American Sports Builders Association ASBA is the centralized source for information on tennis courts, running tracks, fields, and indoor sports facilities.

American Sports Builders Association ASBA is the centralized source for information on tennis courts, running tracks, fields, and indoor sports facilities.
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Relevant Technical Articles on Courts & Recreation Sports Construction

Ready for Spring Fever? Make Sure Your Playing Surfaces are Too
Athletic Management, General, March 2018

Want to Grow Your Court Usage? Think Pickleball
To really get students involved, particularly in areas where it's getting cold and where field space won't be as readily available, it's time to think pickleball.
Athletic Management Supplement, November 2017

What's On Your Bookshelf?
All kinds of questions find their way to you � but you just might not know the answers. Let the American Sports Builders Association help you out with some of its resources.
Athletic Management Supplement, November 2017

Seeing Popularity of Growing Sport, ASBA Adds Inaugural Pickleball Book
Athletic Management, April 2017

All About Indoor Fields: tips for maintaining indoor field facilities
Sportsfield Management, January 2017

Fitness Facilities Keep Them in Shape
Athletic Management, November 2016

US Open Pickleball Championships Set for Naples, Fla.
The inaugural US Open Pickleball Championships is set to take place in Naples, Fla., April 26-May 1, and it is already so explosively popular that its organizers are beyond excited.
Tennis Industry Magazine, April 2016: Page 10

Beginning a New Building?
The process starts long before the construction phase.
Sportsfield Management, February 2016

Keeping Facilities Fit for Users, December 2015

Tennis and Pickleball: Why Can't They Be Friends?
Insiders say the explosive growth of pickleball can be a positive for the tennis market
Tennis Industry, December 2015

Keeping Facilities Fit for Users
With the New Year comes the resolution crowd. Get your facility ready with the help of this article.
Athletic Management Magazine, December 2015

Certification: Your Guide to Hiring a Sports Facility Contractor
Is it important to hire a certified builder? You bet. Here's why.
Athletic Management Magazine, December 2015

On Track with Trends
There is so much to think about when constructing a new athletic facility, and it all starts with knowing the latest trends.
Athletic Management Magazine January 2015

All-Access Pass
There's a difference between a facility that's accessible, and one that is welcoming—not just to athletes with mobility limitations, but to spectators as well.
Athletic Management Magazine, January 2015

Indoor Facilities: How to Get Them Competition-Ready
Athletic Management supplement by ASBA, November 2014: Page 4

Addressing Surface Problems: Page 4
Common problems and remedies for stains and more for indoor sport surfaces
Athletic Management/Special ASBA Insert, June 2014

ASBA Certification: Page 14
Overview of ASBA's builder certification program and facility-specific builder certification exams: Certified Tennis Court Builder (CTCB), Certified Track Builder (CTB) and Certified Field Builder (CFB, CFB-S, CFB-N)
Athletic Management/Special ASBA Insert, June 2014

Equestrian Surfacing: A Recap of the Latest Technologies
Just as sports surfaces have changed for human athletes, they've changed for horses as well. Now, what goes underfoot is at the top of an owner's mind and at the head of the list of a trainer's concerns. SportsTurf Magazine, June 2012

Keeping up with the Seasons
Steps park managers can take now to help facilities get through the change of seasons.
Park & Rec Business, Landscape Architect Business, November 2012

Beyond Accessibility
How to make sure your indoor rec facility is not just compliant with ADA regs, but welcoming to persons of all abilities.
Park & Rec Business, January 2012

Great Performance and Good Looks
Maintenance of Indoor Facilities
Parks and Rec Business, Oct 4, 2011

Soaring In Popularity: Make your next volleyball event a winner by choosing the right facility
How knowing the right dimensions and rules leads to selecting the right volleyball facility.
Sports Destination Management, July/August 2011

Fitter Facilities
Indoor Fitness Facilities
Common Ground, February 2011

Field Day in the Field House
Caring for a field house or indoor facility means being proactive as well as reactive, and it means keeping on top of maintenance. Get some tips on keeping your floors, amenities and accessories looking their best.
Park & Rec Business, February 2011

ASBA Indoor Track of the Year Award Winner (pages 18-19) and Outdoor Track of the Year Award Winner (pages 28-29)
American Track & Field, Winter 2010/2011

Wrestling With Location Decisions? How to Pin down the Right One
Those who are planning a wrestling meet, camp or other event should know what to look for in a location. Indoor facility experts share their tips.
Sports Destination Management, November/December 2010

Construction Digital
(An overview of the sports facility construction industry and the vital role ASBA and its members have played through the years)
Association Profile: American Sports Builders Association, December 2010
(page 45 of digital issue)

How to pick the perfect facility for your wrestling event
Sports Destination Management, November/December 2010

How to pick the perfect facility for your volleyball event
Sports Destination Management, September/October 2010

DIY Or Call the Pros?
How to know when you can fix something yourself, and when it's more prudent to call in an industry expert
Racquet Sports Industry, September 2010

How to pick the perfect facility for your bicycling event
Sports Destination Management, July/August 2010

Get Your Club In Shape for Summer
Ready for the onslaught of the gotta-get-in-shapers, the summer fitness campers and the new members? Spruce things up using this reference guide.
Club Business for Entrepreneurs, May 2010

Every Inch Counts: Maximizing Underutilized Space in Your Facility
Health and fitness clubs need to make the most of their square footage. Avoid 'dead zones' and wasted space by implementing some new member benefits — for less than you might expect.
Club Business for Entrepreneurs, November 2009

On Track With Trends
What are the newest trends within the fitness industry and how do you separate the fads from the lasting desires of your users? Is today's Pilates tomorrow's climbing wall? Take some tips from the American Sports Builders Association and see what's ahead.
Athletic Management Magazine, October/November 2009

Taking it to Court
Whether you're planning a basketball tournament, a skills camp or a showcase event, here's what to look for in choosing a facility.
Sports Destination Management, January/February 2010

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