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ASBA's Winter Meeting: Success Under Sunny Skies

The to-do list for the ASBA Winter Meeting was formidable, to say the least: Division meetings for Track, Tennis, Indoor and Fields Divisions; work to be done on ASBA’s publications; committee business, including awards application revisions – even suggesting position papers and topics for the upcoming Technical Meeting.

Consider it done. With more than 120 people in attendance, the event was a combination of hard work and well-earned rest. Held in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, the event was unarguably a success.

Each programming day (Saturday, Feb. 20 and Sunday, Feb. 21) found industry members hard at work on forwarding the mission of the Association through its various divisions, committees, publications and more. (A synopsis is listed below.)
In addition, once the sessions were done, participants were able to challenge one another on the tennis courts, the golf course or just to soak up the sun and enjoy a brief respite before heading back for a new season.
The next Winter Meeting will be held from Feb. 24-26, 2017 at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. And of course, prior to that, you’ll want to make plans for the Technical Meeting, to be held in Amelia Island, Florida, December 2-6, 2016.

Division Meeting Notes

Couldn’t be there for the meeting? Here’s what you missed!

Tennis Division Meeting:

  • Position Papers: each division has been asked to create short video segments to accompany its current position papers. The videos will be shot by member volunteers in the field and should be short (15-20 seconds) in length. Details will be sent out to all members in the coming weeks.

  • The Tennis Division will be working on a new position paper on “Hardness of Indoor Clay Courts”

  • Topics were suggested and discussed for the upcoming Technical Meeting in Amelia Island, Florida. Among topics being considered are: asphalt and concrete adhesion and prep; saw cut overlays; roll goods/turf overlays/membrane systems; and LED lighting.

  • Members at the division meeting discussed ways to include some of the sports and activities that are gaining in popularity, which represent business opportunities for our tennis court builders such as pickleball, outdoor basketball, etc. This will be an ongoing discussion.

Track Division Meeting:

  • Track Manual Revision: Only a few sections of the book remain to be completed; it is expected that these will be done soon. The CTB exam will be revisited once the book has been competed, so as to create consistency.

  • Technical Meeting Topics: Topics were suggested and discussed. Some possibilities included CTB University, Post tension in track construction; Asphalt guidelines; Track renovation site analysis, and Shooting site elevations and analyzing results. It was also suggested not to hold the offsite session on Saturday, but at another time during the program.

  • Some ideas for position papers were suggested, including: Analyzing existing asphalt for projected life expectancy; Recommended testing components for new construction tracks; Surface edge curling analysis; Emissions of crumb rubber in track surfacing; and Quantitative Q.C. limits for track asphalt/concrete

  • Awards Application: The ASBA Awards application was reviewed and slight revisions were suggested.

  • ASTM Task Force: Ed Norton serves as the ASBA liaison to the ASTM and has requested support from the Track Division as track testing methods are being developed. A number of members volunteered to serve on the Task Force.

Fields Division Meeting:

  • Fields Book: Mark Heinlein is the new editorial committee chairman. He and Mary Helen Sprecher, along with other members of the Division, will work together to have a working draft by the time of the summer board of directors meeting in Baltimore. (As a side note, the CFB test will also be reviewed and updated for consistency)

  • Position Papers: The Division lacks position papers. Possible topics were brought forward, including Infill Re-use and Disposal of turf.

  • Crumb Rubber: This continues to be an ongoing issue in the industry. It was (and has been) the continued consensus of those in the meeting that although crumb rubber is not a health risk, attention needs to be paid to alternative infills because the market demand for these will increase.

  • Technical Meeting: Technical Meeting topics suggested included: Hybrid turf; Field-specific testing; shockpad interactions; liability issues; Stormwater regulatory issue; New reccomendations concerning netting around ballparks; soil properties and more.

  • Pre-Meeting Workshop: This was the first time the Fields Division has offered a workshop ahead of the meeting. It was a success and the Division will do it again.

Indoor Division Meeting:

  • Position Papers: The group reviewed all the indoor position papers and made appropriate updates to each. The indoor division will be working on a on a new position paper called “Coordination of Trades” and they deleted “Loading Capacity and Vapor Emissions.”

  • Technical Meeting Topics/Discussion: Topics were suggested and discussed for the upcoming TM in Amelia Island, Florida. Among topics being considered are: comparing indoor & outdoor tennis coating applications; design consideration for indoor competition tracks; customer service; and MRSA & other environmental factors related to indoor synthetic turf.

  • Awards Applications: It was decided there weren’t any updates to the current indoor awards application. The indoor awards committee will also be reviewing all the indoor applications such as indoor track and indoor tennis.

See what you missed? A lot! Want to get in on the action? Make plans to attend the 2017 Winter Meeting, to be held from Feb. 24-26, 2017 at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico.  

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