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ASBA 2017 Awards Program

Entries for the 2017 ASBA Awards Program are now closed. Please check back soon for 2017 winners!

ASBA and Tennis Industry Magazine have joined forces to bring the sports facility construction industry a better way of honoring its own. Tennis award winners will be featured in Tennis Industry Magazine.

Photos of award-winning projects in all categories are often featured in the articles ASBA writes for various magazines, and in its publications. Awards have been used successfully in the marketing and advertising programs of our members, and that ASBA presents all award winners with a free publicity kit to help them spread the word about their win.


Introduction and General Information

The purpose of the awards program is to support the ASBA’s goal of promoting excellence in sports facility construction. The program recognizes those facilities built or designed by ASBA members which have attained this goal. Awards will be made to the facility with recognition to participating ASBA members. Awards are granted to as many facilities as meet the standard of excellence as determined by the judging committee.

Distinguished Facility Award Categories

Indoor Tennis Facility, Outdoor Tennis Facility, Residential Tennis Facility Indoor Pickleball Facility, Outdoor Pickleball Facility, Residential Pickleball Facility Indoor Track Facility, Outdoor Track Facility
Track & Field Facility, Single Field Facility, Multi Field Facility Courts & Recreational Multi-Purpose Field House Facility, Courts & Recreational Multi-Purpose Gymnasium Facility, Courts & Recreational Multi-Purpose Fitness & Wellness

Following their review of the awards applications in the above categories, on a pass/fail system, the individual members of the awards committee are allowed to pick three projects in each category, which they consider the best of all of those they have judged.

NOTE: Indoor tennis courts and running tracks may be recognized either in the tennis or track categories or in the courts & rec category. They then review these projects and decide where they rank to determine the Facility of the Year winners. Award winners in all facility categories are notified of their status and encouraged to come to the Technical Meeting to accept their awards. Announcement of the Facility of the Year is made at the Technical Meeting, but not announced in advance.

If you submit a track and field project and there is an error found on one portion (either track or field), this will no longer eliminate the entire project. For instance, if you fail the track portion but the field portion is correct and worthy of an award, you will win a single field award instead of a track and field award.

Facility Awards of the Year Categories/Information

Indoor Tennis Facility, Outdoor Tennis Facility, Residential Tennis Facility Indoor Pickleball Facility, Outdoor Pickleball Facility, Residential Pickleball Facility Indoor Track Facility, Outdoor Track Facility, Track & Field Facility, Single Field Facility, Multi Field Facility, Courts & Recreational Multi-Purpose Field House Facility, Courts & Recreational Multi-Purpose Gymnasium Facility, Courts & Recreational Multi-Purpose Fitness & Wellness.

The Facility of the Year award is subjective and the judges take a strong consideration based on what is provided in the descriptions of the project. The judges also consider the project difficulties/obstacles and the solutions. Please fill out the detailed information to help convince the judges why your project should be the Facility of the Year winner. Facility of the Year gives up to three awards, gold, silver and bronze. If the judges feel there are not 3 projects worthy of the awards, they are not required to award them.


Entries may be submitted by anyone holding current ASBA membership.

  1. Number of courts or fields, size of facility will not be considered in judging the award.
  2. Members may submit applications for more than one facility.
  3. If the facility does not receive an award and changes or revisions are made to the facility, a revised application may be re-submitted the following year only.
  4. Any project having previously been recognized by the ASBA may not be resubmitted.
  5. Projects submitted must have been completed within the current year or within the previous 2 calendar years (ending Dec. 31 prior to the application deadline)
  6. ASBA will only accept electronic applications and photos.
  7. Track & Field Facility Award – is a combination of both the track and field in the same construction project. The entry MUST have been construction of both.

NOTE: Application fee is non-refundable & cannot be used for future entries. If you have an indoor/outdoor facility, you must purchase two applications packets if you are planning to enter both projects. You cannot use an indoor application and an outdoor application for the same awards packet. These will be judged as two different projects.

Entries for the ASBA Awards Program are judged based solely on the information submitted by the applicant. ASBA does not visit or inspect facilities submitted, and an award does not constitute a determination by ASBA that the facility conforms to all applicable construction and safety standards.

Please ensure that the information contained in your awards application is accurate and complete. Submission of an application with inaccurate or misleading information may result in rejection of the application and disqualification from the program.

Awards Checklist

REMEMBER!! The judges have only the information you provide to evaluate the entry. In the areas requiring descriptive information, do not hesitate to attach additional verbiage to tell your story. Tell the judges about any special issues that may have had an important impact on the project. If you do not clearly illustrate the materials used, the construction methods and process, and the finished product, your entry will be disqualified and you will be asked to resubmit. Also, any inconsistency between the written application and the plans, details and photos will be grounds for disqualification.

  • There’s a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 25 photos per project.
  • Pre-construction photos are optional but recommended.
  • Submit a minimum of 10 photos taken during construction illustrating the construction process.
  • Photos should include all facets of the facility (drainage, lighting, fencing, etc.)
  • Submit a minimum of 5 finished project photos that should be taken from different angles showing all final markings, playing lines and as much detail of the project as possible to visually tell your story. The photos are to compliment the written portion of your entry.
  • Photos need to be high-resolution; between 500K and 1MB in size.
  • Send us ONE high-resolution photo (between 2MB & 10MB) that shows the project at its best…the money shot…that we can use in the annual awards brochure should the project win the facility of the year award – please name this photo “The Money Shot”.
  • On all photos, please rename them (do not use the generic number the digital camera assigns) to include builder and/or project name for easier identification.

Provide details on all aspects of a facility whether it’s a new or upgrade to an existing facility. Information on the entire facility will help the judges review the projects.

  • Upload both the General Application (listing your company name, the name of the project, the names of all ASBA members involved) as well as the Specific Application which pertains to your project (Outdoor Track, Indoor Tennis, etc.).
  • Upload release forms. (No changes to the release forms may be made without the consent of ASBA)
  • Upload high-resolution photos as explained above.
  • Upload scaled pdf construction drawings — (maximum 5 drawings). Construction drawings should contain at least grading plan, layout plan and details. Synthetic turf submittals are not considered construction drawings. If a contractor is submitting a natural turf field, the contractor is to provide field dimensions for what that field is designed for. Note: for the field applications, there are questions that pertain to radius and diameter.
  • Upload complete application packet on or by the June 1st deadline.
  • Submitted payment form with the $200.00 fee for each project submitted.
  • NOTE: Disqualification if the above material isn’t included or if late.

Questions? Watch the Awards 101 Webinar Recording!

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