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New Fields vs. Old Fields
Maintenance consideration for recently installed natural turf fields, as opposed to those that have been in place for some time
SportsField Management Magazine, November 2015

Soil or Sand Based?
For natural grass fields, it's what's beneath that counts.
SportsField Management Magazine, November 2015

Learn to Be Preventative
Fall is the best time to ready your field for winter conditions.
SportsField Management, October 2015

Prepping Soccer Fields
The fact that many fields across the nation are still made of natural grass means facility managers need to stay on top of their game in order to keep the fields looking good. And the best action is the preventive kind.
SportsField Management, October 2015

A Community Comes Together
Even by the standards of do-it-yourself projects, the Woodward-Granger High School track facility is a standout.
Athletic Management Magazine, January 2015

On Track with Trends
There is so much to think about when constructing a new athletic facility, and it all starts with knowing the latest trends.
Athletic Management Magazine January 2015

All-Access Pass
There's a difference between a facility that's accessible, and one that is welcoming--not just to athletes with mobility limitations, but to spectators as well.
Athletic Management Magazine, January 2015

Certification: Your Guide to Hiring a Sports Specialty Contractor
Athletic Management Magazine, November 2014

Multi-use fields: Page 6
The all-season athlete of facilities
Athletic Management/Special ASBA Insert, June 2014

ASBA Certification: Page 14
Overview of ASBA's builder certification program and facility-specific builder certification exams: Certified Tennis Court Builder (CTCB), Certified Track Builder (CTB) and Certified Field Builder (CFB, CFB-S, CFB-N)
Athletic Management/Special ASBA Insert, June 2014

Conserving water while using an irrigation system
Sportsfield Management, May 2014

Insights on Infields
How to keep your infield playable (and avoid common mistakes) with regular maintenance
Sportsfield Management, April 2014

Chad Price: Dual Certification, Dual Benefit
Chad Price is an ASBA member who is both a CFB and a CSFM. Learn how both help him in his day to day work.
Sports Turf Magazine, April 2014

Dependable Drainage
How to keep sportsfields draining efficiently, how to troubleshoot problems (and how to prevent them in the first place)
Sportsfield Management, August 2013

The Ins and Outs of Infields
Ballfield care including grooming, maintenance and more
Sportsfield Management, June 2013

On the Right Track
Adding a track to a field facility can exponentially increase the facility's value to the school and the community. Here�s how to balance the needs of all users.
Sportsfield Management, July 2013

Blending with the Neighborhood
Lighting, landscaping and other issues can be used in the facility owner�s favor when neighborhoods have concerns about a sports facility going in nearby. Real-life examples from a sports facility can help owners take action now.
Park & Rec Business, Landscape Architect Business, May 2013

The Ins and Outs of Infields
Installing an infield is one thing. Keeping it looking and performing its best is another. Here are tips for how to do it all.
Sportsfield Management, April 2013

Financing and Constructing a New Field: The turf manager�s role
Details the rise of participation in sports played on athletic fields. Suggests that budgeting for athletic fields can be difficult due to the economy. Provides suggestions from Sports Fields: A Construction and Maintenance Manual concerning whether the field needs to be a completed facility all at once, deciding on a surface and site, and budget planning. Discusses a project to build a high school a track and field facility, noting that the community involvement and support helped save potential costs.
SportsTurf Magazine, February 2013

Synthetic Turf for All Seasons (Fields, secondary to track)
Synopsis: Synthetic turf is sometimes touted as 'maintenance-free.' The bad news is it isn't maintenance-free. The good news is that by following a schedule and remaining vigilant, you can make sure your athletes have a trouble-free experience.
Sportsfield Management, January 2013

Striping for Several Sports
How to stripe, line or mark a multi-purpose field in order to avoid causing confusion among spectators, athletes and coaches.
Park & Rec Business, Landscape Architect Business, January 2013

Fencing and Netting for Sports Fields
Details the rise of participation in sports played on athletic fields. Suggests that budgeting for athletic fields can be difficult due to the economy. Provides suggestions from Sports Fields: A Construction and Maintenance Manual concerning whether the field needs to be a completed facility all at once, deciding on a surface and site, and budget planning. Discusses a project to build a high school a track and field facility, noting that the community involvement and support helped save potential costs.
SportsTurf Magazine, January 2013

Keeping up with the Seasons
Steps park managers can take now to help facilities get through the change of seasons.
Park & Rec Business, Landscape Architect Business, November 2012

Water and Synthetic Turf
Common practice is that "synthetic turf fields that are kept up with regular irrigation (typically referred to as a cooling system) show multiple benefits, including: setting the infill (and keeping it there), controlling static electricity, increasing the consistency of ball roll and bounce, and reducing the temperature on the field." Adds that "a well-designed drainage system is vital to the longevity and performance of the field." Mentions that "the drainage system beneath the surface of the field should be adequate to move a normal amount of rain or water from irrigation off the surface and keep it playable."
SportsTurf Magazine, October 2012

Proper Drainage on Sports Fields
No matter how good your field looks, it's how well it drains that will determine its usefulness, and thus, its success.
Park and Rec Business, October 2012

Blades of Green
Proper care of your sports field is essential to its continued performance.
Park and Rec Business, September 2012

Irrigation & Drainage: Water and Synthetic Turf
Spotting drainage problems is easier said than done, but essential to the continued use of the facility.
SportsTurf Magazine, September 2012

Seeping With Success/Tips for Proper Drainage on Fields
Drainage isn�t a compelling subject — until your field isn�t usable because of a surplus of water. Then it�s the time for you to wish you�d followed these instructions. Take steps now to keep fields usable, even throughout wet seasons.
Park & Rec Business, Landscape Architect Business, September 2012

Getting Your Field Markings Right
Discusses the potential importance of having correct field markings for each sport. Details the placement of logos in end zones and at mid-field, line maintenance, and how to clean off stains. Mentions temporary and permanent line paint and its potential benefits over inlaid lines and markings in synthetic turf. Adds that inlaid markings will shift due to foot traffic and that they should be monitored over time.
SportsTurf Magazine, September 2012

Facility & Operations: Overseeing Synthetic Turf Installations
It used to be that turf managers were expected to stand back and let the contractors do their work. These days, with more accountability at stake, a more active role is necessary.
SportsTurf Magazine, July 2012

Shade Structures: Staying out of the Sun
The public knows to guard against harmful sun exposure, but the options to do so may be confusing. Here are some suggestions.
Camp Business, July 2012

Field Science: No Horsing Around: Equestrian Facilities Are Not Easy to Maintain
It used to be that open fields were used for horse shows, and fairgrounds for rodeos. These days, a more selective population of equestrian experts is demanding safer footing for their mounts.
SportsTurf Magazine, June 2012

Get a Game Plan
A coach wouldn't send players out onto the field without a game plan, so why would the maintenance team start the system without a roadmap of how to tend the grounds?
Park & Rec Business, May 2012

Laying the Groundwork
Get your camp's sports facilities ready for the coming year.
Camp Business, May 2012

Growing Interest in Lacrosse: It's Coming Soon to a Field Near You
Lacrosse fields may be designated or multi-purpose, but you'll want them to work their best to keep pace with this popular sport.
SportsTurf, May 2012

Overuse and Neglect
Golf cart paths aren't as showy as your greens, club house or other aspects of your facility, but they can make your players' experience great (or not so much). Here are some design and maintenance tips.
Landscape Architect Business, April 2012
Park and Rec Business, March 2012

Courts for Senior Players: Page 25
A lot has been said about courts for children. But what about for players at the other end of the spectrum?
Racquet Sports Industry, March 2012

Preventive Treatments for Keeping Courts in Good Shape: Page 26
As a facility owner or manager, you can take small do-it-yourself steps to help avoid bigger problems down the road.
Racquet Sports Industry, March 2012

Color-Matching: Lines for 10U Tennis: Page 28
If you haven't yet lined your courts for 10 and Under Tennis, take a look at how easily blended lines can fit with your existing court colors.
Racquet Sports Industry, March 2012

Crack-Shooting: Non-proprietary Crack-filling Treatments: Page 30
What can you do when you notice cracks in your asphalt courts? Here are some options.
Racquet Sports Industry, March 2012

Marketplace: Page 32
What's new for the coming spring and summer playing season?
Racquet Sports Industry, March 2012

Proactive Maintenance
Shedding some light on the maintenance of your camp's sports facility lighting.
Camp Business, March 2012

Spring Training for Fields
How to get your fields in good shape for the coming year of parks and rec programming.
Park & Rec Business, February 2012

Green Field Built on Brownsfield
Review of ASBA's Green Facility Award winner, Taos Eco Park
Sports Turf Magazine, February 2012

Having Input into Renovation and Construction Projects: What turf managers should know
Want to have the best possible input into the design and construction of a new project? Here's what you — and the other side — should each be ready to bring to the table.
Sports Turf Magazine, January 2012

All You need to Know About Synthetic Tennis Courts
The tennis court industry does use synthetic turf, but seems divided in opinion as to the type of game it produces.
Sports Turf Magazine, December 2011

Light Up the Night
Energy-efficient ideas for extending the playing day in your sports facilities.
Landscape Architect Business, December 2011

ASBA Honors distinguished sports fields and facilities
Review of field award winners in 2011 program.
SportsTurf Online, December 2011

Wringing Out the Water
Parks and Rec Business, Nov. 6, 2011

All Access Athletics
Handicap Access to Sports Facilities
Camp Business, Nov. 1, 2011

Natural Grass or Synthetic Turf?
Landscape Architect Business, Sept. 26, 2011

Grounds for Excellence
Choosing the Right Golf Facility
Sports Destination Management, Sept/Oct 2011

Designing Dog Parks: Considerations and alternatives for dog-friendly areas
Park & Rec Business, August 2011

Soaring In Popularity: Make your next volleyball event a winner by choosing the right facility
How knowing the right dimensions and rules leads to selecting the right volleyball facility.
Sports Destination Management, July/August 2011

Natural Grass or Synthetic Turf?
Pros and cons of various systems for field management '
Park and Rec Business, June 2011

Dressing up Turf
Get your fields in shape for the coming camp season
Camp Business, May 2011

Tending to Turf
What can you do now to make sure your fields are ready for the busy season?
Park and Rec Business, May 2011

Incorporating Tracks: Options and Maintenance
A field encircled by a track takes some extra design and upkeep considerations. Learn about them here.
Sportsfield Management, May 2011

Marking Fields for Functionality
How to make the most of a multi-use field without confusing officials, players and spectators
Park and Rec Business, February 2011

"How to Identify Multiple Sports on One Field"
Parks and Recreation Business, January, 2011

What Facility Managers Need to Know About Artificial Turf (page 20)
Sports Turf, December 2010

Wheelchair Athletics
Creating a Level Playing Field for all Athletes
Sports Turf, August 2010

Shape Up
Managers of community associations, condos and apartments need to know what to do to keep their basketball courts and walking trails safe and usable. Here are some top tips from the pros.
Common Ground, July/August 2010

Time for field builder certification
Bob Lohmann, of Lohmann Sports Fields, applauds the ASBA initiative and encourages all qualified contractors to get certified, too.
Sports Turf, August 2010

Baseball and Softball
Take Me Out to the Ball Game: Event Planning Success Emanates from the Ground Up
If you're planning a baseball, softball or tee-ball event, you'll want to cover all your bases. Here's everything you need to know about choosing a facility.
Sports Destination Management

Planning a Cycling Event? It's Just Like Riding A Bike
Sports event planners need to know what to look for when planning various events. If you're setting up a bicycling event, here's your 411.
Sports Destination Management, July/August 2010

Taking it to Court
Whether you're planning a basketball tournament, a skills camp or a showcase event, here's what to look for in choosing a facility.
Sports Destination Management, January/February 2010

On Course for Success
So you're not planning the Masters. You still need to choose the best golf course to host your tournament. Here's what to look for.
Sports Destination Management, November/December 2009

Soccer = Big Business
Choosing a facility for a soccer tournament? Skills camp? Championship? Remember that success starts from the ground up. Here's how to pick the field of your dreams.
Sports Destination Management, July/August 2009


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