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Specifications Regarding the Upcoming Tennis Court Project
by Matt Graft, CTCB, Talbot Tennis, Marietta, GA

Over the past several years we have worked with several general/paving contractors and have seen a trend in regard to the bidding process. Inevitably, the general will want the tennis court contractor to break out the base and asphalt, fencing, and surfacing as separate numbers. They will then choose the lowest of all numbers to plug into their bid calculation. Typically, the low asphalt number will be from an asphalt company that is not familiar with the complexities and precision of paving a tennis court (even though they may have a GC’s license). Then a fencing contractor will be selected, typically leaving a mess behind that will require extra work from the tennis court surfacing company. Finally the tennis court company will come in to surface the courts and try to fix the others problems. Having one contractor responsible for the entire construction process will streamline installation and will avoid any finger pointing. It will also eliminate any questions as to who is responsible for the warranty. To get the best quality product for the owner, we have seen many architects and engineers specify the following in bid packages:

  • The Prime contractor must be a Certified Tennis Court Builder and have been a member of the American Sports Builders Association for a minimum of five years.

  • The Prime contractor must also show proof of having a current General Contractors license in the state in question. Prime contractor to provide a minimum of five references directly related to tennis court construction (references of a sub-contractor to be utilized on the project will not be considered sufficient).

  • Prime contractor must complete all work associated with the base, asphalt, fencing, surfacing, and accessories.

This will insure a finished product by a true tennis court professional that has extensive experience within this specialized field.

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