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Want to Become a Certified Builder? There's Never Been a Better Time!


If you've been thinking about taking the certification exam, it's time to stop thinking and start studying.

Why become certified? Certification is a great thing to add to your resume -- it shows you have proven expertise in a field that is becoming more competitive daily. It gives proof of your knowledge and your skill, and it makes you stand out among other applicants at the bid table. ASBA has also seen that certification has been required by those bidding out jobs, and the requirement that a certified builder be on the staff of the chosen company was found to be legally defensible. Even the courts agree: certification is a proven advantage.

ASBA has made it easy for you to become certified by offering the exam in multiple places, at multiple times.

Designations include:

  • Certified Tennis Court Builder (CTCB)

  • Certified Track Builder (CTB)

  • Certified Field Builder (CFB)

  • Certified Field Builder-Natural (CFB-N), or

  • Certified Field Builder-Synthetic (CFB-S)

Annually, the test is given at the ASBA's two meetings (the Technical Meeting and the Winter Meeting), at the Sports Turf Managers Association meeting (this year, held January 14 in Long Beach, California), and at the meeting of the Synthetic Turf Council (this year, held March 7 at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada).

The test can also be given by appointment at ASBA headquarters in Maryland.

This year, those who want to take the test at ASBA's Technical Meeting (in Orlando, Florida) can do so on December 1. Information on both these meetings can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.

To learn about what is involved with taking the certification exam, contact the Association directly at 866-501-ASBA (2722), or by going to the web site, Once on the website, use the top toolbar and select "Certification." The drop-down menu will allow you to pick the type of certification you're interested. Go to that page and select the option for "Become A Certified Builder." Everything you need will be right there, including the Certification Handbook (which includes not only all procedural information but sample questions), exam application and all necessary paperwork.   

2012 American Sports Builders Association 

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