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2013 Off to a Solid Start

Mark Brogan, CTCB

ASBA Chairman

With the “Spring Thaw” upon us we should all be getting a lot busier in the coming weeks. Things seem to be off to a solid start for the year. Let’s hope that continues.

Those of you who attended the Winter Meeting last month in Puerto Rico participated in a dynamic meeting. Our divisions were busy throughout the meeting planning sessions for the upcoming Technical Meeting; the Fields and Indoor divisions were busy revising their respective construction and maintenance manuals that are presently under review; and we all discussed our awards programs, position papers and other areas that impact each of our members. What is always interesting to me during the Winter Meetings, however, is all of the “good stuff” that is exchanged during our work sessions – the tips a

and information that we exchange with one another as we’re revising position papers and planning sessions. We’re working for the Association, but I always walk away from these sessions with good information that I can use in my business.

We’re pleased to report that the certified builder programs (CTCB, CTB and CFB collectively) continue to gain momentum, with participation growing at a rate of approximately 9% each year. A full 42% of ASBA builder members now have a certified builder on staff. Recognition of the certified builder program is gaining in the marketplace thanks, in part, to ASBA’s marketing efforts through such initiatives as the certified builder videos that were released in December. If you’re a certified builder and you’re not using the video on your websites and in your marketing presentations, you’re missing a great opportunity to explain to your potential customers what sets you apart.

You’ll be happy to hear that our outreach efforts are alive and well. It’s gratifying to participate in meetings and events at the USTA, the STMA and STC, the National Athletic Directors Conference, etc. and hear good things about the ASBA. Attendees at these events are approaching ASBA members and staff at these events with kudos about ASBA’s efforts in the marketplace and the quality of the product that we’re delivering. They want to work with our members and they want to become more involved in the Association.

Our editorial board volunteers have been busy this past winter/spring. The new Sports Fields: Construction and Maintenance manual is expected to be in circulation by this Fall – advertising is currently being sold through the headquarters office; and the new Indoor Sports Surfaces: Installation and Maintenance manual is expected to be in circulation by next Spring. Many thanks to the ASBA volunteers who are contributing to this editorial process!  

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