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ASBA's New Certificate of Distinction Programs: Design Professionals and Supplier Members Can Benefit

ASBA is always searching for ways to enhance the value of its membership. At the same time, the Association wants its members to have the best possible visibility in the industry.

Recently, ASBA introduced its Design Professional Certificate of Distinction Program. This new program, aimed at the design professional membership, helps demonstrate an individual’s understanding of the design and construction, as well as maintenance, of tennis courts, running tracks, natural and synthetic fields and indoor facilities.

ASBA is also offering a Supplier Certificate of Distinction Program. The ASBA Supplier Company Certificate of Distinction Program (for those who might not know yet) is designed to recognize those ASBA Supplier Division Member Companies that contribute to and share in the betterment of the ASBA. ASBA Supplier Division Member Companies that meet and/or exceed the participation goals and requirements will receive this recognition, which must be renewed on an annual basis and ASBA Supplier Division Member Companies must meet the minimum total qualifying point requirement every year to maintain their recognition. The ASBA Supplier Division considers participation by its members to be an important contributor to the continued growth of the ASBA as an organization.

In addition to receiving the Certificate of Distinction, those companies who achieve the certification are listed on ASBA’s website.

Like ASBA’s builder certification programs, the Certificate of Distinction programs are strictly voluntary. The programs are open to those who fit the qualifications.

Want to learn more? Go to ASBA’s website,, and look on the left-hand side of the page. At the bottom of the page, a green box says “Supplier and Professional Certificates of Distinction.” Click on that link to be taken to a page with all the information you need, including downloadable forms.

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