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Presentations from the Technical Meeting December 2-6, 2016 on Amelia Island, FL

Note: These presentation materials represent the opinions of the presenters, and are not necessarily the opinion of the ASBA. The choice of construction materials and methods varies widely depending on such factors as topography, drainage, weather, soil type, anticipated use, and other factors. Users should consult a qualified contractor or design professional before employing any of the construction methods or materials demonstrated in these presentations. No construction material or equipment is endorsed or approved by the ASBA.

Concurrent Sessions 1

1A – Asphalt & Concrete – Adhesion and Prep: Do's and Don'ts
Jonnie Deremo, CTCB, General Acrylics, Inc.
Brian Raleigh, Sportmaster Sport Surfaces
Presentation – PDF

1B – Post Tension in Track Construction
Sam Fisher, CTB, Fisher Tracks, Inc.
Donna Sierks, CTB, General Acrylics, Inc.
Presentation – PDF

1C – Hybrid Turf Fields
Mark Heinlein, CFB, Turf Reclamation
Solutions, LLC
Presentation – PDF

1D – Positively Outrageous Services
Michael Hoffman, CSP
Presentation (coming soon)

Concurrent Sessions 2

2A – Court Building Techniques Based on Geography & Region
David LaSota, The Tennis Design Studio
David Moore, CTCB, Cape & Island Tennis & Track
Richard Zaino, CTCB, Zaino Tennis Courts, Inc.
Presentation – PDF

2B – CTB University
Sam Fisher, CTB, Fisher Tracks, Inc.
John Wettstein, CTB, Athletic Marking Company
Presentation – PDF

2C – Crumb Rubber Infill Hot Topics Panel Discussion
Jake Alexander, Genan, Inc.
Jim Catella, CFB, CTB, Clark Companies
Presentation – PDF

2D – Igniting Positively Outrageous Service
Michael Hoffman, CSP
Presentation (coming soon)

Concurrent Sessions 3

3A – Roll Goods/Turf Overlays/MembraneSystems
Jeff Bryant, Advanced Polymer Technology
Franz Fasold, Ace Surfaces, Inc.
Jeff Nichols, CTCB, American Tennis Courts, Inc.
Presentation – PDF

3B – Track Book – Highlight Changes
Steve Hersom, CTB, Renner Sports Surfaces
Troy Rudolph, CFB, CTB, CTCB, Elite SportsBuilders
Presentation – PDF

3C – Storm Water Case Study
Dan Sawyer, Brock USA
Presentation – PDF

3D – Re-Introduction to OSHA: What’s New? Are You Protected?
Wayne Duncan, Safety by Design
Presentation (coming soon)

Concurrent Sessions 4

4A – Saw Cut Overlays
Tom DeRosa, CTCB, DeRosa Sports Construction, Inc.
Matt Strom, CTCB, Leslie Coatings, Inc.
Presentation – PDF

4B – Asphalt Guidelines
Courtney Rousseau, PE, Lloyd Consulting Group
Presentation – PDF

4C – New MLB Netting Recommendations "Trickle Down Effect"
Josh Hicks, Promats Athletics
David Moxley, Sportsfield Specialties, Inc.
Presentation – PDF

4D – Design Considerations for IndoorCompetition Tracks
Duffy Mahoney, USA Track & Field
Presentation – PDF

4E – Fencing & Gate Products – Design & Solution
Art Mayne, ci Fabrics
Presentation Part 1 – PDF
Presentation Part 2 – PDF

Concurrent Sessions 5

5A – LED Lighting
Bruce Frasure, LSI Industries
Linn Lower, CTCB, Lower Bros. Co., Inc.
Presentation – PDF

5B – Track Renovation/Resurfacing Site Analysis
Kristoff Eldridge, CTB, Cape & Island Tennis & Track
Paul Nagle, CTB, Nagle Athletic Surfaces
Presentation – PDF

5C – Synthetic Turf Infill Reuse and Disposal Issues
Chris White, Chenango Contracting, Inc.
Presentation – PDF

5D – Hiring for the Future – From Laborer to Crew Chiefs
Charlie Morgan, Alston & Bird, LLP
Presentation – PDF

Concurrent Sessions 6

6A – Comparing Indoor & Outdoor Tennis Coating Applications (Moisture, Ventilation, Soft Courts, etc.)
Randy Niese, Robbins Sports Surfaces
Gordy Pierce, CTCB, Cape & Island Tennis & Track
Presentation – PDF

6B – Analyzing Existing Asphalt for New Surface Applications
Craig Honkomp, PE, PS, LEED AP, Sportworks Field Design
Eric Roise, ASLA, BSC Group, Inc.
Presentation – PDF

6D – Design Considerations for Indoor Competition Tracks
Duffy Mahoney, USA Track & Field
Presentation – PDF

6E – Risk Management
Charlie Morgan, Alston & Bird, LLP Todd
Presentation – PDF

Concurrent Sessions 7

7A – Roundtable: Soft Courts Lifts, Pickleball Overview, Perimeter Edging
David Baird, CTCB, Industrial Surface Sealer, Inc.
Bill Shaughnessey, CTCB, The Racquet Shop, Inc.
Presentation (coming soon)

7B – Shooting Site Elevations & Analyzing Results
Carl Aiken, CTB, Copeland Coating Co.
Presentation – PDF

7C – Field Building from the Perspective of the Groundskeeper
Patrick Coakley, CSFM, Ripken Baseball
Josh Marden, Turface Athletics
Chad Price, CFB, Carolina Green Corp.
Presentation – PDF


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