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Indoor Sports Construction Position Papers

Concrete Compounds and Sealants
Adequate adhesion is crucial to proper performance of a resilient athletic floor.
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Concrete Moisture
Vapor emissions from a concrete slab can cause adhesion failure in resilient athletic flooring.
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Concrete Joints
Contraction joints accommodate shrinkage and relieve internal stresses while construction joins are placed where concreting operations are terminated.
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Jobsite Conditions
Successful adhesion of athletic surfacing depends, to some degree, on appropriate jobsite conditions.
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Static and Rolling Loads
Exceeding load limitations can cause damage to the surface flooring system, subfloor and/or substrate.
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Concrete Surface Tolerances
Most manufacturers require that specific surface tolerances be established by testing prior to the installation of athletic surfacing.
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Vapor Barriers
Among the steps that can ensure minimal vapor emissions is the use of an effective below slab vapor barrier.
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