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ASBA Awards Program Is Now Open

ASBA’s awards program is open, and now is the time for you to nominate that project you want recognized. Awards will be presented in several categories:

Tennis Courts:
• Indoor
• Outdoor
• Residential

• Indoor
• Outdoor

Courts & Recreation Facilities:
• Courts & Recreation Multi-Purpose Field House
• Courts & Recreation Multi-Purpose Gymnasium
• Courts & Recreation Multi-Purpose Fitness & Wellness

Sports Fields:
• Single Field
• Multi Field
• Track & Field

• Indoor
• Outdoor
• Residential

On the fence about whether or not to enter? Consider this:

Entering is easy: You don’t need to worry about making copies or having photos duplicated. All entries are submitted online, eliminating the need for copying and shipping entries.

It's not as busy a time: The awards entry process is open now and will remain open until deadline of June 1: This allows members to make the most of their slow season.
It’s a members-only benefit: Only ASBA members in good standing can apply for the awards program.

The ASBA’s awards program helps the Association close out each year and provides incentive for the next building season. Awards winners are formally announced during the Technical Meeting, ASBA’s biggest gathering of the year. Winners are promoted in a special brochure that can be given out to clients (and prospects) throughout the year.

But there are more reasons to enter than just bragging rights (although, make no mistake, that is an overwhelmingly attractive incentive.) However, the program serves other purposes, so if you’re on the fence about entering, think about the following benefits of the Association’s awards program:

Helping the industry recognize a higher standard: Each year, ASBA’s awards entries showcase not just aesthetic excellence but technical innovation. There are new developments in design and construction, as well as new technologies from suppliers and manufacturers that offer athletes the ability to train smarter, get better results and have a lower risk of injury. ASBA leads the way for the industry through its projects, and each year, those projects set a higher bar.

Promoting green building: The awards program includes special honors in the ‘Green’ construction category – facilities that adhere to a higher standard of sustainability and eco-friendliness. This encourages others in the industry to follow suit with their projects.

Images of award-winning projects are promoted nationally: ASBA uses photos of many of the award-winning projects in its publications as well as in magazine articles and online coverage. It’s invaluable promotion for the winning company – and of course, a big win for ASBA since it allows those who are considering building facilities to see the caliber of work our members can do.

It’s a great sales tool for you: Who doesn’t want an award-winning project in their company’s portfolio? This is your chance to set yourself apart in the market.

Want to know more? Awards application forms are posted on the Members-Only section of the website, Log in and get started! 

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