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*Presentations from the Technical Meeting December 7-9, 2003, Hyatt Regency, La Jolla, CA

Note: These presentation materials represent the opinions of the presenters, and are not necessarily the opinion of the ASBA. The choice of construction materials and methods varies widely depending on such factors as topography, drainage, weather, soil type, anticipated use, and other factors. Users should consult a qualified contractor or design professional before employing any of the construction methods or materials demonstrated in these presentations. No construction material or equipment is endorsed or approved by the ASBA.

  1. Bruce Lemons — General History of Turf Market (Powerpoint)

  2. David Moore — Maintaining Clay Courts Indoors (Powerpoint)

  3. Don Smith — Track Plans and Specifications Installation and Project Management Issues (Word)

  4. Groh Vinton Schmidt — Track Construction & Reconstruction: Asphalt Overlay Issues vs. Removal & Replacement (Powerpoint)

  5. John Welborn — Is your company really Selling? (Powerpoint)

  6. Jonnie Deremo — Post Tensioned-Concrete Courts (Powerpoint)

  7. Moisture in Concrete & Current Moisture Suppressant Coating Techniques (Powerpoint)

  8. Richard Zaino — Track Plans and Specifications: Installation and Project Management Issues (Powerpoint)

  9. Tom DeRose — Asphalt and Concrete For Indoor Facilities (Powerpoint)

  10. Art Tucker — Surfacing Issues for Running Tracks (Powerpoint)


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