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Portable Banked Track Turns Indoor Track & Field Upside Down

Last winter, a six-lane, 200-meter indoor banked track found itself at the center of the track and field world during a series of high performance meets set in a historic industrial warehouse in Portland, Oregon.

The indoor track was originally commissioned by TrackTown USA, and built in just 20 days, to anchor the USATF Indoor Championships and other international meets across town at the Oregon Convention Center in March 2016. The industrial site was initially intended to serve as only a short-term construction site for the high-speed track, which would be moved across the Willamette River for the big events. Yet, prior to disassembling the track into 1,400 pieces, the space quickly became a celebrated fieldhouse as organizers recognized that weekend meets could be staged for the public to enjoy. Oregon is, after all, the epicenter of the track and field universe.

Some of the biggest names in the sport flocked from across the country to join in the widely publicized Friday and Saturday night track meets in January; and to test out the surface prior to their March competitions. The verdict was unanimous: this track was fast—and forgiving. Spectators came out in droves to see both the engineering and the world-class track and field celebrities. Regional media lovingly dubbed the venue as the “Underground Track” or “‘Fight Club’ of Track and Field.” Children, amateurs and collegiate athletes were also invited to participate in the scheduled public meets. The city was in love with the “House of Track” and the idea of an indoor track venue in Portland.

Beynon Sports built the customized track anchoring the events in just fewer than three weeks. They also constructed the University of Oregon’s renowned Hayward Field track. The legendary Hayward Field attracts coaches and athletes—as well as fans —from across the United States. Their grandstands are comparable to famous European venues, and it has been called "The Carnegie Hall" of American track and field. It also hosts the nation's best single-day track and field contest every year, the Prefontaine Classic. The Portland track covered over 40,000 square feet and was leased to TrackTown by the company for the major events scheduled for March. After its Portland debut, the bright green track is headed to the University of Iowa for permanent installation.

Engineering and building this indoor track’s state-of-the-art polyurethane surface and precision steel frame was no easy task. The project involved over 2,000 tons of steel and was constructed for high performing athletes who train extensively and needed a surface that would allow them to have record-breaking times, but be safe for daily use.

Geoff Daley, Beynon’s Director of Quality Assurance/ Chief Estimator, accredited Certified Track builder since 2005, was hands-on during the construction of Portland’s indoor track. Geoff has more than 20 years’ experience; both installing and managing the installation of world class level running tracks; in the U.S.A. and internationally. Projects include the 1990 and 1998 Goodwill Games, the 1994 Commonwealth Games, and the U.S. Olympic Training Center in San Diego; along with many NCAA tracks including IAAF Certified Class I facilities at the University of Oregon and Auburn University. Geoff has extensive international track installation and management experience having worked on projects in Bermuda, the Bahamas, Guam, Malaysia, the Philippines and India, and several other countries.

Ecore Receives Two U.S. Product Patents

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed waste into unique performance surfaces, is proud to announce it recently received two United States product patents. These patents cover any surfaces Ecore creates that features an Ecore EPDM surface fusion bonded to an Ecore recycled rubber backing or any heterogeneous sheet vinyl surface fusion bonded to an Ecore recycled rubber backing.

Patents 9,340,970 and 9,096,045 B2 cover these products:, ECOrx, ECOfit, Forest rx, Terrain rx, Bounce 2, and 4 products in the Performance Collection – Rally, Motivate, Beast & Monster. All of these surfaces are created using Ecore’s itstru technology, whereby any surface can be fusion bonded to an Ecore recycled rubber backing.

“Itstru technology is shepherding our company into the next generation of surfaces,” said Arthur Dodge III, CEO and president of Ecore. “Ecore is so much more than recycled rubber and fitness floors. With itstru technology, it’s not too good to be true! Our ability to create floors that improve the safety, acoustics, and ergonomics of the people using them is now endless. We can fusion bond our performance rubber to virtually any surface!”

To learn more about Ecore visit:

SmashTile Eliminates Shock & Sound in Athletic & Fitness Applications

Ecore, a company that transforms reclaimed waste into unique performance surfacing, is proud to announce the launch of Everlast SmashTile. This 24-inch by 24-inch performance rubber tile has feet, measures 2.5-inches thick, and is designed for weight room applications that require extreme durability and ultimate sound and shock absorption.

SmashTile is able to absorb the impact from a dropped large weight onto its surface, resulting in a significant reduction in shock and sound. The footed design isolates low frequency sound and vibration, while providing a spring-like response to impacts. SmashTile is unique, because it can sustain the repeated abuse of extreme weights without tearing or fading. This surface is available in 17 colors and can incorporate custom logos and designs.

SmashTile is installed using Ecore’s Quad Blok interlocking system. This accessory features rubber modular connectors with precisely located openings that interface with the corner leg understructure of each SmashTile. The connectors are quick and easy to use without adhering to or causing damage to subsurface and allow for the removal or replacement of individual tiles with minimal disruption and labor.

To learn more about SmashTile visit:

LSI Selected to Provide Lighting for United States Tennis Association National Campus

LSI Industries has been selected to supply its Side-by-Side SXS2 indirect LED lighting system for the indoor courts at the USTA National Campus under construction in Lake Nona, FL. The $70 million USTA National Campus will be the “New Home of American Tennis” and features many of the latest technologies related to tennis facilities. The six indoor hard courts are part of the high performance and player development area of the facility. The SXS2 indirect lighting system incorporates the latest in LED lighting technology and will provide energy efficient, glare-free illumination for the indoor courts. The USTA National Campus is slated to open in November 2016. “LSI Industries is proud and honored to supply our lighting equipment for this prestigious facility,” said LSI’s Bruce Frasure. “It is exciting to be a part of the future of American tennis.” More about the LSI SXS2 lighting system can be found here:

Nagle Welcomes Bryan Mitterling

Nagle Athletic Surfaces, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Bryan Mitterling to its staff. Bryan is a CTB with over 20 years of experience. He will assist Nagle Athletic Surfaces with project management and technical sales in the state of Pennsylvania. His knowledge and experience is welcome addition to the team.

Synthetic Surfaces, Inc., Maker of NORDOT® Adhesives: 43 Years and Still Going Strong

Norris Legue is the President and founder of Synthetic Surfaces Inc. (SSI). He is a chemist and pioneer in the synthetic turf industry who, in the late 1960s, began development of the first one-part urethane adhesive that was successfully used to install a synthetic turf football field. That invention, plus extensive outdoor installation work while fine tuning the adhesive, as well as other pioneering efforts in the early stages of synthetic turf, ultimately led to the formation of SSI in 1973 and the eventual introduction of NORDOT® Adhesives.

The name Synthetic Surfaces Inc. was originally selected because SSI specialized in making adhesives exclusively for installing surfaces such as synthetic turf, flooring, sport and other recreational surfaces. However, SSI is a chemical company that manufacturers adhesives, and not the surfaces themselves. With a rapidly growing reputation for easy handling properties, superior adhesive performance and high reliability for successful sports surface installations, it was not surprising that SSI and its NORDOT® Adhesives' technology was discovered by other industries.

While progress has long ago made the original adhesive obsolete, SSI continues to develop new adhesives to meet the changing needs of the synthetic turf, sport and recreational surface business. NORDOT® (a combination of the first three letters of Norris’s name and that of his wife of 50+ years, Dotty) remains as the trade name for these new generations of adhesives.

In addition to management of the company, Norris is still active in new adhesive development and technology. His registered trademark, The Guru of Glue®, is known worldwide. As a result of his more than 50 years of extensive experience, knowledge, research, and product development, he is often consulted by companies around the world for his thoughts about the accomplishments, problems and future growth of the synthetic turf industry.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc. is a long-time member of the ASBA and will be exhibiting as usual at this year’s Technical Meeting in Tucson.

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