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ASBA Has a Seat at the Table

Dan Wright, CFB

ASBA Chairman

Many thanks to the 100+ members who made the trip to the Dominican Republic in February for the Winter Meeting. You were treated to much-needed warm weather, sunshine and sandy beaches, but you also spent three days working hard for the Association. We spent time talking about our awards program and considered suggestions for changes to the program beginning in 2015. I have appointed a task force to review the current awards program and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors later this year. In the meantime, I encourage all of you to submit projects for this year’s program. Start early to ensure you don’t miss the deadline…..come December when we’re presenting the awards, you’ll be happy you made the time.

Collectively, at the Winter Meeting, we also discussed and generated topic ideas for the upcoming 2014 Technical Meeting that will be held in December in Ponte Vedra, Florida. When communications are sent out in the coming weeks with session ideas, please consider ways in which you can get involved in the program – as presenters, moderators, panelists, etc. Certified builders earn continuing education credits for this and those of you who are considering certification can earn points for your application.

In my January column I mentioned building membership in ASBA is one of my priorities. On May 7, we will be hosting a program in Toronto for prospective members. We have invited builders and designers throughout Canada to join us for a dinner program to learn more about ASBA and what we can offer our friends North of the Border. We received a warm welcome last year when we were there, and several participants of that program attended our Technical Meeting in San Antonio and have since joined ASBA. If you work with builders or designers in Canada and would like for us to extend an invitation to them, please send their contact information to ASBA headquarters staff for follow up. Help us to grow the Association.

In January, we met with the leadership of Sport Turf Managers Association (STMA) at their Annual Meeting, to continue an ongoing dialogue about ways in which we can work together. In February, members of your tennis leadership provided input to the International Tennis Federation (ITF) on proposed changes they are considering to their surface classifications. In March, our Executive Director Fred Stringfellow, who serves on the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) Board of Directors, participated in a “Future of Tennis” Summit with other industry leaders. Later in the month, Tennis Division President Pete Smith and Stringfellow met with USTA leadership during their Annual Meeting to discuss a variety of topics, including an evaluation of lighting specifications and standards in the industry. Later this month, Track Division President Don Smith, Kristoff Eldridge and Stringfellow will be participating in an annual meeting in Indianapolis with NCAA and the Governing Bodies of Track to discuss recent rule changes and to continue a dialogue that has been extremely fruitful for our track constituency over the years.

ASBA has a voice in our respective sports and “a seat at the table.” These are intangibles that sometimes go unnoticed, but are extremely valuable in building the kinds of partnerships and relationships that benefit all of us down the road.

Best wishes on a successful kick-off to your Spring season!

Dan Wright, CFB

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