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ASBA Continues to Impress

Mark Brogan, CTCB

ASBA Chairman

As I prepared for my first ASBA Technical Meeting as Chairman last month it struck me that I would be addressing one of the finest group of builders, designers and manufacturers in the sports construction industry….not just in the US, but internationally. The group of professionals that assemble at ASBA’s Technical Meeting offers experience, friendships and valuable contacts that have helped me grow professionally – and personally.

It also struck me that I had been called upon to lead a group of dedicated volunteers, many of whom have served the Association on committees, the Board, etc. for 10, 15, even 20+ years. These dedicated individuals have given their time and resources and,

presumably, have gotten something very valuable back from ASBA. For those of you who are members of ASBA, but have not fully involved yourself in the meetings, the committee work, etc. you are only seeing part of what the Association has to offer. Make 2013 your year to get more involved. Contact the ASBA office to see what opportunities exist to get involved. The time you invest will pay dividends.

We highlighted some of ASBA’s impressive numbers at the recent meeting. For example, 39% of ASBA builder members now have a certified builder on staff – the number of certified builders has grown by 14% in the last two years. We currently have 394 members, a 7% increase in the past two years. At a time when many trade associations are struggling to hold on to their members, ASBA enjoys a 94% retention rate year-year.

We just invested substantial resources in the development of a series of videos to promote the value of working with a certified builder (separate videos for CTCBs, CTBs and CFBs). We showcased these videos at the recent Technical Meeting and they are now “live” on . If your company has a certified builder on staff, we encourage you to post these videos on your website, to help educate your customers and potential customers on the value of working with a certified builder. The Association will be marketing these videos to end-user associations, to help spread the message. If you do not yet have a certified builder on staff, you may be missing this marketing opportunity. Encourage your staff to explore the certified builder program and start reaping the benefits. See page 11 of this newsletter for details

It has been an honor serving as the Chairman of ASBA this past year. I look forward to seeing all of you at the upcoming Winter Meeting next month in Puerto Rico.

Best wishes for a prosperous 2013!  

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