American Sports Builders Association

American Sports Builders Association

Industry Merit Award

The Industry Merit Award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the Association and the industry. The following individuals have been honored by the ASBA:

1988 Alfred S. Alschuler, Jr.
1989 Robert J. Caldwell
1992 Sheldon Westervelt, PE
1997 Jerry L. Gray, CTCB
1999 Jeff Williams
2000 Kevin Smith, CTCB (Ret.)
2001 Peggy Beard, CTCB (Ret.)
2003 Donna Sierks, CTB
2007 Ron Nemeth, CTB (Ret.)
2008 Carol Hogan, CAE
2009 Founding Fathers of the Association
  • Robert J. Caldwell
  • Richard L. (Dick) Hoover
  • Robert E. Lee
  • Sheldon Westervelt, P.E.
2016 Gordy Pierce, CTCB
2017 Don Smith, CTCB

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