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ASBA Announces New Certified Builders


ASBA is pleased to announce that the following individuals have successfully completed all requirements to become certified builders:

Certified Tennis Court Builders
Danny Amonett (American Tennis Courts, Inc., Mobile, Alabama)
Bruce Dobson, CTCB (Chesapeake Court Builders, Inc.)
Sean Larsen, CTCB (Parkin Construction Co.)
Michael Taylor (Sport Court of Oregon, Portland, Oregon)
Sal Vitale (Vee-Jay Cement, St. Louis, Missouri)

Certified Track Builders
John Plaia (Hellas Construction, Inc., Austin, Texas)

Certified Field Builders
Chris Parks, CFB (Tree Top Landscaping, Inc., dba Vescio’s SportsFields)
Todd Wiggins (Sports Turf Company, Inc., Whitesburg, Georgia)

Certified Field Builders-Synthetic
Troy Meals (Deluxe Athletics, Marietta, GA)
Jameson Sheley (Byrne & Jones Sports, St. Louis, Missouri)
Kevin Smith (General Acrylics, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona)

The certification exams will next be offered at the Winter Meeting, or at another time as arranged with ASBA staff. Information on the certification program can be obtained by contacting the Association directly at 866-501-ASBA (2722), or by going to the web site,  

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