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News from the American Sports Builders Association                                                        April  2015


ASBA is Making Great Strides

Fellow attendees at last month’s Winter Meeting in the Bahamas experienced a brief reprieve from the long winter that most of us had been experiencing, and made great strides on some of ASBA’s ongoing projects. Thanks to all of you who participated.

Each of our divisions reviewed and discussed the draft Asphalt Guideline that we are developing with the help of an industry consultant, for asphalt mix for athletic surfaces. We hope to be releasing the final version of those guidelines in April, and are planning to offer multiple sessions at the Technical Meeting in December to walk through the guidelines and listen to member feedback. DETAILS


ASBA's Winter Meeting: A Success Under Bright Blue Skies

For those ASBA members who just returned from the Winter Meeting -- welcome back. To those who didn’t make it -- let’s hope you can come next year!

The Winter Meeting, held in the Bahamas at the Grand Lucayan, found a large contingent of ASBA members spending time on Association projects, publications, committees and other initiatives. Members socialized at an opening reception, then took two consecutive days of morning sessions to further the mission and the work of the ASBA. Topics for the Technical Meeting were drafted, publications were reviewed and commented upon, and attention was paid to industry developments with the potential to impact members. ASBA’s board and committee turned out in full force, and lent their time and expertise to a multitude of issues.

In the afternoons and evenings, the delights of the Bahamas beckoned -- the beach and pool offered lots of opportunities for relaxation and recharging, and the on-premises restaurants saw plenty of happy groups enjoying their downtime. ASBA’s tennis tournament was, as always, an ace, and the island’s opportunities for golf under sunny skies led plenty to spend an afternoon hitting the fairway. Oh, and did we mention the water sports? Some members tried parasailing, some enjoyed banana boating and others simply took the opportunity to watch sting rays glide peacefully by below the water’s surface at the beach.

At the end of the meeting, attendees were able to head home, refreshed and rejuvenated, and the business of the Association was much advanced by all the hard work. Didn’t get a chance to participate? Mark your calendar for the ASBA’s 2016 Winter Meeting: February 19-21, 2016 at the Paradisus Palma Real Resort in the Dominican Republic. This will be an all-inclusive resort property, so get ready to get work done and get a pre-season vacation in as well.

2015 Technical Meeting: A Preview of the Best Opportunity of the Year

Want to succeed in seasons to come? Here’s a quick way to do it:

  • Pull up your online calendar (or take out the paper version, if you’re old school).

  • Block out December 4-8, 2015.

  • Mark those dates: ASBA Technical Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Congratulate yourself on a good business decision.

The next Technical Meeting, to be held at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, will combine a number of outstanding opportunities for ASBA members, as well as others in the industry. In addition to being an outstanding time to connect with colleagues, customers and business prospects, it offers a chance to take in excellent technical programming relating to tennis courts, running tracks, indoor facilities and sports fields – as well as in general business management practices.

The trade show brings its own array of opportunities. Learn about new products on the market, visit with associates and colleagues and get a chance to reconnect with the people you want to see the most. Receptions, breaks and even a few meals will be held here, so there will be plenty of time for you to see the exhibits and catch up with others.

After hours, all of Scottsdale will beckon, with everything from sports opportunities to museums and cultural attractions, to a great zoo and plenty of night life. Our host hotel, the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, offers award-winning restaurants, a spa, great tennis facilities – and even two golf courses, one of which is the site of the annual PGA Tour Waste Management Phoenix Open (formerly the FBR Open). In fact, ASBA’s golf and tennis events are a sure-fire way to challenge colleagues and competitors – and to try to gain (or reclaim) bragging rights.

Information will be posted on the ASBA website as soon as it is finalized. In the meantime, mark the calendar.

ASBA Tennis Tournament a Winner with Players

If you’re going to play tennis in the middle of winter, there’s really no better place to do it than under sunny skies. And there’s really no better way to do it than to challenge your colleges, competitors and co-workers.

This year’s Winter Meeting, held on Grand Bahama Island, offered attendees the opportunity to do just that, at the annual Tennis Tournament. The tournament was held on property at the Grand Lucayan Resort, which offered four courts in a variety of surfaces.

As always, the competition varied from fierce to fun – and included a hardy crew of players. When the dust settled, the victors were the doubles team of Chris Allen and Todd Dettor, who triumphed over David Pettit & Tracey Lynch.

Want some payback – or the chance to set your own challenge? The Technical Meeting, to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, this December, will include an op-property tennis facility. Make your plans to pack your shoes and racquet. We’ll see you on the courts.


Track Division Publishes Position Papers

ASBA’s Running Track Division has published two new position papers on its website. These are presently available to any interested industry member who wishes to download them.

The papers (and a synopsis of each) are as follows:

Raised Curb or Painted Inside Line: A raised curb and a painted inside line are not interchangeable, and the decision of which to incorporate into a track is an important decision that needs consideration early on in the design process. This paper deals with when each is appropriate and how each should be implemented.

The Effects of Weather on Polyurethane Sports Surface Installations: Ideally, polyurethane sports surface systems should be installed under specific conditions: within 50 to 90 degrees F. and between 30% to 70% humidity to ensure quality and integrity in the finished surface. This paper includes information about what to expect under less than ideal conditions, and provides advice to the contractor.

To download these free position papers, go to the tabs at the top of the home page and click on the large buttons for various membership divisions (in this case, Track, on the far left). From the menu, select “Position Papers.” Click on the subject(s) you would like to read about.

Position papers are written by ASBA members and are approved by the membership division to which they apply. They generally deal with best practices in matters such as construction, surface preparation, pre-qualifying contractors and more.

Have an idea you think would be a good position paper? ASBA would like to know about it. Talk to a division president about your idea and why you think ASBA should cover it. Your input is always welcome.

ASBA Awards Program Accepting Entries

Admit it. Your company worked hard on that project, and you’d like the whole world to know about. Now is your chance. ASBA is now accepting applications for its annual awards program. The program, which honors outstanding design and construction in various types of athletic facilities, has an application deadline of Monday, June 1, 2015. That seems far away, but with the busy season about to start for many areas (and already underway in others), there’s no time to waste.

Applications are accepted electronically on ASBA’s website,  Awards are presented in various categories: Tennis Courts, Sports Fields, Running Tracks, Track and Field Facilities and Indoor Facilities. Within each category there are subdivisions; for example, the Tennis Court category recognizes Residential Courts, Outdoor Courts and Indoor Courts. In addition, there are honors in the ‘Green’ competition, for athletic facilities that used the most eco-friendly design, construction and operating techniques.

To be eligible for entry into the awards program, a facility must have been designed by, or built by, an ASBA member company. The ASBA member who designed or built the facility must be the one to enter it in the awards program; facility owners who are interested in having their projects entered should get in touch with their builder or designer to urge them to enter. Also in order to be eligible for this round of awards, projects submitted must have been completed within the current year or within the previous two calendar years (ending Dec. 31).

The judging of awards entries is
done by a panel of ASBA members. Presentation of award plaques is made at the Technical Meeting, to take place next December in Scottsdale, Arizona. Winning facilities receive a certificate and are recognized in press releases, published announcements and in articles written in various industry magazines. ASBA member companies whose projects win awards are further urged to publicize the award to their local newspapers and others.

Projects are scored individually based on considerations such as layout and design, site work, drainage, base construction, surface, amenities, innovation and overall impression. Winning entries are those whose cumulative scores meet or exceed the standard.

Detailed information about the awards program, including lists of previous award winners, can be obtained by going to, and from the toolbar at the top of the page, select “About Us” and then, using the drop-down menu, choose “Awards.” Entry forms will be found on the “Members Only” section of the website. You will need your member user I.D. and password to access this area. Can’t remember this information? Contact Kristin Grove at or Cynthia Sanchez at

Don’t wait – the deadline is closer than you think. Enter your best work now.

ASBA Has a Twitter Account! Are You Following Us?

ASBA continues its journey into social media. Our latest entry is into Twitter. ASBA’s Twitter handle is @SportsBuilders – make sure you follow ASBA in order to get the latest on upcoming meetings, deadlines, new programs, publications and more.
See you in the Twittersphere!

P.S. ASBA is already active in Facebook (look under American Sports Builders Association) and has a group on LinkedIn (also listed under American Sports Builders Association). Be sure you’re following us in all the social media you use.

Tennis Facilities: A Construction & Maintenance Manual

The Joint Editorial Board continues to update and revise the popular publication, Tennis Facilities: A Construction & Maintenance Manual, in preparation for the next edition.

The new publication will continue the tradition of being even more relevant and user-friendly than the previous edition. Expect expanded information about 36-foot and 60-foot tennis courts, updated photos, new and revised diagrams, accurate information pertaining to construction and more.

Other new information includes expanded information on lighting, including a section on LED.

The book is one of ASBA’s all-time best-sellers and this issue is expected to be even more popular. It’s sold not only by ASBA but by the USTA, and is available on as well.

Keep an eye on ASBA’s online bookstore, available on the website under the “Publications” tab, where the new book will be made available.

Reflections: Getting Involved in ASBA Benefits You and Your Business
by Art Tucker, California Sports Surfaces

There are moments when we should reflect on the benefits of our participation in the ASBA/ USTC&TBA and the sport surface industry. At the recent winter meeting it was pleasing to see groups of “younger” people and new faces that have become active in the ASBA. It made me reflect in my first USTC&TBA winter meeting in 1982. There were some very tight cliques that were not especially welcoming to newcomers. However, I found that the greater effort I put forward to participate with the group the greater the reward both personally and professionally. This has lead to rewarding experiences on both the board and as a presenter at Technical meetings.

It has benefited our company in many ways. We better understand the problems of our contractor customers and have been able to identify new trends in the sports construction industry. The ASBA’s addition of a Fields and Indoor divisions highlights those changes.

My hope is that more member companies choose to actively participate in the Association’s business. The Technical and Winter meetings are great places to get a broader perspective of our industry. It is very easy to put blinders on and not see what the rest of the country must deal with. This is the opportunity to revisit old ideas, explore new ones and listen to the ways others attack an issue.

It is my belief our association will continue to be relevant and strong as long as we maintain a broad participation for younger and experience members.

Art Tucker will be retiring from CSS at the end of 2015.

ASBA's Position Papers: Read All About It

ASBA publishes a series of Position Papers, which are one-page technical documents on subjects of interest to those in the industry. DETAILS

Got Your Certification? Help Keep It Up by Writing Technical Articles for Newsline

ASBA offers its Certified Builders two options for keeping their designation current. The first is the option to take the exam again. The second, however, includes an opportunity to benefit the industry itself: recertification by acquiring continuing education points. This includes writing technical articles for Newsline.  DETAILS


Tennis Industry Association Releases Results of the 2014 Tennis Court Contractors Survey

Approximately 21% of ASBA tennis court contractors participated in the 2014 pulse survey, which was conducted by Sports Marketing Surveys, USA. Generally speaking the data was upbeat on 2014, and indicated optimism for even better business conditions for 2015.

The average number of new courts built among respondents was 30 in 2014 (up from 24 in 2013); and 147 courts resurfaced and/or lined in 2014 (up from 121 in 2013).

Click here for complete survey results.

Synthetic Fields? Not a Threat, Say Public Health Officials

The people who were convinced synthetic turf fields weren’t safe for kids just got a reminder not to believe everything they see on television.

A report released by the Connecticut Department of Public Health found “no relevant health risks” to children and adults playing on synthetic fields.

This report came less than six months after NBC News reported on a purported link between cancer and exposure to the crumb rubber infill of synthetic turf fields, specifically soccer fields, and even more specifically, cancer cases reported among soccer goalies. Although the report noted, “No research has linked cancer to artificial turf,” it was enough for alarmists to raise red flags, even to the point of having some municipalities considering a ban on building synthetic fields.

In the Connecticut report, presented on January 20, 2015, by Brian Toal and Gary Ginsberg, responsible for Environmental and Occupational Health Assessment with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health, it was noted that studies were performed on a number of synthetic fields, both indoor and outdoor. The findings refute the NBC News assertions.

The Synthetic Turf Council published the news on its website, as well as updates on other claims regarding synthetic turf. For full details, go to the website, and click on the banner, reading “Latest News: STC Responds to National News Story on Crumb Rubber in Synthetic Turf.”

STMA Renews Partnership with Green Sports Alliance

More than 800 industry stakeholders, including several STMA members and representatives from 100 professional and collegiate sports teams, will participate in the fifth annual Green Sports Alliance Summit in Chicago from June 29 – July 1, 2015. The Summit will create a platform for attendees to engage with peers regarding environmental practices and proven solutions to advance the green sports movement.

STMA and the Green Sports Alliance are committed to improving and protecting the environment by reducing waste, conserving energy and water and eliminating toxic chemicals. The goal is to integrate sustainability into core sports operations, engage fans and save maintenance costs in the process.

“We are thoroughly impressed by the Green Sports Alliance’s leadership to increase awareness regarding environmental sustainability,” says Kim Heck, CEO of STMA. “Our partnership provides valuable networking opportunities for sharing information and continuing to produce safe and playable sports fields, while supporting athletes to perform at the highest level.”

STMA member Jon DeWitt – a Certified Sports Field Manager and Sports Turf Manager at the Georgia Institute of Technology – will present “Innovative Irrigation Solutions During Water Restrictions” at this year’s Summit.

“Environmental sustainability is a top priority for our sports turf team at Georgia Tech,” says DeWitt, STMA’s 2014 “Field of the Year” winner for college baseball. “We work tirelessly to create innovative and renewable practices, such as our cistern-based irrigation systems, and I am excited to share unique tactics with attendees at the annual summit.”

Founding partners for the Green Sports Alliance include the Natural Resources Defense Council and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Green Sports Alliance Members currently represent nearly 300 sports teams and venues from 20 leagues and 14 countries. League partners include Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and the United States Tennis Association.

For more info on STMA:,, 800-323-3875.

USTA Now Accepting Applications for Facility of the Year

The USTA has announced the opening of its 2015 Outstanding Tennis Facility Awards Program. Each year, the USTA recognizes facilities throughout the country to encourage increasingly high standards for construction and/or renovation. Recognition will be given to outstanding tennis facilities under the jurisdiction of the following:

  • Parks and Recreation Departments,

  • Educational Institutions,

  • Non-Profit Corporations, or

  • Private and/or Commercially Owned and Operated Facilities with USTA and other ‘growth of tennis’ programs

Nominations for the 2015 award cycle must be completed and received in the USTA office on or by April 17, 2015. Full information on the program is available on the USTA website at the link of
The USTA will evaluate all nominations based on the following:

The Facility:

  • Quality of each court area and surface

  • Quality of the court enclosure and lighting

  • Overall layout and adaptation to site

  • Accessories and amenities

  • Evidence of good and green maintenance

The Tennis Program:

  • USTA programs

  • Youth Tennis programming (10 and Under Tennis)

  • Other tennis-related programs

  • Important contribution to the game of tennis

Selection Process

The Facility Awards Committee meets to select the recipients. The number of recipients selected depends on the quality of the applicants.

Questions about the program may be directed to

Know a Trailblazer? Give TI Their Name!

Do you know someone (or just know about someone) who has been a pioneer in the tennis industry, a real trailblazer who has helped shake things up? Tennis Industry Magazine would like to know about that person. TI is now in the second year of running its “Pioneers in Tennis” series of articles, about trailblazers in the sport, and is looking for nominations for people to be featured in future columns. DETAILS

Looking for New Employees? Look No Further

Want to connect with potential employees? TIA invites you to use its “Careers In Tennis” initiative. The website allows employers to post jobs, and allows potential employees to check out the opportunities. It is free to use for both those looking to fill jobs, and those interested in finding jobs.

ASBA members looking to hire someone with tennis-specific interest or experience are urged to check out the site. There is also a Careers In Tennis page on Facebook, showcasing various opportunities and explaining the initiative.

Registration for Careers In Tennis is free. In the website section detailing jobs in the facility design and construction industry, there is a link to ASBA’s website as well -- all the more reason to make sure your information in the ASBA member database is updated and accurate.



The latest news from ASBA members. DETAILS

ASBA Welcomes New Members

ASBA welcomes six members that joined the association since we published our last newsletter. DETAILS

ASBA Announces New Certified Builders

ASBA recognized 14 individuals as certified builders since we published our last newsletter.  DETAILS

May We Quote You?

One of ASBA’s most important programs is its technical articles, which are written for trade magazines in various segments of the industry, including tennis, track, indoor and fields facilities. We are always looking for our members to comment on, and be quoted in these articles. This is an excellent chance to help raise ASBA’s profile, and in an ancillary capacity, to increase visibility for your company. If you would like to be quoted in these articles, please send an e-mail to Mary Helen Sprecher at

Please indicate your area(s) of expertise: Tennis, Track, Indoor, Fields so that we do not bother you with excess e-mail. You can be added to more than one mailing list if you wish.
If you have previously sent Mary Helen an e-mail asking to be added to her e-mail list, you do not need to request again. However, if your e-mail has changed and you have not been receiving questions, please contact her with your current e-mail address.  

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