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Irrigation Technologies Workshop: A New Offering at this Year's Technical Meeting

Ever sat down for a session at the Technical Meeting but said later that you wished it could go on longer because you felt there was so much more to learn? ASBA has heard you, loud and clear.

In response to requests, ASBA is offering the first-ever technology workshop at this year’s Technical Meeting, in Scottsdale, Arizona. (More information on this meeting can be found in this newsletter). The workshop, to cover Irrigation Technology, will be held on Saturday, December 5, from 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m., at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, site of the Technical Meeting. The speaker will be Lynda Wightman from Hunter Industries.

This session will be presented as an add-on to the Technical Meeting, and will be available at an additional cost of $50 per person. ASBA’s Fields Division has worked with Wightman to organize this session, which will be useful both to both those who have years of experience in the industry and those who are seeking to learn more.

Lynda Wightman is industry relations manager for Hunter, and also has served on the board of the Irrigation Association Education Foundation. She has been ASBA’s go-to expert on matters of irrigation of sports fields.

“The Fields Division is really looking forward to having Lynda Wightman speak at this special session,” notes Jim Catella, CFB, CTB, ASBA’s Fields Division president. “She is extremely knowledgeable about irrigation and has given presentations to packed rooms at our Technical Meetings for several years. However, we always noticed that a lot of people had questions for her once the program is over – and we realized there was much more for us to cover. This is also the right time for us to offer this workshop. Because of droughts in certain areas of the country, the need to be more eco-conscious everywhere – and because irrigation technology is always changing, we expect this session to be very valuable and very popular.”

Information on registration for this session will be made available along with the registration materials for the Technical Meeting as a whole. Those who are members will receive this information automatically, and those who are not may check the website at or call 866-501-ASBA (2722) as the date gets nearer.  

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