American Sports Builders Association

American Sports Builders Association

Presentations from the Technical Meeting December 6-9, 2008 in New Orleans, LA

Note: These presentation materials represent the opinions of the presenters, and are not necessarily the opinion of the ASBA. The choice of construction materials and methods varies widely depending on such factors as topography, drainage, weather, soil type, anticipated use, and other factors. Users should consult a qualified contractor or design professional before employing any of the construction methods or materials demonstrated in these presentations. No construction material or equipment is endorsed or approved by the ASBA.

  1. Skinned Infields Presentation — Presented by: Ed Norton, Holcombe Norton, Partners (PDF)

  2. Event-Dzone — Presented by: Don Smith, CTB, Open Window Concepts, LLC. (PowerPoint)

  3. Taking the CTCB Exam Presentation — Presented by: Tom DeRosa, DeRosa Tennis Contractors, Inc. (PowerPoint)

  4. Communications Presentation — Presented by: Matt Wilson, The NIDY Sports Construction Company (PowerPoint)

  5. ASBA F710 Presentation — Presented by: William G Thornton, Gerflor (PDF)

  6. ASBA December 2008 Final — Presented by: Rod Walters, Rod Walters (PDF)

  7. Demystification of European Standards Dr Colin Young SAPCA — Presented by: Colin Young, The Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA) (PowerPoint)

  8. Acrylic Recreational Coatings — Presented by: Rob Righter, Nova Sports (PowerPoint)

  9. AMERICAN SPORTS Final — Presented by: Bill Pronevitch, Sports Turf (PowerPoint)

  10. ASBA Presentation Baseball 101 — Presented by: Jay Beals, Beals Alliance (PDF)

  11. Clauses in Construction Contracts — Presented by: David H. Pettit, Esq., FEIL, PETTIT & WILLIAMS, PLC (PDF)

  12. Robinson Patman — Presented by: David H. Pettit, Esq., FEIL, PETTIT & WILLIAMS, PLC (PDF)

  13. Artificial Turf Field Events Handouts — Presented by: Jeffrey L. Bruce, FASLA, LEED, ASIC, Jeffrey L. Bruce & Company, LLC

  14. Disney ESPN PowerPoint Presentation — Presented by Quickstart Tennis. (PowerPoint & Quicktime)

  15. Fence Material Installation: Part I and Part II — Presented by Alex Levittsky, AIA, Global Tennis Design. (PDF)

  16. Coating Concrete Courts Presentation — Presented by Jonnie Deremo, CTCB & Joe Matoskey, CTCB, General Acrylics, Inc. (PowerPoint)

  17. Safety Issues on the Jobsite — Presented by Corey Hardick, C.H., Court Tech & Richard Zaino, Zaino Tennis Courts, Inc. (PowerPoint)


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