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Alfonz Juck, EME NEWS
Sun, 03/01/15 03:10 AM GMT

Alfonz Juck, EME NEWS
Ratej 65.75 WL PTUJ (SLO, Feb 28): Top early shape for Slovenian javelin record holder Martina Ratej. At National Winter Throwing Championships she achieved 65.75 what is a current world leading... read more

Soccer field partnership pays off
Thu, 02/26/15 07:04 PM GMT
No surprise: Soccer is the most popular youth sport in the US, attracting more participants than all other sports combined . . . more than 3 million! Again, no surprise: Municipal field managers can’t keep up with the demand for... read more

PTR names Private Facility of the Year
Thu, 02/26/15 02:41 AM GMT
Hilton Head Island, SC — Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) presented its annual awards last week during the 2015 PTR International Tennis Symposium. The event, which includes more than 40 educational presentations for tennis teachers and coaches, a trade show and... read more


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