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Make ASBA Your New Year's Resolution

Dan Wright, CFB

ASBA Chairman

It’s always nice to come back from an ASBA Technical Meeting feeling like you are part of a larger community; and spending time with close to 400 other companies engaged in sports construction who do what we do. None of us are alone. As ASBA members we have a network of peers and, through our industry partners, a much broader network at our disposal.

Since I have been a member of ASBA (2004), I have seen and been involved with the transition of our Association from the Tennis Court and Track Builders Association to an all-sports builders association. ASBA represents the very best builders, designers and manufacturers in the world. Companies looking to expand into new areas of construction or

design have a tremendous pool of experts from which to draw. 40% of ASBA builder members now have a certified builder on staff – the number of certified builders continues to grow each year. The word is out that ASBA is the place to come to learn and be recognized. 

Many thanks to Mark Brogan, CTCB, who just completed his two-year term as Chairman of ASBA in December. Mark, and all the previous Chairmen, have done a fantastic job and their shoes will be hard to fill. Mark continued to build and enhance ASBA’s relationships with other associations and industry partners. It is through these active liaisons that ASBA is able to serve most individuals and companies with our finite resources.

My goals as Chairman are to continue building ASBA and increasing membership, across all divisions – builders, suppliers and professionals. I would also like to see our number of certified builders continue to grow. This is a real strength of our Association, as evidenced by the increase in specifiers and owners requiring certified builder involvement in projects.

I encourage all members to become even more involved in the Association. Attend a Technical Meeting to take advantage of the top quality educational programs we offer you and your staffs at these meetings. Participate in a Winter Meeting to play a role in what we are doing to make a difference at the division level – contributing to the chapters of our construction manuals, revising or coming up with ideas for new position papers, and brainstorming for programs at the next Technical Meeting. The Winter Meeting is where the real work gets done for the coming year – play a role in the direction the Association is moving. Make an impact.

I am honored to be serving as your new Chairman of ASBA, and will continue to pursue these interests – reaching out to our industry partners, promoting the quality that our members represent, and developing new business opportunities for our member companies. I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming Winter Meeting next month in the Dominican Republic.

Make ASBA one of your New Year’s Resolutions…..become more involved and let ASBA make a difference in your business!  

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