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The ASBA Ball is in Motion

Kristoff Eldridge, CTB

ASBA Chairman

The American Sports Builders Association is building some strong momentum coming off of recent meetings at the Technical Meeting in Scottsdale; the Winter Meeting in the Dominican Republic and the Regional Meeting in Atlanta. With record or near record attendance at all three events, I think it’s fair to say that we’re increasingly providing better educational and networking opportunities of interest to our members. We can only hope that this momentum carries over into all of your business operations in 2019.


Each of our divisions met at the Winter Meeting to develop a strong program for the upcoming Technical Meeting in December, to review ASBA’s position papers and to improve our training resources and online content. Despite the sunshine outside, our breakout groups made some great progress on a number of strategic initiatives. The members who attend these work sessions put in their own time and we should all be thankful of their efforts. Of course it goes without saying that after working hard to improve our industry, our members also know how to have a good time. 

What I have come to realize is that the conversations that evolve around these work sessions are as productive as any of the tangibles that come out of the planning. I learn something every time I sit down with this group of peers, competitors and suppliers. By discussing challenges that we’re experiencing or proposing new ways to problem-solve in the field, we’re essentially tapping into a body of knowledge and experience that doesn’t exist anywhere else. For the price of admission, a hotel room and flight, I have three or four days with the world’s most knowledgeable and experienced sports facility builders. It’s that simple.

In December we introduced Kaylee Derby to the membership as our new Director of Education and Training; and we presented some of the strategic initiatives related to online education, training and certification with which Kaylee and staff will be supporting us. These projects are big and far-reaching. Once developed, these will be tools that will help us to train new employees, reinforce messaging to customers and help us to achieve and maintain certification. Stay tuned in the coming months for examples of these tools.

Our Awards Committees continue to tweak the application process for ASBA’s Awards program to make the process more user-friendly. Start early to compile your project entries and to start working on the applications. Don’t miss it! June 3 is the deadline for submissions. Every year, our judges are forced to reject applications that have not been filled out accurately or completely. Please take care in completing these applications in advance of the June 1st deadline. These awards provide our companies with outstanding marketing benefits and FREE publicity.

Many thanks to our active and dedicated family of volunteers who continue to serve the Association. As I write this, we have a number of very large projects underway: a revision of the Tennis Exam (CTCB), a revision of the Track Exam (CTB), a revision of the Track Manual, a revision of the Fields Manual, development of the 2019 Technical Meeting program, development of the 2020 Regional Meeting program, a revamp of our certified builder recertification requirements and the creation of a new research task force – just to name a few. Kudos to the many hours these individuals devote to ASBA on our behalf. The sports construction world is a better one thanks to these volunteers!

Thank you!

Kristoff Eldridge, CTB

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