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Aacer Sports Flooring Welcomes Randelovic

Aacer Sports Flooring, a leading manufacturer of high-performance hardwood flooring and sub-flooring systems for the sports industry, is pleased to announce that Randy Randjelovic has joined their team as Technical Advisor. Aacer is a member and Certified Mill of Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association (MFMA).

“Aacer is excited to add Randy to the Sports Flooring line-up”, said Ray Webb, General Manager of Aacer Flooring. “His wisdom, industry knowledge and 40 years of experience is invaluable.”

In his new role, Randjelovic will be: spearheading Aacer’s research and product development efforts; consulting with architects, dealers and owners on technical items; and conducting site visits.

Aacer Flooring is a privately-owned family business headquartered in Peshtigo, WI. Aacer Flooring is known for being a high-caliber manufacturer of Northern hardwood flooring for the sport & recreation, residential and commercial markets. Building on their sound reputation in the marketplace for their solid prefinished and unfinished flooring, they expanded their manufacturing operation by adding a top-notch engineered flooring line.

With a 350,000 square foot, environmentally controlled manufacturing facility and 15 kilns, all hardwood material for their solid and engineered flooring is kiln-dried, milled, graded and prefinished to precision on-site. Aacer products can be found installed throughout the world. To learn more about Aacer Flooring, visit or call 715-582-1181.

ACRYTECH™ Sports Surfaces Moves to Better Serve the Industry

Exciting things are happening at ACRYTECH™ Sports Surfaces. Loyalty from their customers has fueled continued growth, making a move to a new facility necessary. After 29 years at a modest 7,500 sq. ft. Austell location, the company moved into a 35,000 sq. ft. Paint Manufacturing Facility in Decatur, GA, now solely dedicated to ACRYTECH products.

According to Caldwell Robinson, President, “We continue to meet the growing demand for our ACRYTECH products and have invested in our business from machinery to formulations and automations. But most importantly, we’ve invested in our associates, because we know that Quality of Service is the Key to Our Success.”

Brief History: The company first started developing paint and coatings while being a successful installation company in Atlanta, GA. “We saw a need in the market place for an improved and more consistent product that was easier to install,” said founder Horace Robinson SR. Earning a Physics degree from Georgia Tech, Horace put his analytical mind to great use. The company states being “Developed and Refined by professional court builders and master paint formulators.” In 2012, after perfecting its base products, the company transitioned to strictly a paint and coating manufacturing.

“Our move to an existing paint manufacturing facility is just one of many exciting developments coming this year for ACRYTECH. We have multiple new problem-solving products in the pipeline,” states Caldwell Robinson.

ACRYTECH’s new address is: 2660 Easterly Place Decatur, GA 30035

APT welcomes Randy Futty as General Manager of Laykold

APT is proud to welcome Randy Futty to its staff as General Manager of Laykold. Randy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Laykold team.

In addition to his day-to-day responsibilities as the General Manager of Laykold Sports Surfaces, Randy manages domestic relationships with the USTA, USPTA and PTR, USAPA, ITA, ASBA, NRPA and a number of sports’ governing bodies and industry organizations.

He is past chairman of the USTA National Technical Committee and a current member of the USTA Tennis in the Parks Committee. He has served on the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the American Sports Builders Association for the past 15 years and been involved with all facets of court construction and court surfacing materials manufacturing over his 27 years in the tennis business. Before joining Laykold Sports Surfaces, he spent over 20 years with Har-Tru Sports, Connor Sport Court International, and California Sports Surfaces.

A speaker at dozens of industry events and seminars throughout North American over the past two decades, Randy has helped thousands of people in the tennis industry through the transfer of knowledge and hands-on encounters.

These efforts and others were recognized with the selection of Randy as the Tennis Industry Magazine National Service Award in 2016.

An active USTA league player, he lives and works out of his home near Charlottesville, VA with his wife Laura, and his two daughters; Megan and Emily.

APT’s staff and partner network are thrilled to bring Randy to Team Laykold!

Beacon Athletics Joins ASBA

Beacon Athletics is extremely excited to be new members of the ASBA. As kids, we shagged flies and grounders till dusk. As adults, we’ve passed on our love of the game to our own kids, making sure they always have the best ballfields to play on. We’ve been helping America maintain and build its playing fields since 1948, working with almost every major and minor league team in the country, as well as hundreds of schools, clubs, municipalities and recreation programs all the way down to the t-ball level.

In 2018, new owners took over at Beacon. What drew John Maher, the new CEO, to Beacon were the core midwestern values and Beacon’s passion for “finding a better way” through innovation and exceptional customer service for more than 70 years. “We are humbled and excited to be able to carry on Beacon’s legacy of ballfield quality and innovation” said Maher. “We understand Beacon was built one satisfied customer at a time over many years and we look forward to doing our part to maintain that legacy”.

Best known for its high quality baseball field maintenance equipment like the Streamliner chalking machine or SweetSpot tamp, Beacon is rapidly gaining attention for its ballfield netting solutions. Proprietary designs, such as our tieback baseball backstop netting system provide extraordinary flexibility for customers to incorporate fan-friendly netting with any ballfield design.

Whether you’re building a new ball field or renovating an existing field, our experienced designers and engineers can help you make your project run more smoothly. The result will be a low-cost, high-quality field that you’ll be proud of. Our on-field expertise combined with superior products have us uniquely positioned to help you design, build and maintain your facility.

Beacon Athletics is honored to join this organization of top professionals in the sports field industry. For more information about Beacon’s Project Services, please visit or contact National Sales Manager, Collin West, at 608-824-1553 or

Fast-Dry Courts Selected as Tennis Court Builder for 2019 Miami Open At Hard Rock Stadium

Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. from Pompano Beach, FL was awarded the groundbreaking project of building the tennis courts for the Miami Open which began this week at the Dolphin’s Hard Rock Stadium. The company took on the exciting task to complete the new state-of-the-art tennis facility at Hard Rock Stadium building over 30 tennis courts. The 978,000 sq. ft. innovative tennis facility in Miami Gardens is the new home to this globally recognized event.

“We were thrilled to hear that the Miami Open was going to stay local in South Florida! To have the opportunity to build these courts in our own backyard at such an amazing venue like the Miami Dolphins Hard Rock Stadium is an opportunity of a lifetime,” said Trimmer Dettor, President of Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. “This opportunity does not come without its obstacles; phasing to complete the courts in time for the tournament has been challenging, but we are incredibly proud of the work we’ve done and are honored to be a part of this amazing event.”

Fast-Dry Courts, an ASBA Certified Tennis Court Builder, built 30 asphalt tennis courts for the Miami Open including 18 practice courts and 12 competition courts, which include 1 grandstand court and a stadium court. The company worked alongside ASBA members David LaSota, Big D Paving and APT Laykold. The tournament’s stadium court began construction at the conclusion of the Miami Dolphin’s football season, at which time the football field was transformed into a 13,800-seat center court for tennis.

However, the project does not stop there. The 10 practice courts that are being used for parking during the football season will be repaired and resurfaced every year along with the remaining courts. The new venue has brought 31,000 sq. ft. of improvements to the Hard Rock Stadium grounds including a 3,600 sq. ft. video display board (the largest video screen of any tennis event), and seats for spectator viewing all nestled within beautifully landscaped courtyards, fountains and palm trees, while maintaining the South Beach vibe so desired by all.

For more information about Fast-Dry Courts, Inc. or about its projects and services, contact Trimmer Dettor at 800-432-2994 or You can also visit their website for more information at For Miami Open ticket information go to

HyQ – The Future of Subsurface Irrigation is Here

Did you know that 3 of every 4 courts that are built today are constructed with sub-surface irrigation? In the 1990’s, the concept of HydroCourt transformed the clay court industry. It was adapted early on in places like Florida and Southern California, but now is being utilized around the world in every climate imaginable. In the late 1990’s the original HydroCourt design was modified to make it simpler to build. Twenty-four months ago, Har-Tru’s product management team decided it was time to modify it again, this time with a focus on making it easier to operate and maintain. After two years of researching irrigation technologies, testing and tweaking concepts, HyQ is ready for launch, incorporating concepts that save time and water while simplifying operation and improving the performance of the court.

The HyQ Court was built off the proven principle of maintaining a water level with a self-regulating system that is fully adjustable. What makes HyQ different is that we’ve shifted the controls to the backend of the system. The water that enters each cell is under pressure and it circulates rapidly through the cell and then out to the control center. The result is a system that fills faster and responds to adjustments much more quickly.

The beauty of the control center is that it is completely digital. You will be able to fine-tune controls with a digital touch pad and make more responsive adjustments within a 10th of an inch, increasing both speed and precision. This is a vast improvement over the water fill valves found in traditional HydroCourts as they can be inconsistent and manual adjustments are not easy to measure. Once dialed in, there are 4 presets that allow you to save preferred settings for Hot & Dry, Cool and Wet, or any other conditions your regularly encounter. This feature saves a lot of time adjusting every cell individually.

The HyQ Court’s intelligent design is highly augmentable and will allow owners to optimize the amount of water in their court which will ultimately save water usage and help achieve desired playing conditions. In fact, you can even monitor the gallons of water you are using daily with the preinstalled water meters on each cell.

The future of this court is one that will appeal to the next generation of tennis court maintenance personnel. The digital control panel will allow for further advancements such as Wi-Fi connectivity that will enable control of the system from an app that can be accessed anywhere. Future upgrades will also allow for reporting on optimal water usage, downtime, and more.

With HyQ, it’s easy to see and understand the entire sub-surface irrigation process at a glance, creating a better overall court experience for clubs and court owners. HyQ is not something that can be retrofitted so it may be time to consider transitioning your courts, HydroCourts or other, to HyQ. The new system will be available January 1st, 2019…the future is approaching quickly, are you ready for it?

For more information, visit You can also call 877.442.7878 or email

LSI Hires VP Strategic Initiatives

LSI Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Nelson Wesley as Vice President Strategic Initiatives. Nelson will oversee initiatives focused on improving sales, driving operational efficiency and ultimately improving financial performance of the company. As a senior level leader, he will report to the CMO, Scott Coleman.

“What I found compelling about LSI is its rich history in the industry and the team’s dedication to growth through new product development and focusing on the customer.” said Wesley. “It’s an exciting opportunity to add value!”

Wesley joins LSI Industries with over 20 years of marketing, sales and product management experience. He started his career at Ingersoll Rand and most recently he served as Vice President of Sales, Marketing, & Aftermarket, involving direct management of sales, marketing, aftermarket and bid teams at Ellis & Watts in Batavia, OH. Wesley holds two bachelor degrees, a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Science, from University of Kentucky and Asbury University, respectively.

“We are excited to find a person of this caliber and background for this new position. Nelson will be a strong asset to the team here at LSI Industries.” remarked Coleman.

NGI Sports announces two new products in 2019 for Tennis and Track surfacing

TITANTRAX AIR for tennis courts
TitanTrax Air, an enhanced cushion surface designed for post tension concrete and new asphalt pavements. Designed to be installed as a total glue down system or as an overlay for distressed, existing pavements. TitanTrax Air provides premier cushioning as well as a 29% force reduction. Air is easy to install over prepared concrete and there is no need for time consuming and costly sealcoats on top of the cushion layer prior to surfacing. TitanTrax Air retains its cushioning properties for over 15 years.

TITANTRAX CPR for running tracks
Asphalt paving joints opening on a running track? Perhaps the track pavement is good but has reoccurring cracks in the asphalt?

TitanTrax CPR covers these problems quickly and easily with an 18” wide stable, reinforced material which is adhered into place in one easy step.

Lay TitanTrax CPR directly over the filled pavement crack and then install your new running track surface over the entire track. TitanTrax CPR (Crack Prevention Repair) stops reflective cracking through to your new surface.

Ultra Cross® Knotless Netting Lauded for Versatility, Strength, See-Through Visibility

Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. (SSI) has attracted the attention of designers and stadium managers looking for long lasting and versatile netting protection with their Ultra Cross® Knotless Dyneema® Netting. The braided/knotless design is the strongest netting configuration available, which allows manufacturers to decrease the twine gauge without compromising strength. This state-of-the-art product, paired with SSI’s innovations and strategic partnerships is the ideal combination for sports venues with unique safety issues.

When designers at DLR Group sought an outdoor netting system that could withstand year-round fan protection without obstructing views of the game and Rocky Mountain backdrop at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs’ (UCCS) new baseball park, they found their solution in Ultra Cross® netting. “Our Ultra Cross® systems have the highest open-area percentage available in the market, due to the knotless and 1.2mm gauge twine. Less material means decreased wind load and stress from ice accumulation; all without compromising visibility,” explained Michael Mercadante, Midwest Regional Sales Manager at SSI. He added that the Dyneema® fiber construction has exceptional UV and weather resistance, so it’s ideal for extended exposure to the elements.

Back east, at Yale University’s Reese Stadium, home of the NCAA champion Bulldogs, facilities managers were looking for a low obstruction barrier to protect fans from stray lacrosse balls, that could also be easily retracted or removed for special events.

“The Bulldogs play the game fast, with balls traveling 100mph or more,” said Matt Moyse, Northeast Regional Sales Manager. He explained that SSI worked alongside industry professionals at Milone & MacBoom and R.A.D. Sports to devise a plan. “The outcome was a first-class curtain system that provides safety during play and allows for practical access during other events.”

Moyse noted that Ultra Cross® netting is exceptionally lightweight due to the low-profile design, making it easier to handle than industry alternatives.

“As institutions and athletic organizations move toward increasing safety at their venues, [SSI has] received more requests for netting to protect buildings, pedestrian walkways, and roads that run adjacent to athletic fields,” Moyse said. “and with synthetic turf cycles running 10-12 years, clients are looking for a non-obtrusive product that possesses the same durability as all our products -- Ultra Cross® accomplishes that. It protects areas outside the field of play, without being visually invasive.”

“It’s a versatile product that’s earned the trust of customers from NCAA to MLB. Designers are even including it in projects to protect scoreboards from ball impact,” Michael Mercadante concluded. “The draw is the product’s strength, durability, and industry leading see-through visibility – You just can’t beat it.”

Stobitan® Sports Surfaces Won Reader’s Choice Design in the 2019 HOW Logo Design Award Competition

STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA, Inc. is pleased to announce that our logo design for Stobitan® Sports Surfaces was awarded Reader’s Choice in the 2019 HOW Logo Design Award competition.

Stewart Design, of Morgantown, West Virginia, captured the concept of our brand using the combination of a letter mark and a pictorial mark. The negative space resembles track lanes and lines on an athletic field. Additionally, the grid is to mimic the bottom of a shoe. The repeated shapes communicate reliability and trust. The geometric construction conveys both organization and efficiency.

Stobitan® running tracks and artificial turfs have been installed worldwide since 1991, and are available in a variety of systems. Stobitan® running track and artificial turf systems offer secure running grip, optimum fall protection and elasticity that promotes high performance. All of the systems offered within the Stobitan® line are a combination of our highly trusted Stobielast® S product line.

Melissa Martinkat, Chief of Staff stated,
“We are honored to have won the Reader’s Choice award in the 2019 HOW Logo Design Award Competition. When we set out to create a logo for our running track line it was our goal to have something that was simple and effective that represented what the Stobitan® brand was and who we are as a company. Stewart Design Company captured our brand perfectly and we are proud to have chosen them as our design team.”
To view the other winners and read the article , one can use the following link:

As a specialist within the STOCKMEIER Group, STOCKMEIER Urethanes GmbH & Co. was founded in 1991 in Germany as a polyurethane systems house focused on the development and manufacturing of coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomers for a wide range of sports and industrial markets. Operating worldwide with ISO 9001 certified production facilities and laboratories in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States, STOCKMEIER Urethanes provides customers with consistent global delivery of high quality polyurethane products and services.

For more information on STOCKMEIER Urethanes please visit our website at or contact us at +1-304-624-7002 or

Synthetic Surfaces Inc.: 46 Years Young and Still Going Strong

Synthetic Surfaces Inc., the makers of NORDOT® one-part solvent-based Adhesives for synthetic turf and other sport, recreational and aquatic surfaces, is marking its 46th year in business in 2019. Norris Legue is its founder and owner. He is the chemist that developed the first one-part urethane adhesive used to successfully glue down a synthetic turf football field. Norris is widely known as the “Guru of Glue” and is still developing innovative products, such as NORDOT® Adhesive #34R-4(Super) with lower VOC that was introduced in mid-2017 and has quickly become a highly popular one-part seam adhesive.

Synthetic Surfaces Inc. is a Gold Sponsor of the ASBA. It has been a member since about 1990 when it was known as the U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association (USTC&TBA).

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