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Longtime ASBA Member Namesake of Fence Award
Les Grube Memorial Design Award Recognizes Innovative Fence Projects

Here at ASBA, we're used to honoring our own (it's why we have the Industry Merit Award, after all), but it's a special occasion when we realize one of our own has also been honored outside the confines of sports facility construction.

It was Art Tucker of Plexipave who brought to ASBA's attention a notice he had seen in Landscape Architect and Specifier News, giving details on the winner of the Les Grube Memorial Design Award, presented by the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute (CLFMI). The award recognizes innovative use of chain-link fence materials on a commercial or industrial project.

According to Mark Levin, executive director of CLFMI, "the award was established in 1984 during Les Grube’s term as CLFMI President. Les was instrumental in outlining the award’s qualifications and establishing connections with the architectural community to support the concept."

Grube, who was always interested in new fencing designs, would be proud of the direction the award has taken.

According to Levin, "The award was created to highlight the versatility and functionality of chain link fencing products. CLFMI recognizes the designing architect and installing contractor of the project that is deemed to represent the most unique and practical way of incorporating chain link fencing materials. The architect and contractor each received a specially-designed plaque and a $1,000 cash award, jointly funded by the CLFMI and the Les Grube family."

What many ASBA members today might not know is that Les Grube also was one of the strongest supporters of this association back in the late 1980s and in the 1990s, when it was still known as the U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association.

Grube was the owner of Anchor Fence Corp. and was active on the board of the association, serving as its Associate/Affiliate Division (now known as the Supplier Division) in 1990. He and his wife, Gladys (affectionately known as 'Gig') were fixtures at the Annual Meeting (the predecessor of the Winter Meeting) and Les was always in attendance -- and staffing an exhibit -- at ASBA's trade show.

Les was always up for a game of golf, and according to John Welborn, who remembers his old pal well from his days of meetings, was always up for some fun as well.

"I remember him well," says Welborn, "and he was quite active back in the day, so to speak. He had a unique way about him, allowing him to be serious about the business and our group, and still be fun and in the middle of all the mischief that we all got into. Audrey and I took several extended side trips with Les and Gig as part of the group including Ben Righter, Jerry Douglas, Doug Allen and others. Like you would imagine with that group, it was more like kids playing than adults doing tourist things and Les was usually the one egging Ben on to create whatever mischief the group came up with."

But, Welborn added, when the occasion demanded it, Grube could be all business. "Les was always serious about his role on the board when the time came, and the group always listened and respected his opinion in whatever we were pursuing. They were a fun couple who contributed a lot to the group and to the Industry and it is very appropriate that he be honored for his service."

Les Grube's company, Anchor Fence, was formerly located in Baltimore, but the Anchor name is these days part of the Master Halco, Inc. brand. The former site of Anchor Fence is now a shopping center, but it carries the name, "Anchor Square," and its brick walls include ornamental fence accents. (Les would be proud).

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