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Reaching the People Who Need Your Services: It's All on ASBA's Website!

  • "My tennis court is cracking and I really need an expert to come fix it."

  • "We need a new set of track hurdles, and our long jump pit could use some help too. Can you give me a referral?"

  • "Our school's soccer field looks bad and I need to find someone who knows what to do."

  • "Our gym needs a new floor in the worst way. Who do I call?"

If you're thinking "Call me!," you're exactly the person we're looking for. ASBA routinely fields calls from potential customers for our members' services. And while each of those callers receives a copy of ASBA's Membership Directory, there's a way you can reach out to them directly.

It's ASBA's Inquiry Program. Available to members only is a list of all the individuals who have called ASBA and what they've asked for. Sometimes, those people fill out ASBA's form themselves using  (the form is available under "Request Info" using the top toolbar on the home page), and sometimes, the callers actually dial ASBA's number and speak to a member of the staff.

ASBA captures as much information as they'll give us: their name, phone number, address, e-mail and a detailed explanation of what they're looking for.

That information, then, gets added into ASBAs database. All members are eligible to access the list at any given time. It's on the "Members Only" section of the site, which members can access using the login and password provided to them.

ASBA encourages its members to check the job leads and customer inquiries in the Members Only section of the site at least weekly (although more often is even better). Can't remember your user I.D. or password? Get in touch with ASBA. Contact Laura Izzo at or Cynthia Jordan at    

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