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What's the State of the Industry in Running? A New Survey has the Scoop!

The 2013 National Runner Survey is a comprehensive study conducted every two years by Running USA. This survey is the fourth one conducted by Running USA. The National Runner Survey assesses the demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, habits and product preferences of the running population nationwide. Results from the National Runner Survey reflect “core runners”, that is, active adult participants who tend to enter running events and train year-round.

Want some more data about today’s runners? Survey says...

  • Runners are highly educated with 75.8% having earned a college diploma (overall U.S. adults = 30.4%)

  • Runners are affluent with 73.3% reporting a household income of more than $75,000 (U.S. median household income = $52,700).

  • Core runners are active participants who train year-round and report running / jogging an average of 208 days and logging nearly 1,165 miles per year.

  • Runners are motivated to run in order to stay in shape (77.3%), stay healthy (76.1%), relieve stress (61.9%) and have fun (61.7%).

  • They typically run alone, early in the morning, on a paved path or road and likely run with music, GPS, sunglasses, hat/visor, watch, cell phone, keys, and a personal ID.

  • They frequently read Runner’s World magazine and most often visit top running websites such as and

  • They are technologically savvy and use their smartphones for GPS, music, social networking, running apps, and race results.

  • Most are likely to participate in a 5K or half-marathon and these decisions are mostly based on the race location, event date, preferred distance, whether it sounds fun and the cost.

Want to learn more about the lifestyle and product preferences of the core runner? Purchase your copy of the 2013 National Runner Survey and find answers to more than 80 questions related to the core runner. A full report of the National Runner Survey is now available at   

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