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Laykold's New 2016 Products

Advanced Polymer Technology adds two exciting new products to the 2016 Laykold product line: NuSurf G2 and Cushion Plus Micron.

NuSurf G2 is the next generation of Laykold’s highly successful NuSurf flexible filler coat. NuSurf G2 provides up to 540% elongation and is designed for use as a liquid applied, extremely flexible, membrane coating that can extend the life of damaged, old asphalt. NuSurf G2 can also be used as a surface crack prevention coating when applied to new asphalt pavements. Jeff Bryant, Director of Laykold Sales, states “15-years ago APT developed industry changing NuSurf and ColorFlex; providing Team Laykold with highly flexible products for use on increasingly problematic asphalt pavements. Today Laykold is continuing its legacy of innovation with NuSurf G2 and Cushion Plus Micron.”

“Cushion Plus Micron will completely change the perception, selling and installation of cushioned hard court surfaces” continues Bryant. “For decades, liquid applied cushioned surfaces have been sold by number of cushion coats without any facts on cushioning/force reduction properties. Owners thought the more cushion coats you buy, the more cushioning you get. Maybe that was true but the end result was often a big disappointment. Very little actual cushioning that was not worth the money spent.”

Laykold now offers a better choice. Cushion Plus Micron is a single size, liquid or spray applied, cushion product that forms a dense rubber shock pad. It provides up to twice the force reduction compared to equal thickness, traditional multi-coat cushion systems, uses 25% less cushion product, and only requires 3 squeegee applications or 1-2 spray coat(s). Cushion Plus Micron is yet another example of APT’s innovative, industry leading chemistry.

Miroad Rubber Industries Announces New Product

Miroad Rubber Industries is a leading manufacturer EPDM granules, PU Binders, Dyed SBR for running tracks and playgrounds. Most of its clients are well-known European companies with track projects in Asia and part of Europe.

Presently with its sales offices in UK, Poland, South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the United States, they aim to meet the needs for safety rubber flooring by marketing products globally.

Miroad recently announced a new premium grade of Epdm which is labeled MER and entitled with an ECO or Green Label from Korean environmental authority. No Epdm granule in the world has this certification (green label) as it is produced from synthetic rubber. But we have meet the strict requirement of having certain percentage of recycled rubber, achieving the minimum specific gravity and etc.

MER has double the Epdm content of 40% compared to standard granule’s 20%, which significantly lowers’ the specific gravity and in turn requiring less PU binder then standard EPDM resulting in overall saving’s. Physical properties like UV resistance, elongation and tensile at break are greatly enhance for the safety surfacing to last longer than existing. Visit for more details.

Dalton Welcomes Mitch Brown

Dalton Enterprises, Inc. welcomes Mitch Brown to its Latex·ite® Recreational Coatings Division. Mitch comes from Putterman Athletics and is very familiar with the recreational industry. In his role as Key Account Manager, Mitch will be working with contractors and architects to help them through Dalton’s commitment to quality, service and value.
“We are delighted to have Mitch join our recently re-launched Latex·ite® Recreational division. His background in our industry, enthusiasm and ability to understand the customer’s needs will be beneficial to the coatings community,” said John Dalton, President of Dalton Enterprises, Inc.

Mitch was recently married and will be based out of Chicago. He looks forward to working with everyone in the ASBA and can be contacted at Dalton Enterprises, Inc., 888-711-7483.

Motz Group to Convert Turf at Ravens Stadium

Since the 1920’s, good old-fashioned natural turf fields have been a tradition in the National Football League (NFL). Natural turf fields graced sports venues across the nation for over 40 years and are a key part of league’s tapestry. But in the 1960’s, with the promise of reduced maintenance and more consistent playing conditions, synthetic turf begin to weave its way in, changing the standard. Though synthetic turf still has a very strong place in the industry, several NFL franchises are contemplating a move back to their natural roots.

The Baltimore Ravens began evaluating a conversion to grass in 2015 and made the decision in December to “go natural.” After an exhaustive vetting process, they selected The Motz Group to deliver the conversion project. To ensure play on a high-performance natural turf field for the 2016 NFL season, Motz took the field at M&T Bank Stadium in early February. To date, the old synthetic turf field has been removed and recycled, the gravel foundation excavated, the heating, drainage and irrigation systems repaired and the rootzone prepared for placement. The target date for Bermudagrass sod installation is late April.

M&T Bank Stadium has featured synthetic turf since 2003. Like many other cold season/transition zone stadiums, weather and low temperatures played a large part in why the team decided to go the synthetic route years ago. Now, with improved technologies in field heating and artificial lighting, the Ravens have put natural turf back in play. A synthetic turf system will be maintained as a surround to the grass playing surface.

The Motz Group has had three ASBA Certified Field Builders involved with the planning, design and execution of the project: Allen Verdin, Paul Schinner, and Mark Heinlein. Other ASBA companies supplying product to the project include: Brock, Carolina Green, Genan, Shaw, and Sportsfield Specialties.

Brown Receives Patriot Award

Paul Brown III , general manager of the tennis court division at Nagle Athletic Surfaces, Inc. was recently awarded the Patriot Award for providing employer support of the National Guard and Reserve. Paul provided time off during the summer construction season for tennis court installer, Colin Veney, to serve our country in the reserves. As the award states “for contributing to national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in the America’s national guard and reserve force.”

SportMaster Hires Sales Representative

SportMaster Sport Surfaces, located in (Sandusky, Ohio) has hired Brian Raleigh as its new Western Sales Representative. SportMaster is a producer of 100% acrylic sport surfaces for tennis, basketball, pickleball, and other athletic & recreational courts.
Brian, formerly of Malibu Pacific Tennis Courts, has many years of experience in building and surfacing tennis courts and sport surfaces. Prior to taking the position with SportMaster, Brian handled estimating and sales in the sport surfacing and construction industry.

“We are excited to have Brian on our team,” said Jeff Gearheart, Director of SportMaster Sport Surfaces. “Brian has plenty of real-word experience, and is quickly making the transition between contractor and supplier.”

For more information about SportMaster Sport Surfaces or about its projects and services, contact Jeff Gearheart at 800-326-1994, and

SSI Expansion Improves Customer Experience

Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. (SSI) recently completed an expansion of their manufacturing facility in Delhi, New York. The 130,500 square foot structure allows for increased production, efficiency, and customization capabilities.

According to David Moxley, Director of Sports Construction Sales, the space is designed to optimize workflow and increase product availability. Raw materials enter from one end of the building, are processed accordingly, and the finished product exits the other end. A second work shift will also be added, doubling production.

“With this expansion, lead times will improve for our customers,” explained Moxley, “even during our busy season.”

SSI also purchased new equipment as part of the expansion, including a new press break with an automatic tool changer for aluminum bending applications, a laser punch, and improved powder coating capabilities. “The upgrades will make customization faster and more accurate,” Moxley stated.

He continued, “SSI has always been a customer-first company, so when we have the opportunity to improve the customer experience, we don’t hesitate.”

WLC Architects Complete Projects

WLC Architects has completed over 20 high school and college stadiums in the last 15 years. Below are their recently completed sports facilities.

Etiwanda High School
Athletic Facility Upgrades
December 2014 – January 2016
ASBA Members: WLC Architects, Astro Turf

WLC worked with a great team of engineers and contractors to renovate the existing track/field into a new 5,000 seat stadium. The new stadium features: a press box, elevator, nine-lane synthetic track, synthetic field, field lighting, concession, team room, 7,000 SF ticket, restroom, team, and grounds storage building, as well as a new parking lot. The project also included a complete reconstruction of the school’s varsity and JV baseball fields, varsity and JV softball field, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

El Cerrito High School
West Contra Costa Unified School District
February 2014 – March 2016
ASBA Member: WLC Architects

WLC worked with a great team of engineers and contractors to replace the worn out track and field with a new 3,000 seat stadium. The new stadium features: a press box (162 SF), an enclosed wheel chair lift, nine-lane track with polyurethane surfacing, synthetic field, Musco sports lighting with radio antenna mounted on it, electronic score board, pole vault, long jump, discus area. There are five (5) new ancillary buildings constructed and one (1) existing modernized equipment storage building for concession (1,635 SF), visitors team room with restrooms (2,520 SF), home team room (1,529 SF), home team restrooms (1,176) and weight room (1,756) totaling approximately 9,000 SF.

There is an enclosed storage space underneath the visitors’ bleacher fully sprinkled. At the main entrance to the stadium is a portable ticket booth (81 SF). The high school has updated varsity and JV baseball fields, varsity and JV softball field, soccer field, basketball and tennis courts. The entire site perimeter is surrounded by black vinyl coated chain-link fence and gates.

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