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Here's to 50 More Years

Pete Smith, CTCB

ASBA Chairman

Spending time last month with more than 550 of my fellow association colleagues in Scottsdale, Arizona, to celebrate ASBA’s 50th Anniversary was an amazing experience. To acknowledge and commemorate how much this organization and its loyal members have accomplished in the past five decades was momentous. My father, who served as Chairman of ASBA during the early years of the Association, would have been proud to see ASBA where it is today.

Many thanks to Dan Wright, CFB, who just completed his two-year term as Chairman of ASBA in December. Dan saw us through an extensive strategic planning process this past year – one that will pave the way for the Association the next several years and take us, once again, to new frontiers. Dan followed through on his promises to continue to grow our membership and strengthen the certified builder programs.

We enter 2016 with a “high bar” in terms of expectations: ASBA membership has grown by 7% the past two years; the certified builder program has grown by 14%; and Technical Meeting attendance has grown by 36%. A high bar indeed, but one that I am confident we can continue to raise.

We continue to strengthen our relationships with our industry colleagues at ITF, STC, USTA, NCAA, TIA and STMA, to name just a few. We continue to develop new partnerships and relationships to leverage the good work that so many are doing on behalf of sports and sports construction.

We will be spending the next several years, through our strategic planning initiatives, looking inward at our members and outward at the landscape – to develop programs and offer services that help your businesses grow. We want to provide you with resources to hire and train employees; cultivate new areas within which you can expand your business; and to promote the very effective networking that has proven to be so valuable to our members for 50 years.

If you were not at the Technical Meeting in Scottsdale where we played a very special commemorative 50th Anniversary video, visit the ASBA website and click on the link to watch it. It will reinforce what most of us already know – that this is a very special association, and one that continues to grow and improve to meet our needs. Here’s to 50 more……

Pete Smith, CTCB

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