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ASBA Continues to Thrive

Sam Fisher, CTB

ASBA Chairman

As I started to focus my thoughts on writing this report, another weather warning popped up on my phone. Many across our nation have experienced and are experiencing devastating tornadoes, floods, and fires. It is difficult to address the business of our Association without first taking a moment to express my deepest condolences both personally and on behalf of the Association for any and all of you personally touched by these disasters. I am often awestruck when, immediately following such disasters, we see so many pitching in and working together to clear away debris, search for survivors, fill sandbags, and give comfort, support, and housing to those in need. Our Association is comprised of a great group of people, compassionate

people, who drop notes to each other just checking in to see if everyone is okay when a tragedy hits in their vicinity or we know of a personal loss within their family. We are an Association, yes, but we also have formed lasting and true friendships far beyond the realm of business.

Obviously fields, tracks, and courts tend to take a low priority when there is no infrastructure. Precious funds are being redirected, school budgets are being cut, and personal spending has certainly taken a downturn. I think we have all seen the importance of the Association’s strength with respect to the support and dispersion of information to help our businesses become stronger. It is gratifying to see our membership and participation increase and the efforts of everyone in clearing away misinformation, promoting our construction manuals and, gaining recognition through our Certified Builder programs.

Membership numbers are down in many trade associations, while ASBA continues to thrive and develop programs that our members value.

  • Our Certified Builders (tennis, track and fields) are at an all-time high at 119. This is up 26% over last year. 35% of our member companies have a Certified Builder on staff which is up from 29% last year.

  • Membership is up 3% from last year and we are up 4% in membership from 2008 – a period when many trade associations have suffered.

  • Our Awards Program has a record 126 award entries this year!! This is an 89% increase from last year alone!

  • Our traffic/visits to the new ASBA website are up almost 15% since January. We continue to create links and build alliances with other organizations to drive more traffic to the site.

I would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of those volunteers that make this Association what it is. We have active and working committees with a list of people willing to volunteer for the next task at hand. We have a list of active members wanting to help the Association through participation on the Board as well. I also know many of you have volunteered personally as well as the resources of your company to help those in need and those trying to rebuild their lives after these devastating tragedies.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Association (or for that matter any member on the Board) with respect to any ideas or areas of endeavor that would be of benefit to the industry and/or your business.

I look forward to seeing you at the Technical meeting in Palm Desert in December!  

© 2011 American Sports Builders Association 

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