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Back in the Great Outdoors

Pete Smith, CTCB

ASBA Chairman

By the time you read this message, I’m hoping that we’re all working outdoors again, after the last blast of winter that many of us experienced in mid-March.

ASBA has kept many of us busy in Q1 with the Winter Meeting in Mexico in February, followed by our first Regional Meeting in New York in early March. I’m pleased to report that both events were successful and well-attended.


During the division sessions at the Winter Meeting, our new Courts & Recreation Division brainstormed ideas for programs and services that the Association can provide to our members who serve the fast-growing sports like Pickleball, Basketball, Futsal, Volleyball and other “court

sports.” It’s exciting to see how quickly this division is taking shape, with the launch of our  new book, Pickleball Courts: A Construction & Maintenance ManuaL, a new web presence, etc. Our next step is to develop relationships between ASBA and the governing bodies of these respective sports so that we can further our collaboration.

Our track and fields leadership will be meeting with NCAA, NFHS and NIAAA later this month for our annual communication meeting to discuss potential rule changes among the governing bodies that might impact us as builders and designers. We will certainly relay any significant take-aways from that meeting to our entire membership.

We had almost 90 members in attendance at our first Regional Meeting in New York last month. The debut program, which was primarily geared toward foremen, crew leaders and superintendents from builder members in the New York Metro area, drew a much broader cross-section of members from across the country. Attendees were offered behind-the-scenes facility tours of the Mets’ Citi Field and the National Tennis Center, highlighting their infrastructure and building plans. Two days of panel presentations covered everything from jobsite planning to “tricks of the trade.” Members who missed this year’s program should watch for more information in the coming weeks about a 2018 Regional Meeting in a different part of the country as we bring this show “on the road.”

With spring comes the preparation and submission of your entries for the ASBA Awards program. ASBA’s new Courts & Recreation Division has expanded opportunities for special projects like pickleball courts. If you’re looking for a way to market your company, recognize your staff for a job well done, and reinforce your value to your existing clients – use the ASBA Awards program as the vehicle. Recognition from ASBA’s Awards program will help set you apart from your competition. June 1st is the deadline for submissions, but don’t wait to start compiling the materials for your entries.

Best wishes on a successful season!

Pete Smith, CTCB

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