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The Book Report: Find Out What's New with ASBA's Technical Publications


Welcome to a new feature in ASBA’s Newsline: The Book Report! This is the section where you can find out about upcoming ASBA publications. We’ll be updating this section regularly, so keep an eye out for it!

Two publications up for revision this time include Sports Fields: A Construction and Maintenance Manual, and Indoor Sports Surfaces: An Installation and Maintenance Manual. Both publications will be improved with the following:

  • Chapter tabs for easier reference (see the tennis and track manuals for an example of this

  • The books will be divided into more, and shorter, chapters, enabling readers to find desired information more easily

  • Books will be more concise, and will contain more of the information you really need

In addition, the following specific changes will be made:

Sports Fields: A Construction and Maintenance Manual will have chapters addressing:

  • Accessories and Amenities (including field enhancement, sports equipment, lighting and more)

  • Reclamation (Removing, reclaiming and recycling synthetic turf fields)

  • Replacing Synthetic Turf Fields (Typical life cycle, testing, helpful documentation, risk of reuse, etc.)

  • Multi-Sport Fields (Field dimensions, marking, equipment, etc.)

  • Sustainability (Lifecycle assessment, model of sustainability, waste hierarchy, source reduction, recycling, composting, etc.)

  • Sports Fields for Special Populations (Designing sports fields for users in wheelchairs and with other mobility restrictions, including surface considerations, spectator seating, access and more)

Indoor Sports Surfaces: An Installation and Maintenance Manual will have unprecedented improvements including:

  • Information on hardwood flooring. The book will include input given by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers of America, who are working with ASBA’s Indoor Division for the first time ever to create a more comprehensive, informative manual

  • Better input on space requirements for indoor sports

  • Expanded illustrations and diagrams of sport surface construction

Both these publications are still in development, so watch future issues of the Newsline for updates. In addition, suppliers should keep an eye out for information on advertising opportunities as this is released.

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