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Call for Nominations for ASBA Board Positions

The ASBA is currently accepting nominations through June 15, 2019 for positions coming open on its Board of Directors. These nominations will be submitted to the Nominations and Elections Committee to ensure that nominees are qualified under the bylaws. A ballot will be developed for submission to the membership in late summer with the election, and any run-off ballots completed prior to the Technical Meeting. New officers and directors will assume their positions at the conclusion of the Technical Meeting in December.

Candidates should be committed to the Association and should enthusiastically support its goals and objectives. Nominees should understand that serving as an ASBA leader involves a fair amount of time, effort and expense.

The Board meets three times a year at the Technical Meeting, at the Winter Meeting and, in the summer. Members of the Board are responsible for all travel expenses related to these meetings. Additionally, they must pay meeting registration fees and lodging costs at the Technical Meeting and lodging costs at the Winter Meeting. Board meetings involve substantial pre-meeting preparation and often result in post-meeting assignments. Serving as an officer or director, therefore, involves year-round activity.

To submit a nomination, send the name, company and a brief statement of qualification including both professional experience and Association involvement. You may nominate yourself or someone else. If you are nominating another person, please secure his or her consent before submitting the nomination. The Nominating Committee Chairman is Pete Smith, CTCB. If you have any questions about the process, please contact Pete at 419-531-6292 or All information should be sent to ASBA Call for Nominations, 9 Newport Drive, Suite 200, Forest Hill, MD 21050, faxed to 410-730-8833 or e-mailed to


Presidents of the Tennis, Fields & Supplier Divisions (a 2-year term for each position): President of each division serves as the CEO of that division, reporting directly to the Chairman of the Board. Division Presidents have numerous responsibilities including soliciting appropriate program topics relating to the members of their division for the Technical Meeting, soliciting articles for Newsline, overseeing the activities of Division committees, maintaining a liaison with related associations, etc. The Tennis & Fields Division Presidents must be Builder members; the Supplier Division President must be a Supplier member.

Directors: Two Director at large positions (three-year terms) on the Board of Directors will be open for election. The Director at large positions are open to any builders from all builder divisions. Two Professional Director positions (two-year terms) on the Board of Directors will be open for election.

In addition to the specific qualifications for each position on the Board, the bylaws of the Association provide that each director at the time of election and throughout the term shall be a member or an employee or partner of a company which is a member. Not more than two individuals from the same member company can serve as a director at the same time, nor shall any person be eligible for election to the Board of Directors if the election of such person would result in more than two directors being employed by or a partner of the same member.

Members of the Builder, Supplier, and Professional divisions will vote on their respective directors and division presidents. All builders vote for all builder directors regardless of division and the top two vote-getters for divisional director positions who are not elected to those positions are deemed to be elected to any vacant Director-at-Large positions.

The ASBA Nominations and Elections Committee has the essential function of soliciting and accepting names of nominees and of determining the eligibility of nominees. In addition, the Chairman of that committee oversees the development of the ballot and the conduct of the election. Information on the role and function of the committee or on the nominations and elections process may be obtained from ASBA headquarters.

For a detailed description of any position, or to obtain more information on serving, call 866-501-2722.

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