art StubHub center temporarily until the completion of their new Inglewood stadium. This marks the first time in history an NFL stadium has played at a soccer specific venue.

As the industry leader in customized sports construction equipment, Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. (SSI) was brought on the project to transform the StubHub center into a multi-sport venue for football use. Because the 27,000-seat venue is smaller than traditional NFL stadiums, SSI was tasked with installing Football Netting Systems without the typical pole-to-pole set up.

While most stadiums install pole structures to anchor netting systems, Jeff Longwell, Engineer at SSI, explained that, in the smaller venue, poles would compromise sight lines and the stadium’s aesthetics. Instead, SSI utilized existing structures as the anchor for a network of cables that supports the netting.

To insure a positive viewing experience for fans seated behind the AdjustRight® Football Goal Posts (also manufactured and installed by SSI), Ultra Cross® Knotless Dyneema® Netting was used for the system. According to Longwell, the low braided and knotless twine offers 95% visibility to fans, without compromising net strength.

“Many of our products, including our netting systems and football goal posts, are designed specifically for applications like this,” explained Longwell. He continued that the StubHub Center, in working with SSI, can now easily transform the L.A. Galaxy’s world-class soccer venue into an NFL level stadium safely and with ease.

Synthetic Surfaces, Inc. Launches New Website at

Synthetic Surfaces Inc. (SSI) has a new website with a fresh look that is clean, orderly, easy to navigate, and offers an expanded variety of information.

The SSI website provides valuable material about its products that should help their synthetic turf, aquatic, military, industrial customers, plus architects, engineers, specifiers and potential customers, to make well-informed choices for their projects. The updated “Action Pictures” page displays over 60 photos of synthetic turf, running track, water sport, playground, marine and other surfaces being installed. The “Publications” page includes a list of selected educational articles on a wide range of topics that the visitor can request for free.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the SSI website address. It is still

"The Guru of Glue®" Developing New NORDOT® "Killer Turf Adhesive"

After 44 years, Norris Legue is still active in new adhesive development and technology. He is now developing a new NORDOT® “Killer Turf Adhesive” to introduce to the market next month.

Norris, president and owner of Synthetic Surfaces Inc., is a chemist who was one of the early pioneers in the synthetic turf industry. He has written extensively about it while developing specialty adhesives for it. As a result of his extensive experience, knowledge, research, and product development, Norris (a.k.a. “The Guru of Glue®”) is often consulted by companies around the world for his thoughts about the accomplishments, problems and future growth of the synthetic turf industry.

TRS Reports Significant Sales Increase

Turf Reclamation Solutions (TRS) reports a significant increase in YTD sales through the first half of 2017 for both the Rattlesnake turf infill separator and the Wrangler with Viper and Winder cut and roll attachments for turf removal. Leading the way have been sales to both North America and Europe. Broce/TRS is currently working on engine updates for both the Rattlesnake and Wrangler to meet EU emission requirements and updated machines are expected to be available for the 2018 season. In addition, Broce/TRS is ramping up production of existing models for anticipated increase of U.S. sales as well.

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