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Accella Proudly Selected for USS Arizona Mall Memorial at University of Arizona

Accella Performance Materials is very proud to be selected to support the unique architectural design of the USS Arizona Mall Memorial located on the University of Arizona campus in Tucson, AZ. The Mall Memorial, which was dedicated on December 4, 2016, is an open-space design situated on the grassy university mall area in front of the university’s historic Old Main building. The special design includes a full-scale deck outline, made with specialty materials provided by Accella, of the iconic U.S. battleship that was sunk at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941- a date which will “live in infamy” as described by then-President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The USS Arizona Mall Memorial honors the 1,177 fallen heroes who died on the USS Arizona, and it calls upon future generations to reflect and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. A curving brick wall garden, representing the ship’s bridge, cut across the campus mall near the midpoint of the ship’s outline and on top of the brick walls, panels hold brass medallions with the names of the 1,177 men who died, one medallion for each crew member.

The ship’s outline is distinctively made of Accella materials traditionally used for outdoor athletic surfaces, similar to sport tracks, to support the creative architectural design by David Carter. This 97 foot wide and 597 foot long curving 6-inch rubberized curb outlines the ship’s deck on the grass mall using custom colored red EPDM granules to match the bricks combined with a durable athletic surface polyurethane binder, both provided by Accella. The Accella sport surface materials were selected for the unique aesthetics they bring to David Carter’s design, as well as providing a durable, safe surface in one of the highest traffic and visible areas on the University of Arizona campus.

“We could not be more proud to support this meaningful memorial and that Accella’s athletic surface materials were chosen as an integral part of this unique design,” said Andy Harris, President and CEO of Accella Performance Materials. “We utilized our custom color capabilities associated with our polyurethane/EPDM sport surface products to create a surfacing result that will be a lasting and durable element of the tribute to the fallen who served on the USS Arizona. We are deeply moved to honor our veterans and those who died on the USS Arizona. Accella has many employees who are veterans and/or children of World War II veterans, and we are profoundly honored to be a part of this very special project.”

Accella, a leader in materials for indoor and outdoor sport and safety surfaces, teamed with Hellas Construction, a leader in track and sports construction, to install the rubberized surface as the outline of the USS Arizona. “We are honored to be selected to support this important memorial project. This was a detailed and one-of-a-kind project that we are very proud of, in honor of our armed forces and those who make the ultimate sacrifice,” stated Bob Allison, vice president of Hellas.

Accella Tru- Motion PP™: Indoor Multi-Purpose Athletic Pad and Pour Surface Receive FloorScore® Certification

Accella Polyurethane Systems (Accella), a leading manufacturer of polyurethane systems, announces that Tru-Motion PPTM: Indoor Multi-Purpose Athletic Pad and Pour surface has received FloorScore® certification. FloorScore® was developed by the RFCI (Resilient Floor Covering Institute) in combination with Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) to create a strict standard around indoor air quality and flooring. To qualify, products must pass the California Department of Public Health section 01350 standard testing for VOC emissions from indoor sources. SCS provides 3rd party certification on this testing in conjunction with a detailed audit of the manufacturing facility. This ensures the facility has proper historical record keeping and quality control measures in place. FloorScore® is qualified for many green building certifications including LEED v4, BREEAM, and CHPS. Tru-Motion PPTM and all its component parts received registration number SCS-FS-04177 from SCS Global Services.

“We’ve brought together industry leading technical composition expertise in polyurethane binder and custom colored rubber crumb, all manufactured at Accella companies and packaged as the Tru-Motion Brand offering one-stop-shop value to our customers,” said Al Restaino, Vice President of Marketing. “We are committed to developing products and solutions to exceed the industry standard for health, safety and sustainability.”

Tru-Motion PPTM, an indoor polyurethane athletic surface, is a durable, long lasting alternative to traditional wood gym floors. Through a unique combination of materials, this system is designed to provide the highest levels of athletic performance and athlete safety as well as great aesthetics. From the adhesive to the game line paint, all components are environmentally friendly without sacrificing durability and ease of maintenance. This product system is made up of 64% post-consumer recycled content when used with Accella’s Ultimate RB base-mat.

“This FloorScore certification is the first initiative of a number of ongoing projects for Tru-Motion PP as one of our most sustainable and healthy product lines,” explains Bob Cunningham, Vice President Technology & Innovation, Accella Performance Materials. “In addition to meeting the California standards for low emitting materials, the polyurethane technology is made with a bio-based polyol that is rapidly renewable, having a limited impact on the eco-system. Keep an eye out for more on this in the coming months.”

Act Global Acquires UBU and Turfscape Brands

Act Global has acquired the UBU and Turfscape brands from Turf Industry Holdings. UBU is best known as the synthetic turf chosen by 14 National Football League teams, numerous NCAA teams and other top-tier venues throughout the United States. This prestigious group of installations includes NRG Stadium in Houston, host venue of the upcoming Super Bowl LI on February 5.

“Going forward, we’re very excited for UBU and Turfscape to join the Act Global family of brands,” said Turf Industry president Joe Vrankin. “Act Global is known for its focus on player safety, biomechanics and quality manufacturing, as well as being a strong partner to field owners, consultants, contractors and the industry as a whole. Most importantly, they’re a great organization with strong moral values and a culture to do the best job possible. In many ways, Act Global is perfectly poised to take the UBU and Turfscape brands to a new level.”

“The addition of the UBU and Turfscape brands will accelerate the growth of Act Global and our partners,” said John Baize, Act Global CEO. “Act Global’s pipeline of new turf technologies will be available in both our Xtreme Turf and UBU brands for the professional and amateur ranks, starting in 2017 and beyond. We appreciate the support of our valued employees and partners as we look forward to a bright future.”

Act Global’s long-term strategy has been developing synthetic turf systems that excel through hundreds of independent laboratory tests for quality, durability, safety, environmental soundness and performance. This methodology has yielded proprietary technologies with expansion into landfill coverings, airport surfaces and landscape solutions, as well as sport fields. UBU’s brand value combined with Act Global’s existing technical strengths will provide tremendous opportunities and great solutions for both market partners and clients.

Action Floor Systems Announces New Brand

Action Floor Systems is showing a little more action today. The company has unveiled the new branding which uses a modern design while giving a nod to the company’s long history in the flooring industry.

The updated logo features a more angular “A” and a streamlined swoosh. The colors have also been simplified and the fonts updated. These modifications bring a more current, cleaner look to the logo better representing their shift to becoming a larger, global flooring manufacturer.

The logo still features a maple leaf, which reflects Action Floor Systems’ roots in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and its experience manufacturing maple wood flooring for athletic facilities and other commercial applications.

Founded in 1988, Action Floor Systems currently has 90 employees and manufactures quality flooring systems in its production facility in Mercer, Wisconsin. Although located in a small town, Action Floor Systems is anything but small, with a strong national and international presence and continual growth year over year.

“Our new branding truly reflects how streamlined we’ve become, with national and international dealers in our network,” Tom Abendroth, company president, said. “The logo especially represents movement and action, explaining the way we work and lead in our industry.”

The new Action Floor Systems branding is the first of many changes the company will experience over the next year. A new website will be launched in Dec. 2016, with features that make it easier to identify a system to best match specifications.

APT Introduces SmarTrack by Rekortan – Intelligent Track For Athletes and Coaches Who Want To Know More!

SmarTrack systems provide effortless and precise data logging thanks to their built-in time recording systems. Measurement systems are built into the track using magnetic gates. The measurement data is recorded automatically by a fabric based measurement sensor attached to the athletes. Data, such as running time, distance, step frequency, step quantity, step length, speed, jumping, and tapping is documented in a training log. Pre-drafted training plans make it easy to compare and analyze your training level, identify performance reserves, and improve overall performance. SmarTrack provides athletes and coaches with the perfect solution for increasing effectiveness during training and prevents strain and injury from too much training.

What makes SmarTrack different from other coaching software? Because the measurement system is built into the track, there is no set up or dismantling, the system is waterproof and vandal proof, and there is no barrier necessary for the diagnostic training areas. But what truly separates SmarTrack is the fact that multiple athletes can train at the same time! Coaches can evaluate data on various athletes in a realistic competition setting all at once. There is also no need for a diagnostic professional to read and report the data. Results are logged and available for immediate review by coaches and athletes.

To learn more about SmarTrack, please visit

Armacell's Component Foams Sales Organizational Update

Armacell is pleased to announce that Patrick Nelson has been appointed to the position of Business Development Manager, Sports and Leisure, Component Foams Division. In this new role at Armacell, Pat will focus on repositioning and promoting ArmaSport® Turf Underlayment products within the sports and leisure markets, with primary focus on gaining share into the quickly growing artificial turf sector. Pat joined Armacell in 2003 as Manager, Major Projects and Engineering Services and was promoted to National Sales Manager in 2011. Pat’s many years of Armacell product knowledge and sales experience will be an asset to developing a new market strategy for capturing new business.

For 35 years, Armacell has provided the industry with turf underlayment pad. Armacell is a global innovator of foam technologies and produces elastomeric and thermoplastic foam materials for insulation, covering systems, acoustic products and specialty foams for industrial and athletic applications.

Classic Turf Company Builds New Sports Facility for Region 10 School District in Burlington, CT

Earlier this year, the 20-year-old asphalt outdoor track at Lewis S. Mills High School in Burlington, CT was falling into disrepair. Similarly, the football field that the track surrounded was becoming overrun with weeds. That’s why the Region 10 School District hired Classic Turf Company, LLC. to replace the aging track and field with an innovative new design.

The bulk of the work went into the new track which was built with post-tension concrete instead of conventional asphalt. This state-of-the-art type of concrete is reinforced with steel cables which are tensioned after the concrete is placed to make it especially durable and resistant to environmental influences that typically cause cracking, heaving, and settling. In recent years, it’s become an especially popular system for outdoor tennis and basketball courts. The post-tension concrete running track at Lewis S. Mills is one of the first of its kind successfully installed in the Northeastern United States.

“This project was both challenging and exciting,” said Classic Turf Vice President John Eren in a statement. “There are many problems with the quality and longevity of asphalt, so we were looking for other alternatives,” he continued. “We build hundreds of tennis courts using post-tension concrete and wanted to use the same technology for running tracks.

Eren and his team recognized that District 10 would be investing a great deal of money into their new track and field facility, so they wanted to make sure it would stand the test of time.

“We wanted to build this track to last a lifetime, and post-tension concrete allowed us to do so,” said Eren. “Constructing athletic running tracks using post-tension concrete should be considered the industry standard.”

After installing the post tension concrete base, Classic Turf installed their Classic Elastic Track surface on top of the post-tension slab which is made up of a 10mm prefabricated SBR base mat and a polyurethane wearing course. After laying fresh sod on the football field, the team put the finishing touches on the new facility with fencing installed around the perimeter of the track.

Har-Tru Acquires Treadblaster®

Har-Tru is excited to announce that the company has acquired Treadblaster® from Medora Corporation. It is the only shoe cleaner of its type on the market. Treadblaster features a patented design that shoots pressurized jets of water into the soles of shoes to clean out lodged clay, dirt, and debris, all without allowing any over-splash.

“There is no doubt that Har-Tru is the right home for the Treadblaster” says Tracy Lynch, Har-Tru’s Director of Sales. “We are always trying to serve tennis court owners by creating better places to play the game. Our HAR-TRU surface is immensely forgiving and superb for keeping tennis players healthy, but the material can wander off on the soles of tennis shoes and end up in places you don’t want it. Treadblaster may be the best product we have for solving that problem.”

Treadblaster was developed by Joel Bleth, Co-Founder, President & CEO of Medora Corporation. In 1986 he was seeking a solution to his 10-year-old daughter’s consistently muddy shoes. Several years later, with the assistance of company scientists in the water laboratory, Treadblaster came to life.

Har-Tru first brought the product to the tennis world in 2008 and it sold extremely well alongside the company’s other shoe cleaning mainstays such as the Tennie Two Step and the Har-Tru Shoe Brush. Many facilities combined all the products together at a shoe cleaning station. Then Medora Corporation pulled the product for a year or two while rebuilding the molds and improving the design. Treadblaster was sold direct to the tennis industry between 2011 and 2016 before making its way back to Har-Tru.

“Har-Tru offers an extensive line of court equipment and accessories for clay and hard courts and we are always eager to add products to our line that can help others best maintain their tennis courts” says Sandy Hunt, Har-Tru’s Product Manager. “Treadblaster is a perfect fit for this. It does an incredible job of keeping tennis players’ shoes clean and this, in turn, keeps tennis facilities clean. Plus, we think there is a great potential fit for other sports as well, such as golf.”

Har-Tru will begin selling the product immediately through its network of contractors and distributors. The product will also be available online at beginning in February.

LSI Names Sales Representative

LSI Industries, a leader in lighting systems for court sports facilities has announced the appointment of Frasure Reps LLC as their exclusive sales representative for domestic and international sports lighting customers. Bruce Frasure will be transitioning from his longtime management position at LSI Industries to owner and president of Frasure Reps. LSI Industries is the manufacturer and supplier of the Courtsider XL and Aeropro HID lighting systems, as well as the CourtBlade LED lighting systems for tennis, pickleball, basketball, and volleyball courts. “I am excited by this opportunity to concentrate on the sports lighting market and to continue to work with many longtime customers, whether they be court builders, architects and engineers,” says Bruce Frasure of his new role. To learn more about LSI’s sports lighting products visit:

Sports Turf Company Installs Ole Miss Field

There are certain challenges inherent in growing natural grass in large stadium environments. Stadiums cast shadows which limit sunlight. Edges of the field are difficult to maintain because of high volumes of traffic. Field maintenance crews have to balance providing the right amount of water without flooding portions of the field. Coaches saw a perfect looking synthetic field as exciting to fans and a great recruiting tool as it always looked ready for game day. In 2003, the University of Mississippi installed synthetic turf at Vaught Hemingway Stadium and in 2015 a decision was made to return back to their roots after the season. Sports Turf Company Inc. was found to be the most qualified to pull up the carpet and replace it with natural grass.

Sports Turf Company, Inc. installed a complete natural grass field underdrain system including a 10-inch sand root zone layer, 4 inches of gravel and the drainage pipe itself. The irrigation system for the stadium consists of a new booster pump and Hunter STK-6V’s with eight retractable heads spread around the perimeter of the football field. The sprinklers make maintenance simple while keeping the surface intact, playable and safe. Each head produces 326.8 GPM and distributes water to a range of 165’, making eight of them the max that was needed to cover the entire football field.

Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda was installed inside Vaught Hemingway Stadium and on practice field number two to form a dense and durable surface. Tifway 419 Bermuda has become the gold standard for athletic fields and is extremely popular in the realm of football fields.

A total of 188,325 sq. ft. or 20 loads of sod, were delivered for the stadium and the natural grass practice field. After it was installed it underwent a growing period, where it rooted and knitted together during a three-week process.

Innovative Leaders Team Up to Customize $1.1 Billion Vikings Stadium for Multi-Sport Use

With an NFL franchise as its prime tenant, the new U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is destined to be best known as the home of the Vikings. However, the venue will be used for soccer and America’s favorite pastime, baseball, which created the biggest challenge for Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. (SSI) and Promats Athletics (PAL) in preparing the venue to function as a multi-sport stadium.

Specified by HKS Sports & Entertainment (Dallas, TX), SSI and PAL were entrusted to provide an array of customized equipment for football, baseball, and soccer. The team, in conjunction with lead contractor M.A. Mortenson Co. (Golden Valley, MN) and installers at Peterson Companies (Minneapolis, MN), provided several netting systems, stadium wall padding, and a variety of portable equipment.

For baseball, a 40’H x 170’L tension backstop netting system was installed using Ultra Cross® Knotless Dyneema® net. The net’s low-profile twine, which is constructed from high-strength Dyneema® fiber, has a knotless and braided construction that makes it nearly invisible to spectators while still offering exceptional protection from batted balls. An Ultra Cross netting system was also installed to protect the stadium’s massive 51’H x 123’W Daktroniks LED video board to protect it from potential damage caused by batted balls.

Also, related to baseball, SSI manufactured their first-ever customized dual Porta-Pitch portable pitching mound, designed with two pitching rubbers. SSI also supplied two standard Porta-Pitch mounds for game use, two portable modular dugouts, and two semi-permanent SportaFence portable fencing systems that define the playing field dimensions. Field wall padding with custom cutouts and digital graphics, and rail and post pads were provided for both baseball and football applications. Additionally, for football, an Ultra Cross® football netting system was installed behind each goal post, which is raised and lowered for field goal and extra point attempts.

Lastly, SSI manufactured its first portable International Soccer Goal, which debuted at the U.S. Bank Stadium’s sold out inaugural event, the International Champion’s Cup, on August 3, featuring European soccer powers A.C. Milan and Chelsea F.C.

“Equipping U.S. Bank Stadium for multi-sport use was an immense undertaking that required the combined skills of Sportsfield Specialties and Promats Athletics,” said Wayne Oliver, President of SSI. “As this new showplace of sports takes the spotlight, the results of our efforts stand as an example of the teamwork that made it possible.”

Two New Educational Articles from The Guru Of Glue® on Choosing a Turf Adhesive, and the Advantages of Solvent-Based over Solvent-Free Adhesives

Synthetic Surfaces Inc. (SSI), the maker of NORDOT® Adhesives, has two new educational articles that provide specifiers and end-users with thoughts to keep in mind when selecting an outdoor turf adhesive.

SS#79, titled “Synthetic Turf: Choose Your Adhesive Carefully”, points out four main dynamics to consider before specifying or buying an adhesive for your project. It provides “food for thought” on important factors that can be of great benefit in the decision-making process.

A second educational article (Boxer #151) titled “Knock Out”, takes on the topic of “hazmat” as it applies to turf adhesives. It explains why some turf adhesives are classified as “hazmat” (a term that is widely misinterpreted and, consequently, needlessly feared); and points out five of the many advantages to using solvent-based “hazmat” turf adhesives over solvent-free adhesives to achieve superior installation and long-term performance outcomes.

If you would like a free copy of SS#79 and/or Boxer #151, please contact SSI at 908-233-6803, or at

SSI has been developing NORDOT® Adhesives for the global synthetic turf industry for over 43 years. Its brand name, NORDOT® Adhesives, is recognized worldwide as being the highest quality adhesives for synthetic turf. Norris Legue, President of SSI, was a pioneer in the synthetic turf industry in the 1960’s. He was dubbed The Guru of Glue® by his peers and is still consulted today for his thoughts about the accomplishments, problems and future growth of the industry.

Josh Millonig Joins Warner Larson

Warner Larson Landscape Architects is excited to announce that Joshua Millonig, LEED AP joined our team in Boston as Senior Project Manager in October 2016. Joshua received his Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture from Colorado State University in 2006 and has over 10 years of combined experience with AECOM, Stantec Consulting and Geller DeVellis. His project experience has extended from small urban pocket parks to large university athletic complexes for public and private sector clients. Joshua’s design approach focuses on creating elegant and functional spaces that enrich the lives of the communities they serve.

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